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Korf - South Platte · PDF file 7/23/2014  · A resume setting forth your qualifications to serve should be sent to Logan County Water Conservancy District c/o Wright &...

May 24, 2020




  • South Platte Sentinel Wednesday, July 23, 2014 Page 29

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    Thursday, August 7

    Friday, August 8 7 p.m.

    presen ts


    Please take notice that the Logan County Water Conservancy District

    will accept applications for appointment to its Board of Directors.

    To be considered, you must have resided within Logan County for one year.

    A resume setting forth your qualifications to serve should be sent to

    Logan County Water Conservancy District

    c/o Wright & Williamson LLC 214 Poplar Street, Second Floor Sterling, CO 80751

    By Forrest Hershberger News Editor Brandi Kumm is spending her 19th year of life working with doctors, trying to work through a diagnosis that could change the way she lives. In many ways, it already has changed her. She has gone from an energetic, athletic teenager to a young woman who has to manager her stress level closely. Too much excitement and her already-elevated heart rate could be fatal. Tachycardia, according to

    On a hot Sun., July 20, friends and family of Mary Goff, (front row left) gathered in Washington Park in Denver and joined over 4,000 participants in a 5K Run/Walk to honor those who have given the gift of life, celebrate those who have received the gift of life and to recognize those still waiting for an organ donor transplant. Goff, herself the recipient of a new heart, and members of “Mary’s Heartthrobs” including Goff's brother Joe Dolan (second from right) who also suffers from major heart disease, were paying their support forward for Dolan, Cody Waitley of Sterling who awaits a heart transplant, and also to Ray Rossi and Lisa Young, both in need of kidney transplants. The team was also honoring the organ donation of the late Ken Smith, of Fleming, and


    coverage. She does not have a parent who can provide her with medical insurance, although she would be eligible. Klumm has been denied Medicaid, and she became a legal adult before open enrollment of the Affordable Care Act closed this spring. However, she was not aware of what that meant, according to her page on the website, and is not covered. She is eligible for the next enrollment period, but that does not start until November and coverage

    Former athlete battles ‘racing heart’ disease

    the Mayo Clinic website, is a fas- ter than normal heart rate at rest. The site says, “Heart rate is con- trolled by electrical signals sent across heart tissues. Tac- hycardia occurs when an abnorm- ality in the heart produces rapid electrical signals.” Tachycardia can increase the risk of stroke or cause sudden cardiac arrest or death. It is a big change. Prior to her diagnosis, she was normal in every sense of the word. “I ran cross country in high school. I was athletic,” Kumm said. “Now, I can’t run a couple feet with out my heart rate rising.” She is diagnosed with Right Ventricular Outfl ow Tract Tachycardia. It is a disease of the heart that affects the heart rate. When she was fi rst diagnosed, the symptoms were managed with medication, she says. Then the conditions got worse and she has made trips from her home in Paxton, Neb., to medical facilities in Colorado’s Front Range; one of the visits resulted in surgery and an $80,000 bill. She born in Greeley and lived in Sterling through the sixth grade. Since then she moved to Paxton, Neb. where she graduated high school. Klumm enrolled in Chadron State College and was focused on being the fi rst college graduate of her family. She planned to major in psychology. That all changed with the diagnosis. Her condition has escalated to doctors discussing open-heart surgery in August. More tests will be done before that decision is made, she said. The illness caused her to fall behind in her college studies and she dropped out. Meanwhile, she is in an unanticipated gap in insurance

    begins in January 2015. Klumm said health insur- ance will not cover her heart condition because it is a pre-existing condition. Brandi is also seeking employment, hopefully at a job with stress c o n d u c i v e to her heart condition.

    Fundraising efforts are in place to support Brandi Kumm. Donations can be made in Brandi’s name to Security First Bank, Attn: Ashley Kennedy, P.O. Box 137, Sidney, Neb. 69162. The family also hopes to have a dinner and auction to support Brandi. Contact Ashley Kennedy at the Support for Brandi Facebook page or at 970-580-5039 for more information or to donate to the auction and dinner.

    Brandi Kumm

    other local donors. Among partipants in Denver were (left photo) 91-year- old Mary May holding three-week old Ella Barnes, the daughter of Lacey and Brandon Barnes and sister of Brody who were also in attendance as were: Karen Naibauer; Sue and Jeff Herzog; Rex May; Beverly Coleman; Lori May; Chris Barger; Sandy Dolan; Marc Dolan; LaRaye Harvey; Luke Dolan; Michelle, Erin, Maggie and Grant Rossman; Gordon Goff; John and Janna Korrey; Mike, Heidi, Taylor and Parker Tribbett; Fred and Donna Hacker; Elaine Accomasso Martinelli, Gary Grover; and Drs. Ray and Lori Rossi. Also supporting the efforts (but not pictured) were Gloria Fritzler, Judy Long, Peggy Gerk, Don and Barb Korrey, the Jim Korrey Family, Connie Clark, the Gary Magnuson Family, Julie Murphy, Kay and Fran Morison, the Mike Naibauer Family, Cody and Diane Craven, Alec and Ashley Smith, the Curt and Joy Batt Family, and Ken and Delinda Korrey McDowell. For more information about making a fi nancial donation or on becoming an organ donor, people may call the Donor Alliance at 303-329- 4747 or 1-888-868-4747. (Courtesy Photos.)

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