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Kenilworth Public School - Upper Grand District School Board Pediculosis (Head Lice) Please check your child for signs of head lice on a regular basis and if your child does have them,

Feb 11, 2020




  • Kenilworth Public School 7478 Sideroad 7W, Kenilworth, Ontario N0G 2E0 Principal: Nancy Mundle Office Co-ordinator: Jan Wilson Tel: 519-848-3320

    NEWSLETTER FOR OCTOBER 2016 Character Counts!

    We will continue to enhance our character education program a Kenilworth PS and look for ways to integrate the Upper

    Grand District School Board’s five core character traits: Compassion, Respect, Fairness, Responsibility and Honesty. In

    October, we will emphasize the character trait of Respect—a feeling or understanding that someone or something is

    important and should be treated in an appropriate way. We will recognize and celebrate respect for self, respect for

    others, and respect for the environment. Our assembly is on Friday October 7nd at 11:10 am and, as always, you are

    welcome to attend.

    Additionally, we will promote the mission statement of the UGDSB: Learn, Lead and

    Inspire Together. We have started to think about the word INSPIRE, what or who

    inspires us, and in turn, whom do we inspire.

    Computers and Devices

    Students need to remember that their devices are allowed only with direct supervision of their teacher (e.g.,

    in the classroom during teaching time), at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Technology is not allowed

    in unsupervised areas or areas that are not directly supervised (e.g., washrooms, hallways, lunchroom, outside

    at recess). Cell phones are to be kept in students’ backpacks. It is never okay to take a picture or video of

    anyone without consent.

    Thank you PATS!

    Thank you to our Parents Assisting Teachers and Students committee who provided funding for our Plowing Match trip

    bussing, and $50.00 per classroom/library. We also appreciate their efforts in their first fundraiser of the year, Little

    Caesar’s Pizza Kits. Thanks also to all who placed Pizza Kit orders. Your order will be ready for pick up on

    Wednesday, October 6th from 2:30 - 4:30 pm.

    Next PATS meeting Monday October 3rd at 6:30pm

    All Welcome! Babysitting Provided

  • Allergy Alert

    We have staff and students with life threatening allergic reactions to garlic, peanuts and other nuts.

    The safety of all our students is very important to us. Please be aware that, due to legislation requiring

    every school to reduce risk of exposure of anaphylactic causative agents, nuts and garlic are not

    allowed. Please DO NOT send nut or garlic products to school for snack or lunch with your child. If

    touched, eaten or even inhaled, foods containing even small amounts of peanuts or nuts may be life threatening to

    those students with allergies. Please remind your child not to share food or drinks with other students.

    Terry Fox Walk

    KPS will participate in the Terry Fox Walk/Run to raise money to help support cancer research on Thursday September

    29th at 1:35 pm. Mrs. C reports that over the past 14 years, KPS has raised $2,787.13, and that this is the year we could

    top $3000.00! Our goal, therefore, is $212.82! We will keep you posted on our success. Thank you to Mrs. Craigie for

    organizing this special event!

    KPS Soccer – Go Coyotes Go!

    Our soccer team is participating in the North Wellington Soccer tournament Sept.28th! Thank you to Mrs. Wootton

    for coaching our team!

    Eco Heroes are up and running already!

    Eco Heroes is a Grade 3 - 6 initiative that aims to educate and involve the whole school about environmental responsibility and stewardship. The duties of the team are: to assist and guide their peers to responsibly sort waste into recycling and compost, to take care of composts and gardens, to ensure energy saving efforts are taking place, and to assist that we reduce paper use. We have a monthly initiative where each class aims to win "The Oscar" award (Oscar the Grouch) based on the Eco Hero goal of the month. October's goal is "Correctly Sorting Waste". Eco Heroes will be educating and evaluating the ability of each class to sort waste.

    Library News

    We continue on our pathway to becoming a Learning Commons.

    What is a Learning Commons?

    At Kenilworth we are 21st Century Learners and to keep up with our students, we are changing our library from a

    traditional library, a space where students come to check out books and read, to a learning commons, which is a

    collaborative space where students can, create, communicate and collaborate on their interests and projects. Some

    things will stay the same, there is still a librarian, printed texts and there are still people reading, however it has so much

    more than this! The learning commons is a spot that promotes student talk and collaboration as students learn and

    search for new information on a variety of devices (IPADS, LAPTOPS, CHROMEBOOKS, and COMPUTERS). It is a space

    where students can learn to look critically at their research findings and figure out where to go next. It is hoped that the

    Learning Common will become the hub and the heart of the school, a place for teachers and teacher-librarians to

    collaborate and to build inquiry learning and critical thinking skills in students, a place for technology integration and

    experimentation. We are all creators, thinkers, makers and researchers and it is exciting to have a place in the school to

    further support this in all grades! Mrs. Doerr

  • Harvest Moon Festival

    Friday, October 14 at 6:00 pm

    Don’t miss all the excitement….

    ………..An Amazing Chili cook- off

    A Fabulous Dessert Auction……

    ……….Kids Movie room and more.

    Bring the family & enjoy the evening at KPS!

  • KPS Craft Sale & more…..

    Saturday November 19 is the Annual Craft Sale. If you or someone you know would like a table at our event please contact Mollie at 519-848-2026 or [email protected] . Tables are $25 for 12’ of space. The sale is from 9 am to 3 pm. If you are interested in providing music please contact Mollie as well. This is a terrific fundraiser for our school so please pass along the information to your friends and family and plan to attend on Saturday November 19. This event is organized and supervised by PATS and will not be supervised by school staff.

    Outstanding Forms Earlier in September several forms that required parents to sign and return were sent home. If you have not

    returned the following forms, please do so:

     Student Verification Form

     Consent to Share Personal Information

     Student Accident Insurance Acknowledgement

    If you require another copy of any of these forms please ask.

    Pediculosis (Head Lice) Please check your child for signs of head lice on a regular basis and if your child does have them, please treat it right away. All nits must be removed in order to avoid another infestation. Often the lice combs are not effective in getting rid of the nits. They must be physically removed by pulling the nit through the hair. When lice is discovered at school, a note will be send home with every child in that classroom suggesting that steps are taken to check your child’s head carefully and regularly. A head lice check for all students may occur in October.

    Picture Day Picture Day will take place on November 3 in the morning. All students will have their picture taken on this date. A flyer outlining package choices will be sent home closer to this date. From the Mount Forest Library

    Chrome books available at the library for students to sign out. They can be signed out for a week. Students must have

    a valid library card. To obtain a card, we request that students come visit the library with a parent/guardian and we

    would be more than happy to issue a library card.

    Wanted Foodland Receipts & Soup Labels

    If you shop at Foodland in Arthur or Mount Forest, please send in your grocery receipts. Our PATS group, thanks to

    Dorothy McNabb, who compiles the receipts and Campbell Soup labels and uses this as a fundraiser for future school

    purchases. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • October 3rd to Nov. 4th, 2016

    Please complete this form and return it by Oct 3rd □ White Milk or □ Chocolate Milk

    Milk for the term Oct 3rd to Nov 4th = 24 days x .75 = $18.00 or ____ days x .75 = ________ If you require milk only certain days of the month, please indicate which days: _____________________________________________________

    Pizza — 1 Slice or Pizza — 2 Slices _____ days x 1.25 = $ _______ ______ days x 2.50 = $_______ (Pizza days are Oct. 7, 14, 21 & 27 & Nov. 4) Total Amount Due: $ _______________ Student’s Name(s): _________________

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