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Introduction to Software Products Industry & iSPIRT

Jan 21, 2018



  1. 1. 1 Introduction to Software Products Industry and iSPIRT September, 2017
  2. 2. Global Software Products Industry $400Bn revenue Industry Top 10 players are all US & European companies! Employs 2.5M people Source; PWC Global 100 Software Leaders 2016, Forbes Global 2000 list 2017
  3. 3. Software is the foundation for new sectors and is transforming many industries Software products are coming from different parts of the World Software Sales is moving from an on-ground field sales force to Online Sales All of software is moving to Cloud Global Software Product Industry is Changing Software is Eating the World 3
  4. 4. Product and Platform Companies are Thriving Even GE wants to be called a software products company Of the 13 US companies that have managed to outperform S&P for five years in a row, 7 are technology product companies
  5. 5. Building Value on Top of Public Goods Silicon Valleys Secret! GPS
  6. 6. Should India not be creating product companies? Economic Leverage has moved away from Services Almost as much profit as all global airlines put together. Profits are more than that of top 100 hospitals in the US Earns more than top five European mobile operators. More profit than the combined profit of top 20 global IT Services firms
  7. 7. Service Providers Deliver a Specific Service : Retail, Banking, Hospitality, Healthcare Built on Layers below Many Employees Products Provide Tools & Software Applications: Marketing, Sales, HR, Tax Enablers. Deliver best-practices in a box. Modest number of Employees Core Platforms Fundamental building blocks: Compute, Identity, Security, Data Very few in number. High impact on industry. Few Employees Product Companies Dont Exist in Vacuum The Hidden Pyramid Effect Aggregator Platforms Provide Common Services: Customer Acquisition, Discovery, Payments Few in number: Generate economies of scale. High use of Data, Few Employees
  8. 8. India Can Still Catch the Product Train India has an Opening and some Advantages in Products Ecosystem of MNCs and IT services firms Pool of high-quality software product engineers who are now moving to startups Innovation Arbitrage is kicking in Product mindset is (finally) taking root Indian market is opening up Big opportunity to solve Bharats problems using mobile as the front-end Indian Core platforms are coming of age They are reducing friction/costs and are helping India become data rich Made in India for Software === Made in China for Manufacturing
  9. 9. Products Aggregator Platforms Core Platforms New-Age Software Product Ecosystem in India today Slow and Steady Growth
  10. 10. Product Industry Health Check #1: Power-law of exits M&A exits missing; if not addressed, will bring VC capital growth to a halt Indian Startup Ecosystem has underperformed for Investors More M&As needed! iSPIRT SignalHill M&A Report Jul 17 (AI) Sep 16 (ML) Sep 16 (FinTech) Aug 16 (AdTech) Dec 15 (SaaS) Aug 15 (ImageTech)
  11. 11. Product Industry Health Check #2: Platformization Large product companies cant emerge without platformization of products Product Companies Platforms No Indian Platforms
  12. 12. Products Aggregator Platforms Core Platforms iSPIRT Mission: Making India a Software Product Nation Engaging many parts of the ecosystem iSPIRT helps promising product startups win iSPIRT helps with platform thinking and encourages creation of core platforms iSPIRT helps build societal and public platforms
  13. 13. Societal Platforms India Stack, DBT, GSTn, BBPS, ETC, Health Stack, Travel Stack, MUDRA and more Playbooks Active SaaS/ Bharat/Deep Tech entrepreneurs, product pre-entrepreneurs and more iSPIRT Work Falls in Four Pillars Building Public Goods without Public Money Market Catalysts M&A Crunch, Financial Inclusion, Health Inclusion: Banks, MNCs, SIs, VCs, Hospitals and more Policy Stay-in-India Checklist, No Software Patents, National Policy for Sw Products, Software Diplomacy, Open API, Open Source and more
  14. 14. Societal Platforms Foundation for Indias product economy 1. Lock-in the value created 2. Align stakeholders to valuation 3. Act to increase platform dependence 4. Are governed by return goals 5. Focus on consumption experience 6. Focus on competitive metrics 7. Anxious about disruption as it can impact business 1. Distribute the value created 2. Align stakeholders to inclusive impact 3. Act to increase platform openness 4. Are governed by impact goals 5. Focus on citizen choice 6. Focus on transparency metrics for accountability 7. Embrace disruption to find new ways for societal impact Private / Commercial Platforms Public/Societal Platforms Non-rivalrous and non-excludable
  15. 15. Type 1: Laws and Rules Policy Makers US Social Security 1934 Clean Air Act 1972 Type 3: With Tech Spine Policy makers + Micro-economists + Platform-technologists 10X lower transaction costs 10X more reach Sat-TV 1988-95 Cashless India 2016 Flow-based Lending 2017 Health Inclusion 2018 Type 4: Data Rich Policy makers + Micro-economists + Platform-technologists + Data scientists 10X more effectiveness Broken window policing 1985 Type 2: Market based Policy makers + Micro-economists Demand-driven Quick Adoption GI Bill 1944 India Aspiration Fund 2015 Udan 2016 Policy Leapfrog 21st century policy making for Indias product innings Informal Formal: - Financial Inclusion - Healthcare Inclusion - Primary Education - Land titles - Dispute resolution
  16. 16. Market Catalysts Fostering collaboration with incumbents to address hard problems M&A Crunch Financial Inclusion Health Inclusion
  17. 17. Playbooks Helping Software Product Entrepreneurs Win 13 Batches, 3 Chapters 5 Editions 50+ Sessions 100+ PlaybooksRTs 2 Editions 3 Edititions 4 Editions Coming !!!
  18. 18. iSPIRT Volunteer Tribes and their Diversity We are all Thinking Product Nation! Playbooks Thinking Product Nation! For few select Startups (mostly gSaaS) Startup Donors Anti-Fragile Seek Harmony Quick Gratification Volunteer Culture Thinking Product Nation! Anti-Fragile Seek Harmony Delayed Gratification For few select Startups (gSaaS, Deep Tech) Startup Donors CXOs Market Catalysts Thinking Product Nation! Anti-Fragile Deal with Contention Delayed Gratification For all Startups Cause Donors Policy Makers Policy Thinking Product Nation! Fragile Deal with Contention Delayed Gratification For all Startups (mostly Bharat) Cause Donors, CXOs Policy Makers, VCs Societal Platforms Stake- holders
  19. 19. What makes iSPIRT Special? Volunteer-driven Social Production iSPIRT is about Social Production Volunteers selflessly pay-forward for a better India. We avoid mission capture in any form. No public money (Linux, Wikipedia) No MNC money Every volunteer works only in areas where they are conflict free
  20. 20. Rewriting the Script of the Nation! Building Public Goods without Public Money Shaping the country's narrative, saving it from digital colonization and changing how our product entrepreneurs, banks (and other large institutions), and even government services operate. REWRITING THE Script OF A NATION
  21. 21. India will Rise again! Our Two Faced Infrastructure Fastest growing smartphone market Largest # of open internet users Aadhaar + India Stack = Universal digital platform Poor Roads Intermittent Power Haphazard Urban Planning Yet Leapfrogging... Lagging...
  22. 22. iSPIRT Foundation: a Think-and-Do Tank Market Maker, Ecosystem Builder, Mindset Shaper 30 yr Architects 10 yr Planners 5 yr Doers Think Tanks Universities Research Labs VCs Policy Makers Learning Sessions, Roundtables, Workshops, Bootcamps, Cohorts Product Teardowns, Early Solution Reviews, StartupConnects Tiger Teams for Winning Implementations Public goods
  23. 23. 23 Thank You