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ITFT- Tourism Planning

Dec 18, 2014




Eight Point Planning Process.Tourist Destination.SWOT Analysis. Assessment of Tourism Demand .Setting up objective .RFP. Analysis & Research.Final Selection of Players.Spot Is Ready

  • 2. Identification Of Tourist Destination The process of tourism planning starts with an opportunity. This opportunity is provided by a place that can be converted into a tourist spot.
  • 3. There can be a hotel, resort, lake, estuary, temple, fort ,palace , haveli or any natural tourist attraction (bird sanctuary )at the identified place
  • 4. This place may be identified accidentally or by careful examination of the region for the specific purpose of identification of a place of tourist interest. For ex:- Captain Young had identified a spot which was developed as the modern tourist destination i.e. Mussourie
  • 5. SWOT ANALYSIS The spot is identified. It becomes a focus of attention for the govt. and the private players of the region or country
  • 6. In India the government takes the initiative to develop the spot as a hot tourist destination. It, either conducts a SWOT Analysis , or deputes an agency to carry out this analysis at the spot
  • 7. In SWOT analysis ,the strength and weaknesses of the spot are assessed The opportunities that would spring up as well as the threats to its development are also judged in an objective manner
  • 8. The SWOT analysis is done to ensure that the entire tourism planning exercise does not prove to be a loss of time , money and the human capital.
  • 9. Assessment of Tourism Demand and Supply The next step is the assessment of tourism demand for that place The sport is surveyed by a team of experts, most to whom are closely associated with the tourism industry
  • 10. Judgment of following factors??1. Access by road 2. Number of people visiting it per year 3. Types of attractions the spot offers to people/tourists
  • 11. 4. National assets of the areas 5. Availability of facilities and technologies for providing water ,power ,sewage disposal system ,medical supplies, shopping centers etc in the area
  • 12. 6. Possibility of connecting the spot through a regional air link. 7. Possibility of acceptance of the spot by other segment of the market like Children, the Youth, Senior citizens, businessmen,women,families,foreigners etc.
  • 13. 8. Length of tourist season 9. How quickly can the spot be developed? 10. What is the cost of developing the spot 11. The Existing infrastructure,namely,hotel,restaurant,sh ops,lakes,temples,old forts etc at the spot
  • 14. 12. Can only a few parts of the spot be developed to begin with ? 13. What are the new attractions,thrills and unique features that can be easily added to the spot? 14. Geographical features, climate and other data of the spot.
  • 15. Setting Up Objective The organization or department involved in the task of tourism planning defines a set of objective These must be in tune with the overall predefined objective of that organization or department.
  • 16. RFP If the objectives can be met and there are sufficient resources to meet these objectives , a Request For Proposal (RFP) is prepared. It describes the guidelines for the detailed study of the spot
  • 17. Analysis and Research The firms or departments carry out extensive marketing research activities and try to find out what the proposed site/spot is worth
  • 18. Final Selection Of Players Vital data are collected from the spot These data are shared with the players Tenders may be issued before finalizing these players
  • 19. Synthesis of Modern Planning Concepts Development Planning Environmental Planning Social Planning Regional Planning
  • 20. Goal Setting In this step concrete goals that need to achieved would be define All the players would be given different goals to achieve
  • 21. Plan Formulation A final plan document , which takes care of all the aspects (social , environmental ,financial ,execution ,political ,engineering etc)is prepared It must have a consent of each one of the participants
  • 22. The Spot Is Ready The day which everyone looks forward to, finally arrives. The tourist spot becomes finally ready The spot is inaugurated by a VVIP or an international level statesman Tourist starts visiting the spot after its inauguration
  • 23. The Spot Becomes Heaven For Tourists With passage of time , the spot becomes popular. But it must be promoted through newspapers, magazines, on the Net Promotional efforts must be planned and executed on a collective basis
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