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Aug 13, 2015



  2. 2. Name : KINJAL JOSHI Branch :EC Sem:2nd Subject: C.P.D Enrolment no : 140210111056
  3. 3. 1.Name: Aalok shah 2.Qualification: electrical engineer from MSU,MBA from Sikkim maniple university. 3. Work at : GAIL (government job) 4. profession: S.R manager
  4. 4. 23 year service in oil and gas industries What Is Your exprience ?
  5. 5. He think that is experience has taught new things in his life .and not made him overconfident .So he is positive thinker . I have so many years of experience Of my job. What can a younger person teach me 23 year of experience has taught me to new techanological advancement in world as gas is main source of energy in this world. There is still lot more to learn especially from the younger colleagues
  6. 6. He Think as a contributor I am highly qualified in electric engineering so I know every thing My degree give me the ability to find the solution of different task
  7. 7. what are the quality to become a successful ? Faithful and hard work and integrity beyond doubt
  8. 8. During your long successful career you might have faced some challenges .How do you think it as a opportunity 2.hurdle as a opportunity
  9. 9. How do you take your work as 1. goal 2.mission 3.challange 4. opportunity establishment
  10. 10. As a challenge
  11. 11. Some time in your career you might have faced your seniors not supporting according to your expectation ? How do you convince them? By putting facts and figure and explaining the benefits of company
  12. 12. Think and act Three essential to achieve anything worthwhile are , first, hard work ;second , stick to activeness ; third common sense What message or advice you will give to the future engineers?
  13. 13. will you please share your life experience .which makes you a successful person? Still learning to be a successful person
  14. 14. He is never in a over confidence. He never think himself as a successful person because he want learn more and more day by bay. He believe in hard work
  15. 15. He is a man of determination and hard worker to achieve the goal of company and to see his country on top of the world conclusion