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January presentation

Jul 28, 2015




1. Mara Bustillo Snchez. I.E.S La Marina. 4B. 2. A uction: I have never bid in an auction. 3. B raille, I want to learn it,its the language which we use to speak with blind people. 4. I will choose a nicec ostume forc arnival 5. I would like to fulfil ad ream like travelling to New York. 6. E ar-ache: Its awful! I hate it! 7. F lowers,I love them, my favourite flower is red roses. 8. When I am older I would like to go toG alicia all the weekends 9. H orses, I love riding horses and in the future I would like to have one. 10. I nformation and Tourism, Its the degree which I would like to study in the future. 11. I would like to try blueberryj uice. It has to be fantastic! 12. K eys, I always lose them. 13. Il ove Julia Roberts films. 14. M exican food, it is too hot for me! 15. N oiseless rooms or libraries are good to study. 16. O lympic games were in Pekin in 2008.I saw them! 17. Im intop hotography since I was five,more or less. 18. BeQ uiet! : our teachers tell us when we are talking in class. 19. R elax,take it easy, is a song of Mika from the album Life in cartoon motion. 20. TheS cript is an Irish band. Its one of my favourites. 21. I liket raveling byt rain because I usually listen to music or read and I feel relaxed. 22. I saw at the TV theu gliest men of the world! 23. I am into art, it isv ery interestig for me! 24. The lastw eekend thew heatherw as too muchw indy. 25. I am going to do my first e x change with a high school in London next April. 26. If I won the lottery I would buy a luxuryy acht. 27. I love Santillanasz oo because it has got a lot of kinds of animals. 28. The end