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Is the Prescription Music or Music Therapy?

Jun 26, 2015


Highlights from a presentation to healthcare professionals. Music therapy is explained. The group received ideas of ways to use music with the elders they served.

  • 1. + Is the Prescription Music or Music Therapy? -JoAnn Jordan, MTBC -#RXMusicTherapy

2. + What is music? 3. + Why I think this matters to you 4. + What is music therapy? 5. + This is your brain on music - Daniel Levitin 6. + What music is appropriate? Late Teens-Early 20s Music of Parents Music important to them 7. + Common populations 8. + Alzheimers/Dementia Cognitive Needs Emotional Needs Disruptive Behavior Caregiver/Family Needs 9. + Hospice Physical Needs Spiritual Needs Psychosocial Needs Bereavement Needs 10. + Wellness Lifelong Learning Cognitive Wellness Physical Wellness Emotional Wellness 11. + Intergenerational Sages serving Younger Generations Learning Together Younger serving Sages Generations Recreating Together * 12. + Do you need a music therapist? 13. + Alphabet Soup of music therapy Music Therapist Board Certified Neurologic Music Therapy Hospice & Palliative Care Music Therapy Certificate ACMT, CMT or RMT 14. + Is music therapy reimbursable service? 15. + A Music Tool Kit --For use with clients/patients - For you 16. + Name That Tune Version 1 Conversational flow of listening, naming, discussing what song reminds them of, where they heard it. Target Behavior: Long-term memory retrieval Populations: Alzheimers/dementia, community, intergenerational Setting: group or individual Materials: Recordings or sheet music of familiar songs Tic-tac-toe board if using that option Version 2 Tic-Tac-Toe competition between teams/individuals Version 3 Give the last phrase of the song 17. + Rate this music Target Behavior: Increase support, identify preferred music for various purposes Populations: Community, hospice, caregivers, yourself Setting: small group or individual Materials: Recordings via CDs, MP3s, Etc. Rating sheet Pencil Consider if need to have a list of emotions, tasks to pair with music Can do as a series of questions 18. + Sing-along and discussion Considerations: Songs people know can vary; Aging, medications and diagnosis can affect voice and alter comfort Target Behavior: Recall of familiar songs and past experiences; self-expression Populations: Alzheimers, Hospice, Wellness Setting: Individual interaction to small group (up to 15) Materials sheet music or recordings in sing-able keys , lists of songs and discussion materials 19. + Your creation: Target Behavior: Populations: Setting: Materials: Considerations 20. + Do you need a music therapist? 21. + #RXMusicTherapy Questions: Mine Yours

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