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Poaching A world-wide problem By Kasey Buchanan & Kekoa Smith

Kasey and koa poaching

Apr 24, 2015



Mary Noble

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  • 1. Poaching A world-wide problemBy Kasey Buchanan& Kekoa Smith
  • 2. Did you happen to know?
  • 3. Every year, thousands of animalsfrom every country, every year, are killed illegally.
  • 4. Animals are killed for Ivory, Medicine,Religious Reasons,
  • 5. And for Sport.
  • 6. How am I a threat?Thousands of Tigers have been killed because they are seen as Threats.
  • 7. Indias Population of tigershas Drastically decreased
  • 8. From an estimated population of100,000 in 1900,
  • 9. To only 4,000 in 1990
  • 10. The amount of elephants in Africa has almost completely vanished.
  • 11. People poaching for their ivory tusks has cut their population in half. =
  • 12. The South AfricanRhinoceros is poached forits horn.
  • 13. Mainly because they are sold for $3400 per pound in China
  • 14. In China, Rhino horns are a traditional medicine.
  • 15. There is a similar problem with sharks
  • 16. Hooked sharks are caught on a boat, then get their fins sliced off
  • 17. Then thrown back into the ocean, unable to swim
  • 18. This is because shark fins are believed to prevent cancer.
  • 19. Hyenas are killed by peoplebecause they are believed to killtheir land animals.
  • 20. Hyenas are scavengers Not predators
  • 21. We ButCan stop poaching
  • 22. There are many organizations you can join to help the cause! The Humane Society Earth First!American Zoo & Aquarium Organization Endangered Species Project Conservation Breeding Specialists Group American Forest Organization Earth Trust Conservation International Center For Animal Conservation
  • 23. If you see any suspicious behavior Report it to the police!
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