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Blackhat SEO Exploiting Social Media for Traffic Maxim Ogienko BUS 456

Introduction to Blackhat SEO

Dec 06, 2014



Max Ogienko

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  • 1. Blackhat SEO Exploiting Social Media for Traffic Maxim Ogienko BUS 456
  • 2. What is it?
  • 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a websites popularity in search engines. Black-hat SEO is a set of techniques for unethically, but not necessarily illegally, driving traffic to a site.
  • 4. Why use it?
  • 5. Time-Consuming Expensive Ineffective Search Engine Optimization = Slow Non-Scaleable Difficult Boring
  • 6. Cheap Scaleable Automated Targeted Quick
  • 7. Why not use it?
  • 8. Annoying Unethical Short-Living Suspicious
  • 9. How does it work?
  • 10. Trick search engines Get links (from big, reputable sites) Cover page in keywords Spam social media sites
  • 11. Who uses it?
  • 12. Affiliate marketers Spammers Fraudsters Big companies
  • 13. How to use it?
  • 14. Link Farms Create thousands of pages containing meaningless links,all leading to one place
  • 15. Social Bookmarking Use fake accounts at social bookmarking sites to submit the target site multi ple times.
  • 16. Account Buying Purchasing hacked accounts at social media sites to broadcast the target sites message and post links. PVA Accounts Many sites now require a valid phone number to register. A phone-verified account (PVA) has a valid phone number on file. These are much harder to fake.
  • 17. Who is affected?
  • 18. How to fight it?
  • 19. Improving search engines Moderation Making links NOFOLLOW CAPTCHAs Crowdsourcing cleanup