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Jama Redacted Complaint

Apr 14, 2018



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  • 7/27/2019 Jama Redacted Complaint


    Sta-tgq:lMinnesotaCounfy of Hennepin District CourtFourth Judicial DistrictCONTROLNOt3333252


    (f r'if mri ths 6 ffi r (c erh.d) O /if DoNic A$sh s ddincd by MS jlf BOt, $b2r,bState of Minnesota, PLAINTIF'F,vs.

    NAME: first, middle, lastBASHIR YUSUF JAMA


    I Amended f] raU Charge Previously FilcdE srnrous FELoNYI prloNvI cnoss MrsDM Dwlfl cnoss MrsDM


    DEFENDANT,Date of Birth MNCIS #: 27-CR-l/l/50 LE#: 13-25195

    SILS ID: 558617TRACK ID: 2687498

    COMPLAINTThe Complainant, being duly sworn, malces complaint to the above-named Court and states that there is probable cowe rc believe that theDefendarx committed thefollowing ofense(s). The complainant states that thefollowingfacrs esrablish i'nOAeArc, CAIISE:Complainant, Darcy Klund, of the Minneapolis Police Department, has investigated the facts and circumstances ofthis offense and believes the following establishes probable cause:On October 8, 2013 at approximately 1633 hours, Minneapolis Police were dispatched toAparrnent # 901 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota on a report of a murder. Remurks indicated that thedaughter of the deceased, returned home to find her father dead.When Officers arrived, they observed that HCMC paramedics were present and that a group of family/friends hadgathered outside the apartrnent. Officers also observed what appeared to be bloody fooprints on thehoor leadingfrom Apartment # 901 to the elevator. Officers entered the apartment and observed a deceased male lying on theground co-vered in a blanket with what appeared to be several sharp force injuries to his head and upper torso.Officers also observed that the walls above the deceased had what appeared to be blood spatter stails. The deeeasedwas positively identified as J.A.M. an adult male who resided in the apartment.The medical examiner determined that the cause of death for J.A.M. was multiple cranial cerebral injuries and thatthe manner of death was homicide.Offrcers spoke to the deceased's daughter who stated that she arrived to her father's apartment to find that he wasbleeding and immediately ran out of the apartment screaming and crying to a friend's apartment in the buildingwhere she knocked on the door and reported that her father was bleeoing. Sfr" was completely hysterical and

    REV. t2l95

  • 7/27/2019 Jama Redacted Complaint


    ' BASHIR YLJSUF JAMA [133332s2].ng and also went across the hall and knocked on an adjacent apartment. Both occupants of the apartments

    cameo the assistance of the deceased's daughter -J t""n' to "iu"*'nit+ g'f ,o investigate what was going on' Theyfound J.A.M. lying on the floor of the tit"f,"i'tf""ii;tfi;* tn" f'"ui*A determinled he was dead' They thenimmediatelY called 91 l -offrcers spoke with the building Asset operations Manager and the Regionar rrgyefv lvlanager of the apartmentcomplex. They indicated that ttre building is a multileuit .p"'t*"niilfiOing witir 9. units oneach

    floor' that thebuilding is a secure building and that " K"y ;bB/p;, ir r.quir"a r """.* t[" building doors' Records of the keyFOB access are kept with the management J"*;t, nrer.arsg stated that there were video camsras on the frontand back doors and both elevators and ,trut tt.y *olld obtain them for police to review'officers reviewed building video surve'lance tapes from october 8, 2013,mdobserved J'A'M' enter the buildingat approximate ly l2lghoirs. He is seen ";;;;;ti.""*.*a tJnt up to the 9ft floor where he exis andwalks in the direction of his apartment at approximately 1222 hours'Subsequent investigation revealed that an individual identified as BASHIR YUSUF JAMA' DOB: l-1-50' thedefendant herein, entered the building from the rear entrance at 1233 hours using his Key FOB' observedwearing a heavy coat, stocking hat, colored i*t , t"*i, shoes.and a button up shirt' Officers noted that thedefendanr was clearly overdreised for the *!uirr*. (78 degrees)-and he didn'tiive in the building but lived in

    anadjacent building. officers observed *re aerencant walk tLough the building and eli-t out the front security doorlook around and then re-enter using his Key FoB at 1234hours. officers observed the Defendant enter the elevatorand press 9 and get "tr;;; ;ilf;;;;'h*ud toward J.A.M.'s apartmenl. The defendant then used the stairs toexit the building at approximately 1251 hours. officers observed ihat the defendant was seen leaving the buildingwith both of hdhand;tucked inside his jacket sleeves as if he was concealing something.offrcers spoke with J.A.M.'s family members who indieated that they knew the defendant. They confirmed thatJ.A.M. and the defendant know each other but only as acquaintances. Offrcers spoke with another individual whoknows the defendant very well and stated that the defendant went missing immediately after the murder and hadbeen acting strangelY.

    On October 13,2013 Minneapolis Police executed a search warrant at the defendant'sresidence located in

    Minneapolis, Minnesota. Offrcers recovered several of the same items of clothing the defendant was seen on videosurveillance tapes wearing on the date of the murder. Additionally offrcers recovered some pants and a shirt thatappeared to have blood on them.Officers placed the defendant under arrest and transported him to the HEnnepin County jail.In a post-!$ggglg interview the defendant initially denied ever being at J.A.M.'s building on the day of the murderor that it was him on the video surveillance tapes. As the defendant was continually confronted with the evidence,the defendant then changed his story and admitted that he had in fact killed J.A.M. The defendant described howhe felt that a group of people frorn the community had been ostracizing him, that he felt J.A.M. was the leader andso he went to the apartnent to confront J.A.M. He then stated that he struck J.A.M. seveml times over the headwith a piece of metal construction material, grabbed the victim's cell phone and that he had discarded both the cellphone the murder weaPon.The defendant agreed to show Officers where he discarded the items. Officers transported the defendant to the areanear East 6s Street-between I lm and 13s Avenues South. Offrcers did recover J.A.M.'s broken ""ff pnone i" tfrutarca (122t South 6th Street) but did not recover the murder weapon.

  • 7/27/2019 Jama Redacted Complaint



    OFFENSECOUNT 1: MURDER TN THE SECOND DEGREE (INTENTIONAI) (FELONY)MINN. STAT. $ 609.19, SUBD t(t); $ 609.1l; g 609.05PENALTY: I yEAR AND I DAy40 YEARS -That on or about october 8'2013,in Minneapolis, Hennepin county, Minnesot4 BASHIR yUsUF JAMA, actingalone or intentionally aiding,,advising, hiring, counseling or conspiring with another, and while using a dangerousweapon' caused the death of J.A.M., a human being, with intent to effect the death oitt ut person or another, butwithout premeditation.

    NOTICE: You must appear for every court hcaring on this charge. A failure to eppear for court on thischarge is e criminal offense and may be punished alprovided in t{inn. s;t $ ibl.lg.') arrested or that other lawfut steps be take-n t9 obain defendant,s appearan", i, ,o'Jri,7,) delained, if already in custody, pendingfurthe, prorrriirgr;and that said Defendant atherwise be dealt witi accordinin ta*.COMPLAINANT'S NAME:

    Darcy Klund StrtDATE: October l4,Z0lS kfPROSECWNG ATTOKNEY:

    C2100 Govemment Center, Minneapolis, MN S54tzTeleph one z 6t2 -j4g-2666