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Know your baby gender as early as 10 weeks

Dec 04, 2014



Our Gender Prediction Test™ ( ) is the fun pre-birth experience moms are talking about.

  • 1. IntelliGenders Gender Prediction Test... a fun pre-birth experience for moms who cant wait to know!
  • 2. Discover whether you may be having a baby boy or girlweeks before the sonogram can tell you.
  • 3. A simple test you can take athome IntelliGenders Gender Prediction Test is anaffordable, simple-to-use urine test that providesimmediate gender results in the privacy and comfort ofthe home.
  • 4. In minutes, the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Testindicates your gender result based upon an easy toread color match. Green indicates boy and orangeindicates girl!
  • 5. When can I use it? As early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy (8 weekspost- conception)! Most women find out the sex oftheir baby at their 20-week sonogram as long asBaby chooses to cooperate.
  • 6. For more information, contact us:Address:IntelliGender 3308 Preston Rd, #350P.O. Box 187Plano, TX 75093Website: