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IOEplatform - CTIA Award winning!

IOEplatform - CTIA-award Winning!

Jun 03, 2015



People Power wins CTIA Emerging Technology award for Green Telecom & Networks with its Internet-of-Everything (IOE) platform.
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  • 1. IOEplatform - CTIA Award winning!

2. The People Power IOEplatformPresenceVideo CameraCommunityMessagingVideoAnalyticsTrojan Hub MobileHomeKitM O B I L E C L O U DP R E S E N T A T I O N L A Y E RUXpandCustomizabledevice UIsCommandCenterS O C I A L N E T W O R K I N G L A Y E RUXciteEngagementEngineTrust NetworkCall TreeA N A L Y T I C S L A Y E RGeofencingLocationAwarenessUXpectPowerfulbusiness logicC O N N E C T I V I T Y L A Y E RCustomerSegmentationSensorsUXistEasiest out-of-boxexperienceE M B E D D E D H U B S O F T W A R E D E V E L O P E R K I TEnterpriseModuleUXtractData AnalyticsPlug-insEmbedded andCloud ConnectorsThe only connected home operating system with both mobile and cloud services. 3. People Power Command Center Worlds first end-to-end management consolesupporting behavioral program management. 4. In Command of Your Program Qualify signups Historical data Real-time monitor Private Messaging Gamification Social Engagement Big Data Analytics Based on provenbehavioral sciencetechniques. 5. In Command of Hardware Dashboard Device View Track critical hardware data flow 6. Energy Savings: Utility Programs 7. Incubating ARPA-E behavior research 8. Data Analytics ServicesAvailable to utilities and service providersUserFiltering &ManagementReal-timeComparisonsData ErrorCorrectionLike-TypeGroupingTargetedEnergy TipsMessagingPrioritizedUser FeedbackGreenButtonIntegrationGeofencingUtility RatesDatabaseSavings andSpendingProjectionsPoints andRewardsProgramRecommendedProductsMonthlyEnergyReportsApplianceComparisonsBaselineDetection andMonitoring 9. Command Center Group comparisons 10. Command Center private alerts, tips 11. Presence outage alerts, updatesGet notified if someone unplugs yourPresence camera, or if your homeselectricity goes out.This is a default rule that comes withall Presence cameras. 12. Presence private alerts, tipsTell your Presence camera to notifyyou if motion is detected while you'reaway, even before recordingcompletes.Turn on the lights to scare awayintruders and get a good look at theirface. 13. Presence set&forget, tipsWith Monster Central home controloutlets, you can automatically turn offyour dangerous or energy hungrydevices automatically when you flip toAway mode. 14. B2B Competitive MatrixPeoplePower Ayla Arrayent Xively iControl NestOpen Platform for IoE Rules Engine with mobile user UX Agent/Clients for embedded support Dept. of Energy Green Button standardCommand Center program administrationCommunity social networkingEnd-user smartphone applicationsRepurpose old devices for video monitorMobile hub for deployment flexibilityAvailable professional servicesIOE cloud-based apps