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Jul 15, 2015




  • Kalturas end-to-end OTT TVThe most comprehensive solution available today, provides operators and media companies with the opportunity to create personal and social pay TV experiences across devices with Live, VOD, Catchup and nPVR.

    Kaltura OTT TV The Next Generation Pay OTT TV Solution

    Any ExperienceCreate a personalized experience for each viewer within the household by using Kaltura OTT TV

    MediaStore with the broadest feature set on the market. Offer a consistent cross device experience

    that allows users to take their favorite content wherever they go and intuitively interact between

    screens with TV control, content swooshing and synced second screen metadata.

    For more information contact us:Phone : +972 (3) 7512995Email: [email protected]:

    Any BusinessAll monetization tools are designed to offer a seamless experience across devices: server side

    and native ad insertion technology for both live and VOD content; multi-DRM solution to guarantee

    Hollywood studio security compliance; in-app purchases and desktop payment options.

    MediaHubManage content, business rules, devices,DRM, geo services and more,to create a Hollywood compliant multi-userTV service.

    MediaStoreEngage each end user with household management, self-care, Personal Zone, Notifications Hub and more, in order to provide a sophisticated, personalized, immersive user experience.

    MediaGoDeploy with an aggressive time to market by using the existing Kaltura application templates for any connected device.

    Any DeviceProvide your viewers with the optimal viewing experience on any device. Support any smartphone

    or tablet as well as connected TVs, set top boxes, HbbTV devices , PCs, Macs, Chromecast, Apple

    TV and game consoles. Offer VOD and live content with HD video and adaptive bitrate for optimal

    viewing experience in any location.

    Any Business. Any ExperienceAny Device

    MediaPrepIngest and transcode HD video for linear and VOD,to distribute it to any connected device.

  • Selected Case Studies

    Yes Satellite is the leading pay TV provider in Israel and one of the largest satellite pay TV operators in the region. In 2014 yes ventured beyond the set-top-box with yes GO, powered by Kaltura. Kalturas OTT TV platform provides yes with all of the household and device management components and allows yes to manage the user experience as well. Each member of a yes GO household has their own log in to provide them with a truly personal and social experience.

    Toggle is the OTT TV service launched by MediaCorp, Singapores largest broadcaster.

    Developed in an aggressive 4 month window, the service, powered by Kaltura, includes the entire backend including multi-DRM for live and VOD.

    Highlights include:Full set of custom front end applicationsincluding Picture-in-Picture

    Cross-device personal zone

    Real time social activity feed (eg John Brown liked Dexter) withcrowdsourcing (eg 35% of viewers are watching The Superbowl)

    Dynamic personal recommendations for VOD and linear

    Yes Satelliteyes Satellite leads the market with social and personal OTT TV

    MediaCorpMediaCorp launches Toggle the Netflix of Asia

    Solar Entertainment is South East Asias largest buyer of premium American content, with exclusive rights to many Hollywood feature films and prime time seriesin the Philippines.In 2013 Solar launched Blink to bring premium Hollywood content to more screens than ever in the Philippines. Blink is available on iOS & Android smartphones and tablets, PCs / Macs and connected TVs.

    Operated by M7, KabelKiosk customers operate pay TV services across Germany using the Kabelkiosk infrastructure and content, under their own brand. KabelKiosk uses the Kaltura platform to allow 300+ affiliate companies to provide a sophisticated next generation TV service to over 3.5M German households across PC, iOS & Android smartphones and tablets, STBs and HbbTV devices.

    Highlights include:Aggressive three month time to market using Kalturas turnkey solution with full set of front end applications.

    Live channels with full EPG support.

    Full range of SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, pre-paid and freemium.

    Support for multi-language subtitles and dubbing.

    SolarBlink pioneers OTT TV in the Philippines

    KabelKioskKabelKiosk provides new wholesale OTT TV offering,powered by Kaltura

    Highlights include:Freemium, SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, pre-paid and more.

    3000+ hours of VOD (Hollywood & local)

    Variety of usage models handled simultaneously(eg 9 months for $X, next 3 months for $Y),as well as discounts and coupons.

    Support for multiple subtitle and audio languages,and billing in multiple currencies.

    Highlights include:Revolutionary B2B2B wholesale business model: KabelKiosk provides Kaltura backend and frontend templates to affiliates, with varying degrees of customization.

    Management of households with multiple users, each with their own profile.

    Immersive personalized experience; each end user enjoys their own social feed, viewing history with "Follow Me", personalized content recommendation and social content discovery.

    Reverse EPG, including live search.