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Proposed Reform of State Legislative Redistricting
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Issue 1: Proposed Reform of State Legislative Redistricting

Current Redistricting ProcessEvery 10 years, Ohio draws new legislative district lines based on changes in population and US Census data. These districts are drawn by a commission made up of the Governor, the State Auditor, the Secretary of State, one member chosen by the House majority party, and one member chosen by the House minority party.

Current Redistricting ProcessThe Redistricting Commission is assisted by an Advisory Commission made up of three members chosen by the House majority party and three members chosen by the Senate majority party. The House and Senate must both chose one member from the other party and one member who is not a legislator.

This is what the current process has given us...

Democrats and Republicans have both used the systemto their advantageat some point.

Issue 1This November, Ohio voters have the chance to fix this broken system by supporting Issue 1 on the ballot. Our votes should not be manipulated and state legislative elections shouldnt be rigged to favor one party over another.

Yes! Issue 1 would create a much fairer system by:Establishing a truly bipartisan panel responsible for creating legislative district lines called the Ohio Redistricting Commission.

Yes! Issue 1 would create a much fairer system by:Setting rules that require new districts to keep communities together. This would put an end to todays oddly shaped districts that unnecessarily split cities, counties, and townships to help one political party or another.

Yes! Issue 1 would create a much fairer system by:Ending the practice of having the new maps drawn in secret. The new Redistricting Commission would hold public hearings and explain how the new maps do not unfairly favor a particular political party. If it was necessary to split a county, municipality or township, the Commission would be required to explain why.

Yes! Issue 1 creates good criteria for making the new state legislative maps:No general assembly map shall be drawn primarily to favor or disfavor a political party.The map as a whole should reflect the statewide partisan preferences of voters. This is sometimes called representational fairness and strengthens the rule against rigging the districts for partisan advantage.

California has already successfully done this!In 2008, California established an independent redistricting commission through ballot initiative. The commission is made up of five Democrats, five Republicans, and four non-partisan members. A new district plan only passes if for at least nine members vote for it; three Democrat, three Republican, and three nonpartisan. Maps can also be overturned by public referendum.

California has already successfully done this!As a result, independent studies from the Public Policy Institute of California, the National Journal, and Ballotpedia say that California now has some of the most competitive districts in the nation.

How Issue 1 got hereIn December 2014, Democrats and Republicans in the Ohio State Assembly came together to pass the bipartisan redistricting plan. Now the proposal goes directly to the voters for approval before becoming a part of the Ohio state Constitution.

How you can help!

This historical measure wont pass without a strong showing at the ballot this November, so we need as many strong supporters as possible to talk to their friends, neighbors, coworkers, family, and anyone else about the importance of voting this November. You can find the following example social media posts, information, handouts, this presentation, images, and talking points at this website: to useStop unfair districting and pass Issue 1!Keep communities together with a yes on Issue 1!Issue 1 means no divided communities. Vote YES.Ensure your voice is heard by passing Issue 1!Stop intense partisan politicskeep politics out of districting with Issue 1.The manipulation of legislative district lines is the manipulation of the vote. Vote YES on Issue 1 for a change.Keep our elected officials are more accountable. Pass Issue 1.

Language to use

We deserve fair districts, fair elections, and good representation at the Ohio Statehouse.We have had enough of hyper-partisan backroom political mischief and hyper-partisan and dysfunctional decision-making.Issue 1 prohibits creating legislative maps that favor one party over the other. A vote YES is a vote to end intense partisanship.Legislative district lines today are created based on partisan motivations, rather than focusing on the voters and keeping communities together.Language to useIssue 1 focuses on keeping communities together rather than partisan games. Who represents us in the statehouse should be decided by the voters, not the politicians who draw the maps. Take back to power with Issue 1!When legislative districts are rigged, elections are rigged.

Language to useThe current system encourages politicians to appeal to the political extremes, rather than mainstream voters.Politicians should not be allowed to carve up communities in order to create districts that favor their party. Legislative districts should reflect the will of voters, not map-drawers.

Social Media: TwitterTo create social media posts, use the same language listed in the previous slides. For example:Issue 1 means no divided communities. Vote YES. #YESIssue1Every post on twitter should have the hashtag #YESIssue1 to ensure that all posts on the topic can be easily found a retweeted by others for maximum reach.

Social Media: Twitter

Examples: Keep communities together with a yes on Issue 1! #YESIssue1We deserve fair districts, fair elections, and good representation at the Ohio Statehouse. #YESIssue1When legislative districts are rigged, elections are rigged. #YESIssue1I'm voting #YESIssue1 because I believe a government should represent the people it serves.If you're against politicians carving up communities to create hyper partisan districts, then vote #YESIssue1

Social Media: Facebook (and others)

Since Facebook and other platforms dont have character limits, you can create longer posts with a bit more detail if you wish. You should always include a link to the website with more information!Social Media: Facebook (and others)

I believe in keeping my community together, and creating a government that represents me. Thats why Im voting for Issue 1 this November 3rd. Dont know what that is? Click here: election this November 3rd counts more than you think. If you werent planning on voting, you should know that Issue 1--creating fair districts and stopping the practice of gerrymandering--will be on the ballot. Frustrated with a government that doesnt represent you? This is your chance to fix that! More here: When politicians gerrymander their districts and carve up communities into sections, theyre manipulating the vote. We need to hold them accountable and tell them that enough is enough! Thats why we need to vote YES on Issue 1 this November 3rd. More here: Fast Facts to remember

Issue 1Creates the Ohio Redistricting Commission (replacing the current Apportionment Board) which is responsible for redistricting.The Commission consists of the Governor, the Auditor of State, the Secretary of State, and four persons appointed by majority and minority leaders in the General Assembly (bipartisan democrat and republican members).The Commission will meet the year after the every Census and any time new districts are legally required in the interim.Fast Facts to rememberRequires public hearings if there is no agreement by September 1, and has a September 15th hard deadline for a new plan.A court cannot demand the implementation of a map that the Commission didnt approve or demand a particular map or district.

Most ImportantlyIssue 1 is on the ballot this November 3rdIssue 1 would go into effect on January 1st, 2021

Thanks for your help! Together we can make Ohio work!