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    For Advisors of 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, And other youth organizations exhibiting at fair

    AUGUST 19-25, 2019

    Design by: Callie Finnegan, Four Leaf Clovers

    CONTENTS:  Where to Find Lorain County Jr. Fair Information  County Fair Passes and Gate Admission  Booth Space in Bldgs 11 & 14, with link for Fire Code Regulations  Guidelines for Veterinary Service During Fair  Advisors and Families with Market Projects/Buyer Letter Info.  Mandatory Market Animal & Exhibitor Photo for Livestock Sale Buyer Signs  Important Jr. Fair Livestock Auction Information for 4-H & FFA Exhibitors  Public Speaking at County Fair  County Fair Style Revue Card  Jr. Fair Night Parade Entry Form  Jr. Fair Overnight Pass Request Form  Horse Activities and Contests Being Held During Fair Week  School Notification Form

  • WHERE TO FIND ... Lorain County Junior Fair Information

    We cannot stress enough the importance of reading all Jr. Fair General Rules and department rules for project exhibits. The Jr. Fair premium book is considered the most accurate resource for information about the county fair. Youth organization directors and leaders, volunteers, exhibitors, and their families are responsible for understanding and following rules. The Jr. Fair Board is not responsible for incorrect information communicated through youth organizations participating in the Jr. Fair. The reference packet includes information about approved Jr. Fair activities and notes about what are considered the most common questions and issues related to Jr. Fair exhibition. Questions and inquiries about Jr. Fair rules are welcomed at the Lorain County Fair Office by calling 440-647-2781 or email at Inquiries will be directed to the Jr. Fair Coordinator and the Jr. Fair Board.

    Sr. Fair Office Hours are: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday through July 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday the week prior to fair 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. County fair week 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. beginning Monday after fair

     Signifies an important change JUNIOR FAIR PREMIUM BOOKS – Youth organization advisors are responsible for picking up books for their club/chapter at the Extension Office and distributing them to their students or members. Every Jr. Fair exhibitor family is to receive one copy of the Lorain County Jr. Fair premium book. The premium book is also available at or CAMPING APPLICATION FOR FAIR - Camping applications go to the Sr. Fair Board Secretary's Office on the fairgrounds. Applications are available at Note the due date on the application. Applications received after will not be considered. COUNTY JR. FAIR ENTRY FORMS – All Jr. Fair entry forms are DUE JULY 1st by 4:30 p.m. at the Extension Office (Jr. Fair Coordinator will collect at the Extension Office on that day and will not be present at the fairgrounds). If you do not complete forms properly including all required signatures, you risk voiding your entry. Entry forms are in a type-able pdf format. They can also be printed and hand written. Emailed or faxed forms WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. - Jr. Fair Entry Blank: Use this form to enter Jr. Fair exhibit classes in the Jr. Fair Book. Instructions on entering are available

    from organization leaders. - County Jr. Fair Dog Show & Agility Dog Show Registrations: Complete one form and vaccination certificate for each dog you

    enter. These forms are available online or from the youth organization leader. - Lorain County Fair Open Class Entry Blank: Use this form to enter open class exhibits in the Sr. Fair Premium Book. Please

    read rules in both books. Open class entry forms are due to the Sr. Fair Board office in August. Exhibitors are responsible for any fees related to entries.

    JR. FAIR SHOW SCHEDULE: JUDGING TIMES, BOOTH SET-UP, AUCTIONS, CHECK-IN TIMES A complete schedule for junior fair is on pages 7-9 of the Jr. Fair Book. An overall county fair program schedule which includes open class judging times, grandstand events, plus some junior fair show times is in the front of the open class book.  Emphasize to members that different animals may have different check-in times and different weigh-in times. Some

    animal check-in times have changed for 2019. Animals not checked-in or weighed-in properly by exhibitors will be dismissed from the fairgrounds. All DUNF’s (Drug Use Notification Forms) for all market or lactating animals MUST be turned in within one hour after check-in/weigh-in ending time.


    events are optional, but all exhibitors are encouraged to participate. Project books will be judged as a part of skillathon scoring for those participating in the skillathon. 4-H and FFA members must check with their club or chapter advisors for organization project book evaluation requirements. It is expected project record books be completed for each project.

  •  COUNTY FAIR PREMIUMS – (See Jr. Fair General Rules #33-34) Premiums will be issued to exhibitors in cash only at the fair SATURDAY, AUGUST 24th and SUNDAY, AUGUST 25th. Times and location will be posted during fair week and in the Jr. Fair schedule. Exhibitors or their parent are responsible for picking up premiums. No other representatives may pick up premiums. Club premium checks (for booths or marching units) will be mailed to the club organizational advisor – be sure entry information for club activities includes the name of club or advisor checks are to be written out to. Advisors may also pick up the club premiums in cash during the scheduled times.

    DRESS CODE – This is included in the 4-H Evaluation and Exhibit Guidelines and the Jr. Fair Book. Please make sure you review this information with exhibitors so they do not get disqualified because of dress code. FITTING & SHOWING CLINIC DATES FOR ANIMAL PROJECTS - This information is not in the fair book. Clinic information is distributed from youth organization directors and leaders. 4-H PROJECT JUDGING DATES & EXHIBITS - Consult the 4-H Evaluation & Exhibit Guidelines distributed earlier this year from the Extension office for specific questions about judging. Each county fair sets its own exhibit requirements that are not included in a member’s project book. 4-H project books contain information on what a member must do to complete the project, but do not include information on what must be judged or exhibited at fair if a member wishes to participate in their county fair. 4-H CLOVERBUD ENTRIES – Cloverbud members must complete a Jr. Fair Entry form just like older members in order to be paid a premium. See page 66 in the Jr. Fair premium book for the Division and Class Numbers to use on the entry. Cloverbud exhibitors will receive a $1.00 premium for exhibiting a Cloverbud item. Members do NOT have to participate in the Show & Tell in order to receive the premium…they MUST have an item on exhibit at the fair. Cloverbud premiums will be distributed during the Show & Tell event on Saturday, August 17 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Cloverbud exhibits may be displayed in the club’s booth or the county Cloverbud booth in Building 14. AG PRODUCTS AND HOME EC. BUILDING WATCH SHIFTS – If your club includes members enrolled in any Family & Consumer Science or Ag Products/Still Life projects, you are expected to staff at least one building watch shift. Several members, parents, and advisors will patrol the building to hopefully prevent theft from the exhibits, sweep the floor, pick-up litter, greet the public, answer questions, etc. You can call the Extension Office to sign up for the shift(s) of your choice, or just be assigned a shift. Final shift assignments will be posted in Buildings 11 and 14 on Saturday before fair.  STYLE REVUE–Style Revue will be held on Monday, July 15th for 4-H clothing and sewing project exhibitors. A

    style revue card is enclosed for those members to complete if they would like to participate in this style show. Participants must turn in completed style revue cards by registration prior to the event starting.

    FLOWER POT ENTRIES FOR FAIR – Clubs entered in the flower pot contest must bring them to the fairgrounds the week prior to fair up until Saturday morning when they must be ready for judging. Unload flower pots on the east end (outside the building) of Jr. Fair Show Ring/Swine Barn #9. DOG WALK PASSES – All exhibitors who enter the County Fair Dog Shows must have a Dog Walk Pass distributed by Sr. Fair Board in order for your dogs to be allowed in the fairgrounds. Passes will be distributed to exhibitors through the Extension Office prior to county fair to be used on the show days only. Dogs that are not entered in the County Fair Dog Shows will not be given a Dog Walk Pass. No dogs will be allowed in the campgrounds at any time with or without a pass.

  • COUNTY FAIR PASSES & GATE ADMISSIONS Jr. Fair Exhibitors (4-H, FFA, FCCLA, Scouts, Camp Fire, Etc.)

    • Any child age 8 and under is free at the gates. • Jr. Fair Exhibitors (youth who have turned in a Jr. Fair entry form and registered at least one exhibit for fair) will

    receive a wristband pass for fair which allows free admission