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Introduction to Samsung Smart TV SDK

Oct 17, 2014



Overview of getting started with Samsung Smart TV SDK 4.5 for an app developer. Outlines the different programming languages supported by the platform including HTML5, and some devices APIs.

Publishing to Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV SDK

Manikantan K

[email protected]@manikantan_k

What is Samsung SMART TV App?

Samsung Smart TV applications are web-based small software programs that run on Digital TVs connected to the Internet.

Applications are installed on TVs via Internet and run on App Engine

Application Manager

App Engine

Operating Principle

Visit to download the latest SDK

Samsung D Forum

Smart TV SDK evolution


Designed for 2011 Devices ( D Model )

HTML5/CSS3 Support

Maple Web Engine


Designed for 2012 Devices ( E Model )

Smart Interaction, In-Apps Ads & Convergence Support

WebKit Web Engine


Designed for 2013 Devices ( F Model )

Smart Interaction 2.0 Support

Eclipse Based IDE (Linux & Mac OS SDK Available)

Project Types

Flash 11.1Native Client

SDK 4.5+

Improved HTML5 support

Support for and tags

For formats & support, see link

No HTML5 video tag support.

Improved HTML5 support

Support for tag

This text is displayed if your browser does not support HTML5 canvas.

var example = document.getElementById(example);var context = example.getContext(2d);context.fillStyle = rgd(255,0,0);context.fillRect(30,30,50,50);

Web Device APIList of APIs to access low level functionalities of the Smart TV like

Network capabilities

TV channels

Gamepad connectivity

External Camera support



Voice recognition

MIDI etc

Web Device API > Network

Check network connection

Set Listeners for changes

try {, errorCB);

} catch(err) {alert(;


function successCB(networks) {for(var i=0; I < networks.length; i++) {

if(networks[i].isActive() ) {networks[i].setWatchListener(watchCB, errCB);

} }}

Web Device API > TVChannel

Get ProgramList for current channel

try { var channel =;,,

successCB, errorCB, 3600 );} catch(err) {


function successCB(programs) {console.log(program query success);


Single Handed Gestures You need to include mouse support in


Mouse listener like the web. Create a div in scene1.htmlButton