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Suffolk Student Textbook Exchange SSTE ISOM 212 Web Design Professor Alex McWhinnie Pengqia Chen Cameron Terra Mateo Alvarez Lei Li
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1. Suffolk Student Textbook Exchange SSTE ISOM 212 Web Design Professor Alex McWhinnie Pengqia Chen Cameron Terra Mateo Alvarez Lei Li 2. Why Should We Use SSTE? Selling and Exchanging books in Suffolk University has never been so easy. Books are worth large amount of money, and if you have never realized they depreciate the more you hold on to them. Universities have many books porper to universities that you will only be able to sell or exchange in your owne university. Using SSTE will guarantee money and time spending savings. 3. Belief Introduction A platform helps Suffolk students find textbooks Runs with Suffolk University network Include searching, comparing, buying/selling Function Only for suffolk student 4. Objective Help Suffolk students sell or buy textbook from each other The Site will be a very simple site to use 5. Look and Feel SSTE designs to be a very simple and friendly web page Web page has to be smoothly and clearly Let our students find and buy textbook no more than three steps 6. Audience and Required Assets Our audience will be students at Suffolk University Required assets The logo of our website The financial support from the university The database of the students account information The database of the students account information 7. The Site Map 8. Buying Books Type in book or class which you are looking for Available books will come up in a list format Contact seller and arrange to buy book 9. Selling Books in SSTE By using SSTE books will be submitted to the web once you are done using them. These books will be Submitted and searched by (Name of Author, Name of Book, ISBN, Edition Number, and Condition). One submitted, I will as easy as searching and contacting the book holder. 10. Development Process 11. Development Process Inconsistence 1. Didnt use div tag in our website coding 2. AVOID copy and paste the text or images 3. Same CSS style sheet 12. Development Process Java Script 13. Development Process Java Script- conts Dont put images for the li tag, it will cause the Java Script in the HTML Code 14. 1. Avoid the simple copy and paste 2. Edit- Paste Text- Plain Text 3. Use paragraph tag to edit the text Development Process Auto Styles 15. 1. Less chance to make mistakes 2. learn the HTML Code easily 3. Change the code more convenience Development Process Use Split View 16. SSTE on Mobile Device 17. SSTE on Mobile Device- Cont Additional codes: 1. @media screen and (max-width: 500px) { 1. border-radius: 1em; 18. Competitor Student 2 student Textbook 19. Competitor Advantages 1. Cooperation with more Universities 2. Have more student users 3. More functions in the website 4. Reasonable & better design 20. Future Development 1. Add database to our website that can allow to store user information and textbook information 2. Design better and reasonable based on the users feedbacks 3. Get more investment, and implement to the other universities across the nation 21. What we Learned? 22. What we Learned? -conts 23. Explore our website now! 24. End of Our Presentation