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Kaidence Abby Elain a Jack Jaco b Gator Mariska

Kaidence AbbyElaina Jack Jacob Gator Mariska.

Jan 20, 2016



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Isaac6 Months Old

Surgery Scars

Daniel Mark JonesApril 14th May 19th 2011

Hypoplastic Right VentricleNotice that the right ventricle is significantly smaller than the left ventricle, creating less oxygen.

Annual Birthday PartyIn October

5K Walk

Family Camp

Heart Mom Luncheon

Family Picnic

Visiting the Hospital

Just a few of theCHD Moms2011BT ShuntHeart CathBi Directional Glenn ProcedureFontanOXIMETErHolter MonitorEchocardiogramAortic StenosisDextrocardiaEKGEdemaCHDTetralogy of Fallot


Stress from life threatening illness can be like a roller coaster turning your world upside down in an instant.

Enjoying Simple Things

Gracies Theme

This presentation was produced by Djinni Yancey as a Tradition Project for a Folklore Class at Salt Lake Community College.

No permission is granted to share this in a public setting without written permission from the author and the parents of the children viewed in the presentation.

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