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King's coins

Jun 21, 2015



  • 1. Scientific EnquiryGrade 1

2. Cleaning thekings money 3. King Greedy is really worried. Hisfriend, King Lotsofcash, is coming tovisit and King Greedy wants to boastabout how much gold he has. 4. But he has been playing with hismoney so much that when he looksinto his collection of purses andwallets, he finds that all his coins aredirty and dull. 5. He cant boast to his friend if his cash doesnt look clean and bright. What can King Greedy to make his moneyshiny? 6. Vocabulary 7. material 8. liquids 9. acids 10. dissolving 11. Structure 12. ComparativeThe comparative degree is a comparativeform of an adjective or adverb.For examples Our coins are cleaner than their coins. My money is dirtier than your money. An Orange Juice is better than CocaCola. 13. You will need