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The intelligent choice to reach out Keralites in the region

Kairali Final KSA

Jan 11, 2016




top class presentation on Kairali TV Saudi Arabia GCC United Arab Emirates and Middle East region
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The intelligent choice to reach out Keralites in the region

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Table of Contents

Demographic Profile Slides 4-11Geographic Patterns Slides 12-17Purchasing Power Slides 18-22Spending Patterns & Consumer Behaviors Slides 23-28Spending Patterns & Consumer Behaviors Slides 23 28TV Adspend Slides 29-40IPSOS Positioning Slides 41-43

l f l l dKairali Footprint & Profile Slides 44-46Program Synopsis Slides 47-57New Developments Slides 58-60p

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Global Symbol:

About Kairali TV

Kairali TV is the only Malayalam 24/7 public share holding FTA television station worldwide


Kairali TV is recognised as a global symbol for the newest Keralites trends, the lifestyle of Malayalee professionals and the world.station worldwide.

Kairali TV is independent since it‘s inception in 2000. It has established

y p

itself as the TV authority for Malayalees headed by great indian actor and superstar Mr. Mammootty.

Kairali TV is the top 2nd TV viewed by Keralites and 10th Asian TV in the

iddl t (TVR I 2013)middle east (TVR, Ipsos 2013).

Kairali TV is fast and informative and choice of global and local brands


30 million viewers Globally.3 illi i i G lf d Middl E t

g3 million viewers in Gulf and Middle East.

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TV Viewership Table - UAE JAN 2013

No.2 Channel in MalayalamHighest Reach - South Asian Channels Target: Malayalees

Position Daily Reach1 ASIANET MIDDLE EAST 72.352 ASIANET NEWS 56.78

Highest Reach - South Asian Channels Source – IPSOS Malayaless / TVR – UAE January 2013

3 KAIRALI 45.144 ASIANET PLUS 39.295 MANORAMA NEWS 28.916 ZEE TV 11.617 COLORS TV 8.48 SONY TV 8.89 STAR PLUS 10.2110 AMRITA TV 10.6611 JEEVAN TV 9.5412 JAYA TV 5.313 SURYA TV 12.5114 ZEE AFLAM 3.94

nd 15 ZEE CINEMA 7.7216 SET MAX 4.9117 ZEE NEWS 5.6718 STAR GOLD 5.01Free to Air and available on all 19 INDIA VISION TV 5.0520 REPORTER TV 2.6521 DD NATIONAL 0.44

major regional and DTH platforms

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No.2 Channel in MalayalamHighest Reach - South Asian Channels

TV Viewership Table -UAE JAN 2013Target: Asians

Position Daily ReachHighest Reach - South Asian Channels Source – IPSOS Asians / TVR – UAE January 2013

1 ZEE TV 26.132 ASIANET MIDDLE EAST 19.843 COLORS TV 14.894 STAR PLUS 15.975 ASIANET NEWS 16.126 BANGLA VISION 12.947 GEO NEWS 14.428 ZEE CINEMA 13.559 GEO TV 13.01

10 KAIRALI 11.6510 KAIRALI 11.6511 ARY DIGITAL 10.1112 SONY TV 9.5513 ATN BANGLA 9.9614 ASIANET PLUS 11.4115 STAR GOLD 10 26d 15 STAR GOLD 10.2616 CHANNEL EYE 9.1717 ZEE AFLAM 5.2118 BOISHAGE TV 6.1719 ZEE NEWS 7.2720 AMRITA TV 5 58


Free to Air and available on all

20 AMRITA TV 5.5821 MBC 2 5.122 SET MAX 6.1823 STAR NEWS 9.624 PTV WORLD 5.31

major regional and DTH platforms 25 ATV BENGALI 4.6926 MANORAMA NEWS 8.15

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• Daily Viewership by Time Segment by Jan 2013

Daily Reach• Daily Viewership by Time Segment by Jan 2013• Average Viewing 15 mins segment any Day• Between 4pm-5pm KSA – Kairali TV is No.1 channelp p• Between 5pm-10pm KSA Kairali TV is No.2 channel• Between 10pm-02am KSA Kairali TV is No.1 channel

17:00-17:14 17:15-17:29 17:30-17:44 17:45-17:59 23:00-23:14 23:15-23:29 23:30-23:44 23:45-23:59 00:00-00:14 00:15-00:29 00:30-00:44 00:45-00:59 Daily Reach

ASIANET MIDDLE EAST 2.28 1.88 1.53 1.57 4.91 4.01 4.05 3.35 0.8 0 0 0 72.35

KAIRALI 2.31 2.68 1.55 1.9 8.09 7.75 6.39 6.42 3.78 3.39 3.37 3.02 45.14

MANORAMA NEWS 1.47 1.48 1.51 1.56 1.17 2.23 2.2 2.88 0.64 0.98 0.37 0.37 28.91

JEEVAN TV 0 0 0 0.37 3.07 3.47 2.67 1.91 1.16 0.75 0.75 0.4 9.54

INDIA VISION TV 0 37 0 0 37 0 37 0 41 0 41 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 05INDIA VISION TV 0.37 0 0.37 0.37 0.41 0.41 0 0 0 0 0 0 5.05

REPORTER TV 0.38 0.38 0.38 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.65

Source: TV Viewership Table -UAE JAN 2013Target: Malayalees

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M i h th i

Kairali TV VsKairali TV Vs. Hindi Channels:. Hindi Channels:

Optimum Reach• Maximum reach across the region• Available Free To Air and also on all Paid Platforms• Most watching TV in Malayalam by IPSOS

Asia Country E-Vision Pehla FTAFTA Vs. Pay TV Subscription Nos.


Free To Air

Country E-Vision Pehla FTAUAE 150000 68000 100000Oman 1500 75000Bahrain 2000 40000



Bahrain 2000 40000Qatar 600 50000Kuwait 1000 60000KSA 35000 160000KSA 35000 160000Total 150000 108100 485000

• Sony, Star and Zee are only available on paid platforms

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Ways for co-operation

Classical advertising, banners, scroll text

P d t l tProduct placement

Event Sponsoring

Website Promotion

Loyalty program promotionLoyalty program promotion

Global Multi-Channel Coherent Communication

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North America: United States of America, CanadaSouth America: Mexico, Brazil, Chil A ti & t f S th

EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

Western Europe : Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein

ASIA & OCEANIAIndia, Thailand, Australia, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea Indonesia PakistanChile, Argentina & rest of South

AmericaEastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia

Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Iran, Egypt,

South Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan, other Asian countries, China, Japan

Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan, other Middle Eastern countries

Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa, Nigeria, Libya, Angola, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, other African countries

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Eastern Europe

North AmericaWestern Europe

Middle East



South AmericaAsia Pacific

Excl. China and Japan

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Global footprint

Page 12: Kairali Final KSA


• Kairali TV – Entertainment and News• People TV – News• People TV – News• We TV – Entertainment for Youth• Kairali Arabia

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Rich program content for all age-gender levelsRich program content for all age gender levels

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Page 15: Kairali Final KSA

GCC Malayalee Population in Millions

1.7Saudi Arabia

GCC Malayalee Population in Millions


0 4


Q t







0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8

Page 16: Kairali Final KSA

GCC Population : 52,020,357




26,534,504 5,314,317


Page 17: Kairali Final KSA

Saudi Arabia – Fast FactsSaudi Arabia Fast Facts

– Population:26,534,504Population:26,534,504– Capital City: Riyadh– Gender split : 55% Male vs. 45% Females– 60% age between 20 - 39g– Unemployment level: 10.9% (2011 Est.)– 30% AB Social class– Inflation rate : 5% (Consumer Price Index – 2011 Est.)( )– GDP: Nearly SAR. 2.6 Trillion (2011 Est.)– Currency: Saudi Riyal (SAR)– Key centers of influence (major cities): Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar, Makkah, Madinah– Gross ad spend 2011: SAR 5.4 Billion– KSA is an influential market, driving a large part of the GCC & Pan Arab media activity

Source :

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Saudi Arabia

Page 19: Kairali Final KSA
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Page 21: Kairali Final KSA

Age breakdown of the population in the Arab Region

Source: Arab Media Outlook 2011-2015

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Page 26: Kairali Final KSA
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Page 29: Kairali Final KSA


2011 2008 2003 1998

UAE 883,313 918,122 670,150 421,959

Saudi Arabia 574,739 503,433 489,988 510,895, , , ,

Oman 195,300 167,628 152,865 139,571

Kuwait 127,782 129,282 113,967 68,163

Bahrain 101,556 101,344 108,507 74,654, , , ,

Qatar 148,427 121,613 98,953 62,969

Other West Asia 6696 0 2047 0

Total 2,037,813 1,941,422 1,636,477 1,278,211, , , , , , , ,

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GCC M l l K li P l i

Malayalees- the single largest community in the regionRoughly 50% of the Indian Sub-continent population

GCC - Malayalees – Keralites Population

g y % p pAround 4.5 Million Malayalees across the GCC countries

Malayalees dominate the Asian population across the GCC countries






n i

n M













0Bahrain Qatar Oman Kuwait KSA UAE

Malayalees 350000 350000 300000 350000 1650000 1400000Others from Indian Sub-continent 450000 250000 275000 450000 1900000 1400000

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Evolution of net Advertising Spend in the Arab region (USD millions)

Source: Arab Media Outlook 2011-2015

Page 32: Kairali Final KSA

Media Penetration• TV & radio penetration is very high among both males & • TV & radio penetration is very high among both males &


• No cinema in KSA


Females Males












TV Newspaper Magazine Radio Cinema Internet Outdoor

Page 33: Kairali Final KSA

Source: Arab Media Outlook 2011-2015

Page 34: Kairali Final KSA

Media Consumption AnalysisTime spent across media (KSA)

In an average week

210 59 33 11 79Females

In an average week

156 61 24 19 142Males

182 60 29 15 112Total

0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%TV Radio Press Internet Outdoor

TV gets the highest share of time across all media

Page 35: Kairali Final KSA

Total TV revenues in the Arab region, 2009-2015 (USD million)

Source: Arab Media Outlook 2011-2015

Page 36: Kairali Final KSA

Three Million Keralite Expats T i t K i li TV Tunes in to Kairali TV

Every Day

Their Solidarity Keeps Kairali Atop the y p pMiddle East Viewership Ratings..

Page 37: Kairali Final KSA




NATIONALS 0.9 18 1.8 0.85 1 1 23.55

KERALITIES 1.2 1.3 0.27 0.08 0.4 0.13 3.38

OTHER-INDIANS 1.1 1.5 0.25 0.07 0.2 0.15 3.27

OTHER-EXPATS 4.9 6.2 0.37 0.05 1.7 0.32 13.54

8.1 27 2.69 1.05 3.3 1.6 43.74*Millions

Kairali is free to air & available on all major regional platforms - Evision, Pehla, Du, Qtel, DishTV & all major DTH platforms

The profile of audience is in the range of 15 to 60; belong to all class and segments.

Page 38: Kairali Final KSA

• Saudi’s total population has been growing at a CAGR of 2.4% over the past 8 years, rising from 20.9mn in 2001, to 24.8mn in 2009. Per Capita GDP has risen from SAR 32,821 (USD 8,752) in 2001, to SAR 70,859 (USD 18,896) in 2008, achieving CAGR of 12% during the 8-year period.

• Outlook for retailers and consumer durables in Saudi is very robust due to a large population base that is growing faster than the GCC average to a large population base that is growing faster than the GCC average, rapidly escalating per Capita GDP, and availability of higher disposable income.S SAMA R GIC R h• Source: SAMA, Reuters, GIC Research

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Major Brands Advertise in Kairalij

Unilever brands , P&G brands, Master Food brands,Pepsi Coca Cola Britannia Mc Donald ITC SavolaPepsi, Coca-Cola, Britannia, Mc Donald, ITC, SavolaGroup, Marico, Sadia, Al Rawabi, Al Marai, , NuqulGroup, Cadbury, Kinder joy, Lindt, Nivea, L'Oreal,Eti l t D STC N l G S LG P iEtisalat, Du, STC, Nuqul Group, Sony, LG, Panasonic,Samsung, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan,Rakbank, American Tourister, Sapil, Jet airways,Damas, Joyalukkas, Lulu, Abu Dhabi Co op Society,DEWA, Western union, Uae Exchange & all majorlocal brands.

Page 40: Kairali Final KSA


A bouquet of program appeals to different segments,

all ages and all income groups makes this best choice g g p

to reach out individuals with high disposable income

/ t th d b i b k d/ net worth and or business background.

Page 41: Kairali Final KSA
Page 42: Kairali Final KSA

Kids &Family ShowsKids &Family Showsyy

Page 43: Kairali Final KSA

Super Kids Super Kids Super Performance of Kids of age 3-7 Fun Chat & Talent Show Super Performance of Kids of age 3 7 , Fun Chat & Talent Show

Monday – Thursday 5:30 UAE.B d A i t d ith thi PBrands Associated with this Program

Title Branding: Cubix Kids footwear, Presenting right Johnson Baby, Associates and spot Fine Baby Diapers & Scooby day

Page 44: Kairali Final KSA


Page 45: Kairali Final KSA

Gandharva Sangeetham Junior – MusicalgReality ShowGandharva Sangeetham was the first Musical Reality show in MalayalamTV channels which is named after the legendary Indian musician Mr. K JYesudas Contestants oung singers ithin the age of 6 12 ears areYesudas. Contestants - young singers within the age of 6 -12 years- areselected through a rigorous audition round conducted at major cities in thestate of Kerala

Training sessions for participants by Mr. K J Y d k it i d t thi t Yesudas makes it unique and sets this apart from the similar shows on other TV channels

. 8 PM UAE

Page 46: Kairali Final KSA

Dance Party – Dance Reality ShowDance Party Dance Reality Show

D t i M d d lit h C t t t 9 k ti t Dance party is a Modern dance reality show. Contestants are 9 known artists

in the field of serial , cinema & stage shows along with 9 reputed

choreographers of the industry. Proposed episodes of the show is100.

Celebrities as well as the choreographers from the South Indian film scene

will be the judges.

Page 47: Kairali Final KSA

Kitchen Magic – Cookery Reality Show

What’s Kitchen Magic?A grand cookery reality show of KairaliAims to pick the culinary experts in a target group of 18-35 C t ‘S i R t ’ t th t d t ti l i t t Creates a ‘Spice Route’ to the untapped potentials in our target group Admires the undiscovered cooking talents and aspiring chefs of Kerala

Page 48: Kairali Final KSA

KUTTI PATTURUMAL KUTTI PATTURUMAL –– Musical Reality ShowMusical Reality Show

KUTTI PATTURUMAL KUTTI PATTURUMAL –– Musical Reality ShowMusical Reality ShowKUTTI PATTURUMAL KUTTI PATTURUMAL Musical Reality ShowMusical Reality ShowThe pride and fervor of Middle East Viewers

One of the most successful reality shows in the history of Malayalam TV programs



Page 49: Kairali Final KSA

Family Shows

Page 50: Kairali Final KSA


This is a talk show hosted by renowned dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi.Participants are celebrities and their family from Music, Films, Drama,and TV etc. Host discusses about his / her childhood, love, romance,family, professional life and future plans etc. Days of telecast – Saturday& Sunday& Sunday

Page 51: Kairali Final KSA

Comedy Serial

Starring Aneesh Ravi and Anu Joseph in the lead roles of Mohana Krishnan, a village officer, and his wife Sathyabhama, an

telecast- Monday – Friday : Time -- 1930-2000 Hrs.UAE Repeat Gulf Band -- 2300-2330

Krishnan, a village officer, and his wife Sathyabhama, an advocate by profession. This serial narrates the everyday travails of their married life, in a light hearted manner

Page 52: Kairali Final KSA

9.30. Saturday -UAE

Encapsulates the taste and beauty of India.Cookery themed travelogue with Dr. Lakshmi

NairNairThe top rated program in Malayalam in its The top rated program in Malayalam in its

categorycategoryg yg y

Page 53: Kairali Final KSA

Family & Youth & Current Affairs

Page 54: Kairali Final KSA

Chat Show Chat Show -- With Movie StarsWith Movie Stars

10.0. Monday & Tuesday-UAE

Chat show by NadhirSha with Movie Celebrates

Page 55: Kairali Final KSA

Celebrity Chat Show y

Entertaining chat show featuring bubbly playback singer Rimi Tomy as the anchor.

Wednesday & Thursday10:30 .UAE

Page 56: Kairali Final KSA

The Touch of Sympathy and HumanityThe Touch of Sympathy and Humanityy p y yy p y y

Pravasalokam – Symbolizes our commitment to the downtrodden in the expatriate world. Theprogram unfolds the unending episodes of perpetual agony and adversities of expatriates. Anunusual program created history.100’s of cases of man missing and related issues have beensolved through the program.

9.30.PM Thursday & 9.30 AM Friday (UAE )

Page 57: Kairali Final KSA

Gulf FocusGulf FocusGulf FocusGulf Focus

Gulf Focus Gulf Focus --The most popular show in the region which touches a range of subjects- form current affairs to the hardship and a range of subjects form current affairs to the hardship and

plight of expatriates in the region

Keeps abreast of week’s happeningsKeeps abreast of week’s happenings

9.30.Monday & 1.30 PM Friday UAE

Page 58: Kairali Final KSA

10.30 PM (UAE)

Kairali News Gulf EditionKairali News Gulf EditionThe bulletin having the largest viewership in the regionThe half an hour showcases the days


Page 59: Kairali Final KSA

Spot Rate Spot release rate (10 second) - AED 220 ( News & Entertainment) Spot release rate (20 second) - AED 440 ( News & Entertainment) p ( ) ( )Spot release rate (30 second) - AED 660 ( News & Entertainment)

News Segment Branding : UAE NEWS – AED 8000 / 30 daysNews Segment Branding : SAUDI NEWS – AED 7000 / 30 days

Program Branding & Co SponsorshipStarting form AED 3500 per episodes

Co Sponsorship – AED 2000 per episodeCo Sponsorship AED 2000 per episode

80% FCT will be allocated against the spend @ AED 220 /10 sec for both program branding and co sponsorships.

Value additions such as co sponsorships of programs would be offered based on the total budget ll tiFor more further support Please contactallocation.For more further support , Please contact

Kairali TVMalayalam Communications Ltd. Office N0. 3204, Liwa Heights Jumeirah Lake Towers

Dubai. UAE Mob-050 2373105 ( Robinson – Manager Marketing ) Office: 044341348

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Partner with Kairali the leading media brandPartner with Kairali the leading media brand

Most preferred channel for the Most preferred channel for the KeraliteKeraliteMost preferred channel for the Most preferred channel for the KeraliteKeraliteexpatriatesexpatriates

d h l d ld h l d lCutting edge technology and quality Cutting edge technology and quality programmingprogramming

3 3 million Viewership in the Middle Eastmillion Viewership in the Middle East

C ffC ff ddCost effective Cost effective mediummedium

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Page 63: Kairali Final KSA
Page 64: Kairali Final KSA
Page 65: Kairali Final KSA
Page 66: Kairali Final KSA