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Should Internationalism be pursued? 20-2 Related Issue #3
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Page 1: intro to internationalism

Should Internationalism be pursued?

20-2 Related Issue #3

Page 2: intro to internationalism


Page 3: intro to internationalism

The Big Picture (Page 197)

• What is the main idea of the section titled “The Big Picture”?

• What are some factors that have encouraged people to become more connected?

• How are national and international interests connected?

• Why might people have different ideas about what internationalism means?

Page 4: intro to internationalism
Page 5: intro to internationalism

What motivates nations to become involved in international affairs?

Nations have a variety of motives that are the basis for the actions they take in the world (foreign policy). Some motives include:

• Peace• Security• Prosperity• Prestige• Promote an ideology

Page 6: intro to internationalism


Nations can use a number of methods to interact with each other. Some include:

• Treaties and Agreements• Diplomacy• Sanctions• Alliances• Confrontation/Conflict• International Law

Page 7: intro to internationalism


There are consequences to the actions nations take internationally! Some include:

• New social roles and attitudes• Territorial changes• New economic and political relations

Page 8: intro to internationalism

Key Terms

• Needs• Wants• Isolationism• Unilateralism• Bilateralism• Multilateralism• Supranationalism

Page 9: intro to internationalism

Hierarchy of Needs• How might involvement in

international affairs, for example, help a nation-state fulfil the basic survival and safety and security needs of its citizens?

• What might happen if a nation or nation-state suddenly couldn’t meet a basic survival need of its citizens?

• What kind of events might cause such a sudden change?

• How might sudden changes in one nation-state affect the rest of the international community?

Page 10: intro to internationalism

Nation States and Involvement in International Affairs


Page 11: intro to internationalism

Figure 9-12 – Page 210

Page 12: intro to internationalism
Page 13: intro to internationalism
Page 14: intro to internationalism
Page 15: intro to internationalism