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iOS7: Hits & Misses

Nov 11, 2014




How did the world of tech & digital react to the new OS launched by Apple?
Discover the reaction on the web about the new operating system that change the look and feel of one of the most well-known devices.

This is one of the most important changes introduced by the Cupertino company since the launch of the iPhone and it turns many Apple fans disappointed for the new features.
The web was bombed by questions and comments about this operating systems and in this presentation we have collected the most interesting comments from tech journalists, with their pros and cons.

  • 1. iOS7 - Hits & Misses TECH JOURNALIST Provided you take the time to find your way around, iOS 7's new design makes it a compelling upgrade that completely transforms Apple's mobile OS. [] Your first impression of iOS 7 may have left you loving (or hating) the new features included in the latest operating system for iPhones and iPads. But only after spending some time with it do you begin to appreciate the fun, secret features as well. [Alexis Kleinman, The Huffington Post] I installed iOS 7 for my iPad and for my iPhone. My first thought was, 'OMG, it's Windows 8.' No 'live' tiles but still the look and feel of Windows 8. Looks like Apple is a fan of Metro, even if Windows users aren't. Ken Hess, HAPPY APPLE USER Enjoying it. Very fast on 4G. The fingerprint recognition is really impressive and will lead to many other innovations[] Have adapted to the new design without noticing it. Camera features much better. I waited before upgrading from my 4S - glad I did. This is a big step forward for what I want. [Charles Crawford,] Finally finished downloading iOS 7 on ALL our iDevices! As I have been using it, noticed that it looks better and better every time! [] At the same time, it complements all the hardware advances so beautifully. Jon Ives has done a truly remarkable job. [APLForEvr,] UNHAPPY APPLE USER iOS 7 changed my life so much I went out and traded my iPhone for a new Droid. [Hiro P,] oh wowww a control center ANDDD text time-stamps!!?!! ahahahaha i think my old nokia has these long-awaited features [poonhound,] It's bloated, ugly, buggy, sluggish and un-intuitive. To make matters worse the swooshing zooms waste time and make me feel ill, at least on my 4S. If they don't allow zooms to be disabled with the next release I'll finally be switching to Android - the forthcoming Nexus 5 sounds good [rollo47,] OTHER OS USER Let me know when the Apple iphone...can make a pizza. Then, I will be interested. [Ess eh Ess,] I had iOS 7 years ago, when it was called Microsoft ME [Adolfo Mendez Segura,]
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