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Getting The Upper Advantage No Matter The Odds By: Anthony Hines
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Succeeding At The Job Search Process One Person At A Time.

The Job Search Survival Kit Job Search And LinkedIn Tips. Part 4Getting The Upper Advantage No Matter The OddsBy: Anthony Hines1A Reminder Of Who Am I & Why Am I Sharing What Helped Me? Who Am I.I am a hardworking guy who, like many others, found himself out of work during the economic downturn in 2010. After a long battle of wrong turns, job search strategies that led to no where, and dead end leads, I decided to take a more strategic approach to my job search. Like anything else in life, I needed to treat my search like a full-time job and create a plan that would allow me to stand out above the competition.

Why Am I Sharing What Helped Mebecause I quickly realized that to handle an event like that is to focus on what you can control and share the experience to help others. I believe that an experience not shared is a lost opportunity in life, and that smart people learn from their mistakes and smarter people learn from other peoples experiences. 2Step By Step By Step By Step.BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING MORE.

Get Your Resume Checked

Email your resume to and tell them I sent you. That way you will get a free comprehensive and detailed report of how your resume looks and flows. Go for it because without a great resume, you have no chance of getting any job much less a great job. The turnaround is quick and the service is stellar. Read My Job Search Tip Document First .These are the Free documents that tell you everything that I did to get activity & visibility in my search. Email me at and I will send you them.

3In Part 4, We Focus On Interview Questions To Get You Remembered. The next group of slides will discuss questions I have found have gotten me remembered in the interview process.

I will state the question and let you know why I like it to help you in the interview process.

Remember, I am by no means a professional and never claim to be. I am just giving you things as I see them to help you to see through the fog and get ahead in your career.

I hope my ideas help you out and help me to end unemployment one person at a time. Interview Questions To Get You Remembered. After all that you have done to gain an interview, you really want to make sure that you are seen as unique and positively different than other candidates.

These questions are ones that I have asked myself. Now, some of these will lead back to you having to offer an opinion and or a possible solution so you better be ready.5Interview Questions To Get You Remembered. What keeps you up at night?

I love that one because it shows the interviewer that you are interested into what worries him or her and you are showing them that you really might have a solution to help him and her sleep better which is important to everyone.

Here is where you need to think quick. A non-committal response will only hurt you here so you better have something to give back. Hey, I never said it was easy but then again you are not an average job seeker right?6Interview Questions To Get You Remembered. What do you feel are important skills that are needed to be successful in this position?

Once you get the reply, you can then take those important skills and reference examples in your career where you used those very skills to succeed. Even if you dont have an exact match, reference something that you did that was close. Again, its about you here. Not me or anyone telling you what to say?7Interview Questions To Get You Remembered. What do you feel makes the perfect employee?

Again, be ready to reply based on your experience and your accomplishments to show that you are a solid fit.

You hear me say sometimes that you have to love yourself before an employer can have the confidence in you. This is an example where your deep knowledge of your own skills should come out. 8Interview Questions To Get You Remembered. Would you mind if I provided a little more detail as to why I would be a great fit for this position?

Keep your answers concise and relevant but talk about why you above the other would be the best for the position. For some people this is easier than others but you need to seize the opportunity. This not grammar school or high school where everyone gets picked. This is your spot, your chance and your show. Own it!9Interview Questions To Get You Remembered. Can I tell you why I believe I will add to this company in the first week that I am on board?

You have to think big on this question and really show why you are special and why you are the best for the job.

If you connect, on this question, it could be a game changer. Again, make it happen! Bring your skills to the table and put it in context.10Other Interview Tips Bring up things like your mentoring experience either as a mentee or as a mentor. Interviewers are always impressed with people who are constantly learning and investing in themselves as well as giving back to the industry by sharing their experiences.Do not discount this experience. It shows maturity and selflessness.It also shows that you are open to give or receive knowledge. 11Other Interview Tips It never hurts to talk about how you have been involved and or initiated cost savings in your career. Companies are always looking for ways to save money and if you can help them do it, I have to believe that they will be interested.

I say it over and over. Believe in yourself and be able to explain why you are the best candidate. Companies are always looking for people that take initiative and lead as needed. Be ok with talking about your skills. They are part of you and you should always be proud of them.

12Other Interview Tips.Pausing to reply is not a bad thing.

Something what hurt me in the past would be that I tried so hard, I would answer too quickly. I didnt even realize I was doing it until someone told me. Once I found that out, I adjusted and had better luck.

Check your links on Linkedin. You may have a connection to a person who will spend some time with you and help you practice. It cannot hurt right?

13Thoughts For You To PonderI want to reiterate that I am not a professional and only providing you with things I did that helped me out during my own job search.

Make sure you individualize any all of the information provided on this or any of my presentations. My ideas are to guide you and help you to understand concepts.

Other Interview Tips.Dont forget to ask for the job. Sometimes that can be the thing that puts you over the top. Lots of people have had success with that. If you feel it will help you, go for it.

Your skills and more importantly, your personality matter. Just be yourself because you want that person to be the one that the company hires and appreciates. Job Search & LinkedIn Tips To Help You Land The Job If you want to quickly increase your linkedin connection total, including many recruiters, go to .

This paid service will make your connection total explode. I caution that if you are not ready for a substantial amount of LinkedIn connection requests especially from recruiters, you may not want to sign up and believe me it doesnt stop. They keep coming.

Now if you want that type of traffic and want many more contacts guaranteed, please use the above link for quick service. Other Interview Tips.Informational interviews are a great way to practice your skills and your presentation. You may want to test some of the previous listed questions during an informational interview as that is a more relaxed setting and it may allow you the ability to refine your replies overall.

Stay concise and get to the point in all replies.

No long versions and no interruptions. Few companies hire know it alls or a person who talks too much. Thats what I have seen in my experience.Job Search & LinkedIn Tips To Help You Land The JobIf you have found this presentation helpful and found some ways to gain an advantage in your job search, then my hours of work to help the unemployed one person at a time has been a success.

please email me at and tell me how its going. If you have read my docs and have seen my two Job Search Survival Kit presentations , I believe that you are on your way to your next group of opportunities. Embrace the challenge and do your best daily. Go for it and dont look back. No excuses, no delays, no procrastination. Go for it.

18Job Search & LinkedIn Tips To Help You Land The JobCome join the LinkedIn group that I recently created. It is called the Anthony Hines Job Search Survival Group. Its a unique group because the people in it really support and help each other to get their next opportunity.

Just log into, go to groups and join the above named group. People really seem to find it useful and I check in often as well. Come join today. 19