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Jun 17, 2020




  • 2014‐06‐26


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    Presenter: Karine DeGrâce Relationships with commercial interests: None Disclosure of Commercial Support: None Potential for conflict(s) of interest: None Mitigating Potential Bias: Not applicable

    Presenter Disclosure Presenter: Dr Darren Martin Relationships with commercial interests: None Disclosure of Commercial Support: None Potential for conflict(s) of interest: None Mitigating Potential Bias: Not applicable

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    Presenter: Dr Julie Langlois Relationships with commercial interests: None Disclosure of Commercial Support: None Potential for conflict(s) of interest: None Mitigating Potential Bias: Not applicable

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  • 2014‐06‐26


    The New Brunswick  College of Family 

    Physicians :  What Can WeDo for You?

    By: Karine DeGrâce

    Executive Administrator

    Who are we?

    Board of Directors

    Executive Administrator

    725 members across NB

  • 2014‐06‐26


    We are not alone… We are part of the College of Family Physicians of Canada

    10 chapter offices

    More than ?? members

    More then 150 employees

    30 000 + members

  • 2014‐06‐26


    Board of Directors

    O Executive O NBCFP Chairs of committees O Representatives O Executive Administrator O Chapter representatives on CFPC committees O NBMS representative

    Board of Directors

    What does the board do?

    When does the board meet?

    How can I join the board?

  • 2014‐06‐26


    Mission statement

    To support family physicians through certification, advocacy, leadership, research, and learning opportunities that enable them to provide high-quality health care for their patients and their communities.


    O Certification examination in family medicine O Spring and Fall exam

    O Alternate Pathways to Certification O Alternate Route to Certification O Training and certification obtained in an international jurisdiction

  • 2014‐06‐26


    Advocacy & Leadership 

    Patient Medical Home


  • 2014‐06‐26


    Learning Opportunities

    Linking Learning to Practice


    What are other benefits  of being a member?

    Special designations; symbols of excellence in family medicine that are recognized worldwide

    MCFP (Member of the CFPC)  CCFP (Certification from the CFPC)  FCFP (Fellowship in the CFPC)

  • 2014‐06‐26


    What are other benefits  of being a member?

    Access to the different sections and committees

    Sections  Section of Teachers  Section of Residents  Section of Medical Students (SOMS)  Section of Researchers  Section of Family Physicians with Special Interests or

    Focused Practices

    Committees  51 different committees

    Section of Family Physicians with  Special Interests or Focused Practices

    Addiction Medicine Cancer Care Dermagtology Child and Adolescent Health Chronic Pain Developmental Disabilities Emergency Medicine Family Practice Anesthesia Global Health Health Care of the Elderly

    Hospital Medicine Maternity and Newborn Care Mental Health Occupational Medicine Palliative Care Prison Health Respiratory Medicine Sport and Exercise Medicine

  • 2014‐06‐26


    CFPC Committees Accreditation Advisory Committee on Family Practice Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) Board of Examiners Bylaws Collaborative Action Committee on Intra- professionalism: Family Physicians and Other Specialists (CACI) Collaborative Committee on Rural Education Committee on Examinations - Emergency Medicine Editorial Advisory Board Canadian Family Physician Enhanced Skills Directors’ Sub-Committee Environmental Health Steering Committee Equity and Diversity Ethics Examinations in Family Medicine Committee Family Medicine Forum Advisory Committee Finance and Audit Committee First Five Years Governance Advisory Committee

    History and Narrative in Family Medicine Honours and Awards Institute for Healthcare Communication - Canada (IHC- C) Special Advisory Committee Janus Project Steering Committee Membership Advisory National Committee on Continuing Professional Development Nominating Committee Patient Education Research and Education Foundation Board Self LearningTM

    Task Force on the CFPC's Relationship with Pharmaceutical Industry Triple C Competency Based Curriculum Task Force Undergraduate Education Working Group on Certification Process Working Group on Collaborator Role Working Group on International Training and Certification Working Group on Postgraduate Curriculum Review

    What are other benefits  of being a member?

     Preferential rates for:

  • 2014‐06‐26


    What are other benefits  of being a member?

    Eligibility for awards, grants, scholarships & Resident draws

    National selection  181 recipient in 2013

     Provincial selection  Family Physician of the Year

     10 recipients

    Awards of Excellence  50 recipients

    How to nominate a colleague?

    What are other benefits  of being a member?

     A complimentary subscription to Canadian Family Physician (CFP)

     Access to the services of the Canadian Library of Family Medicine

  • 2014‐06‐26


    How do I become a member?

    Website online application

    If we choose your suggested name, you will win a registration for 2 day ASA!

  • 2014‐06‐26



  • 2014‐06‐26



    When one of your colleagues considers leaving the college, your resident asks you what are the advantages of being a member. What do you say?

    We want to know…

    What could the college do to better serve it’s members?

  • 2014‐06‐26



    Good Luck!