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Mar 04, 2021




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    Travelogue on the 4th International GRH Conference in Spain 2015

    Dento Reiki Workshop and Gendai Reiki Ho training with Doi Sensei

    In the winter, at the beginning of 2015, I found out from a friend and Reiki colleague that Hiroshi Doi

    was to appear at an event later that year in Spain. It was scheduled to take place in October and I

    knew immediately that I would take part.

    A bit surprised that news of this event hadn’t reached Germany yet, I was fortunate to have found

    out about it from friends in Japan.

    I would like to express my heart-felt appreciation to Yuki-san (GRN-Japan) and Olaf-san (tonbo- for this information.

    In due course, more and more information about this event filtered through and word also reached

    us that it would probably be Hiroshi Doi Sensei’s last visit to Europe – or abroad in general.

    It would thus be a last opportunity to learn the Japanese Reiki method for those who are hesitant to

    embark on the long journey to Japan.

    This information was shared world-wide and was subsequently also communicated within Germany

    by Olaf via some posts (March 2015). I also passed on the information, which thus became known

    within the German Reiki Community. This would be a unique opportunity to learn Japanese Usui

    Reiki Ryoho from a source that could hardly be more authentic or reliable.

    Many Reiki enthusiasts from all over the world traveled to Spain in October 2015 to take part in the

    4th International Gendai Reiki Ho Meeting in El Escorial and Madrid. This included some Reiki

    practioners from Germany who were interested in the Japanese Reiki method.

    We later learned that the 20th anniversary of the Gendai Reiki Healing Association (and the Gendai

    Reiki Ho), which was founded by Hiroshi Doi, would be commemorated there. But the events would

    also mark the 10th anniversary of the Gendai Reiki Network in Japan and, apart from that, feature

    highly interesting seminars and workshops conducted by Hiroshi Doi Sensei.

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    After a journey though impressive and inspiring landscapes, I reached the El Escorial Camping

    Resort and Convention Center on the evening of 7 October 2015, in other words, two days before the

    event was launched. For me it was impressive to witness how these premises – surrounded by

    beautiful nature – began to teem with life after I had been practically alone here when I arrived. I felt

    very distinctly that this spot’s life and energy also changed with the arrival of the other participants.

    It was like the beginning of springtime – and then also summer – after a long winter...

    The first day in El Escorial, awoken by the warmth and clear light of the bright sun.

    On 8 and 9 October, we had some time to explore the magnificent surroundings.

    There are plenty of interesting excursion destinations in close proximity to the event location and I’d

    like to briefly mention one of them.

    The location pictured on the photos lies between El Escorial and the camping resort. After a short

    uphill hike along a forest path, one reaches a plateau-like area at which a beautiful vista presents

    itself. It offers a sweeping view beyond the villages and green valley all the way to Madrid – a truly

    delightful treat in the magnificent sunshine and blue sky. Located somewhat higher is a little wooden

    hut from which one can peacefully enjoy the splendid landscape.

    Following this excursion on 9 October to local places of interest which stand out in terms of their

    energy, the landscape or their architectural or historical significance, we headed back to the camping

    resort in the late afternoon. In the meantime, the other participants had arrived and the registration

    process was in full swing. The first meeting, featuring dances, meditation sessions and the sharing of

    Reiki experiences (as well as a few very intense group sessions) was also scheduled for this evening.

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    After a very interesting and joyful meeting that featured international dances & meditation

    sessions on the evening of 9 October 2015 – as well as a few very intense Reiki group sessions –

    the Dento Reiki Seminar (10 /11 October 2015) took place the next morning. It was followed by a

    Master Workshop on 12 October 2015.

    The Dento Reiki Seminars and the Reiki Master Workshop with Doi Sensei

    See annex for further information on seminar content: * Summary of what was covered in the Dento Reiki Seminar & Master


    Prior to actually taking part in the many events offered likely no one had any idea what to anticipate.

    Even though it had been announced that a Dento Reiki Seminar would be offered – in addition to a

    workshop for Reiki Masters – I was extremely impressed with everything I experienced on site.

    Indeed, I was more than just pleasantly surprised, I was also very much moved. It seemed as though

    Hiroshi Doi Sensei was presenting his life’s work to all of us. All of the participants I spoke to were

    very moved and impressed by his extraordinary life and Reiki experience as well as the knowledge

    and insights he conveyed to us. In part, he even shared very personal experiences with us.

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    Apart from the instruction provided and the application of the newly-learned Japanese Dento Reiki

    techniques, we were also literally made privy to deep insights into the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. This

    is the organization that was founded in Japan by Usui Sensei and is responsible for perpetuating his

    knowledge through the years – and up to this day. I hardly need to mention that Doi Sensei has been

    a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai for decades (even today - and he continues to be an active

    member of the Gakkai). Moreover, not only does he have a good personal relationship with two

    former presidents of the Gakkai, he is also in touch with the current president, Takahashi-sensei. His

    activities are in fact coordinated with the Gakkai as we found out thanks to inquiring participants

    who could hardly believing their eyes when Doi Sensei showed them Usui Reiki Ryoho’s original

    symbols and also explained their usage and meaning. He did, however, stress that these symbols are

    only aids – not unlike a life jacket or training wheels on a bicycle – and they serve their purpose only

    until one has learned to swim or ride a bike. In other words, until one has developed the personal

    spiritual level. Usui Sensei developed these symbols as an aid, or tool, for students who may have

    had difficulties with remote treatment, for example. It should also be noted that their form and

    method of use differentiates from methods that are known in the West.

    As far as the Reiju techniques are concerned, the Dento Reiki Workshop only briefly addressed these

    and – upon inquiry – it was suggested that further information would be provided a few days later at

    the GRH Instructor Seminar in Madrid. This is also where, in my view, we received a very significant

    insight with regard to Reiju, which we then practiced together in Madrid.

    The Dento Reiki Workshop in El Escorial also highlighted the differences between the western-style

    Reiki-method, which became popular in the West via Hayashi Sensei and Mrs. Takata (who subjected

    Reiki-ho to some adjustments) and the traditional Japanese Reiki application method (Dento Reiki

    style). In this context, the important role of Hayashi Sensei and Hawayo Takata within the history of

    Reiki was also highly acknowledged.

    Who knows, perhaps Usui Sensei acted with wisdom and farsightedness when he granted his student Hayashi

    'special privileges' to practice independently of the Gakkai. * (Author’s note. – see annex for more information on Hayashi)

    Following his sensei’s death, Hayashi Sensei taught his own Reiki-ho style within his own school. In

    his seminars, however, he also referred to the name of the founder of the Usui Reiki Ryoho, Mikao

    Usui, whom he revered. The name 'Usui Sensei' and the term 'Usui Reiki Ryoho' also became known

    in the West after the Reiki method was brought from Japan to the West and subsequently returned

    to Japan in a westernized form. As a consequence of this, the roots of Usui Reiki Ryoho and the

    teachings of the community founded by Usui Sensei were rediscovered. Owing especially to Hiroshi

    Doi’s outstanding dedication, it thus became possible, since the beginning of the 90s, to learn the

    Japanese Reiki techniques associated with the Dento Reiki style outside of Japan along with lots of

    substantiated background information.

  • © Copyright Robert Gericke - - all rights reserved