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kara sanitizing wipes

Apr 02, 2018



  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes



    I hereby declare that the following documented Project Report titled To know the consumer

    behavior about the Kara sanitizing wipes is an authentic work done by me.

    The study was undertaken as a part of the course curriculum of PGDM-Full Time Program of G.

    L. Bajaj Institute of Management and Research.

    Saurabh Mishra

  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes



    I owe my gratitude to many people who helped and supported me during the entire Summer


    My sincere thanks to Asst. Prof.Abhishek Tyagi, the Guide of the project, for initiating and

    guiding the project with attention and care. He has always been available for me to put me on

    track from time to time to bring the project at its present form.

    My deep sense of gratitude is due to Mr. Divyanker Goel, Regional Sales Manager, Grasim

    Industry Ltd. for allowing me to carry out the Summer Internship and this Project at the

    organization and to be constantly available to me for the period, for guidance. He also helped me

    to see the subject of study in its proper perspective. Thanks and appreciation is also due to the

    officials, employees and respondents ofGrasim Industry Ltd., for their support.

    I also thank my Institution and my faculty members without whom this project would have been

    a distant reality.


    (Saurabh Mishra)

    Place: Delhi/NCR


  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes





    Table of contents.....4

    Chapter 1: Executive summary.....5

    Chapter 2: Research Methodology....8

    Objective of study..9

    Research design9

    Sample size9

    Scope ofstudy...10

    Sampling technique10

    Data collection.10


    Chapter 3: About Aditya Birla..12

    Company profile13

    Globally Aditya Birla is.14

    In India, Aditya Birla is..14






    Major companies17

  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes


    About Grasim Industries21

    Viscous staple fibre21

    About Birla Cellulose.23

    Birla Cellulose is......25

    The Characteristics.25

    Vision and Values.29

    Chapter 4: About the product31

    Chapter 5: Data Collection...34

    Chapter 6: Findings and their analysis..36

    Chapter 7: Market activities54

    Chapter 6: Findings of the study..56

    Chapter 9: Recommandations..58

    Chapter 10: Bibliography..61

    Chapter 11: Annexer..63

  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes




  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes



    In last few years, the growth and development story of India has seen different stages. From the

    time of independence to 1991, the time of liberalization in India and then to the twenty first

    century, the markets have shown tremendous changes. Today consumers have got the power and

    the income to spend on products. Different firms entered in the market and lost but many

    succeeded and make their mark. All the markets starts with nascent stage and later grow to its

    maturity, same with the wipes market which is in its nascent stage in India now but the potential

    is high if explored.

    A project means a task assigned by the company. My project topic is To know the consumer

    behavior about kara sanitizing wipes. in GRASIM INDUSTRIES & BIRLA CELLULOSE,

    Aditya Birla Group.

    The objective of my research was to identify that what customer wants and to know what we

    provide to customer and how to maximize the sale. Also give recommendations for the same.

    Chinese wipes have entered in the Indian market few years back but within a few years it has got

    itself in a good position. We need to look at the various possible factors which lead to this

    situation and to formulate a strategy for KARA to handle them conveniently.

    I have tried to ask as much questions from the customers as possible and as personally as

    possible. I have selected the customers for the questionnaires at random which also resulted into

    generating the awareness of the brand.

    I took Sarojini and Khan Market as sample area in my later stage of training; I was assigned tounderstand the operations of the company by visiting almost all markets in South Delhi. For the

    purpose, I visited more than 100 shops and took orders from retailers of the company and was

    also responsible in placing the product onto new stores by convincing the retailers to keep the


  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes


    Without collection of statistical data and its analysis any project is incomplete, thus, I surveyed

    312 respondents by way of questionnaire and collected some secondary data from internet to

    understand and analyze the exact situation of the market. Analysis part has been done through

    interviews and surveys with the people visiting the retail stores in both markets.

    Result showed that the concept of using wet sanitizing wipe is new. Middle class and high class

    people can be targeted and educated about this new concept through extensive promotional

    activities. One of the finding was that people consider wet wipes as an extravagant article rather

    than essential product which is positioned by the company and do not want to spend a lot on such

    a product.

  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes




  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes


    Objective of the study:

    To study, the consumer behavior about the Kara Sanitizing wipes.

    Research Design:

    Research methodology is the arrangement of condition for collection and analysis of data in a

    manner that aims to combine the relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure.

    Research is conceptual structure within which research is conducted. It is way to systematically

    study and solve the research problems.

    The research can be viewed from the following parameters:

    a) The research is exploratory in nature. Explorative studies valuable means of finding out

    what is happening to seek new insights to ask questions and to access phenomenon in a

    new light. It also involves formulation of hypothesis.

    The study involves finding out present data of demand for sanitizing wipes and

    prospective buyers and consumers of the sanitizing wipes.

    b) The research is also descriptive in nature. Descriptive study is an extension of

    exploratory study. Research was done to find out Market feasibility of Kara sanitizing

    wipes, so that we can make strategies to establish our products in the market in a better

    way, providing more awareness and place the product properly as well as promote the

    brand and emerge as a competition in the market.

    Sample Size:

    The data was collected through the questionnaires, getting them filled from the customers. The

    sample size for the study taken is.

  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes


    Scope of study:

    The data collected gives the clear picture of the product in the markets of South Delhi, under

    study in this research, and gives the company an indication about whether it is feasible to move

    on with the persisting movements and marketing strategies, and if no, then how to go about it

    and make it worthwhile for the brand as well as the company. And conclude on what should be

    the most favored deal.

    Sampling Technique:

    A closed end questionnaire was constructed for the survey. A set of questions was presented

    to respondents for their answers.

    Data Collection:

    Primary Data:

    The first hand information bearing on any research is the one which has been collected by the

    researcher. The data here is collected through:

    A structured questionnaire

    Secondary Data:

    The data which has already been collected, complied and presented earlier by any agency

    may be used for purpose of investigation. The data collected through:

    Various publications in form of annual reports, various papers and journals

    published from time to time.

    Through internet and Books

  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes


    Limitations of the study:

    Research is based on the collection of data from both primary and secondary sources but

    the secondary data is taken only for the purpose of Industry profile and Company


    There may be a possibility of biasness on the part of some respondents, but care has been

    taken to make this report unbiased.

    Some respondents might not give the correct information due to their lack of interest and

    shortage of time.

    All the information, which is taken, is biased on primary and secondary data that has its

    own limitations. Location constraint i.e. I have done this project while being at Sarojini Nagar Market,

    Khan Market.

  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes




  • 7/27/2019 kara sanitizing wipes


    Company Profile:

    The Aditya Birla Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai,

    Maharashtra, India. It operates in 33 countries with more than 133,000 employees worldwide.

    The group interests in sectors such as viscose staple fibre, metals, cement (largest in India),

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