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CL II DIV 2 ,SEVERE CROWDING, DEEP-BITE, MISSING UR2, MICRODONTIC UL2 Treatment Information Patient: R.W Age: 43 Gender: F Invisalign Treatment Option: Full Case treated by : Dr Raman Aulakh BDS MSc Orth
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  1. 1. Treatment InformationPatient: R.WAge: 43Gender: FInvisalign Treatment Option: FullCase treated by : Dr Raman Aulakh BDS MSc OrthCL II DIV 2 ,SEVERE CROWDING, DEEP-BITE,MISSING UR2, MICRODONTIC UL2
  2. 2. Pre-treatment photos
  3. 3. Clincheck images [before and after]
  4. 4. CLINCHECK ANALYSIS Upper central incisors moved with torque, intrusion and retraction. Upper lateral incisor UL2 extruded combined with controlled tip. Expansion and change of square arch forms in both arches. Use of precision attachments as required to de-rotate, extrude andtorque. Also used for anchorage in deep correction.. Interproximal reduction of lower anterior teeth to control amount oflower incisor proclination and avoid extraction treatment. [0.2mm frommesial and distal of each contact point of LL3,LL2,LL1,LR1,LR2,LR3]
  5. 5. Precision Attachments UsedPre G5 case
  6. 6. Post-ortho photos
  7. 7. Smile improvement:pre-ortho, post-ortho, post-restorative
  8. 8. TREATMENT SUMMARYResults Achieved: Overjet controlled. Buccal occlusion maintained. Crowding resolvedTotal treatment time: 24 monthsNumber of Aligners: Maxillary: 37 + (R 13) Mandibular: 31 + (R 10)Comments: Good aesthetic result withminimal restorative workrequired afterwards. Stability issue due to lowerincisor proclination Recession concern: biotype limit Anterior IPR limit reached.Retention: Maxillary:Hawley retainerFixed retainer 3-3 Mandibular:Hawley retainerFixed wire retainer 3-3
  9. 9. Thank you !Dr Raman Aulakh BDS MSc OrthSpecialist OrthodontistPost-graduate Tutor [Aesthetic Dentistry]Clinical Speaker