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INTRO TO COMPUTERS Different types of computers Binary data.

Dec 19, 2015



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  • INTRO TO COMPUTERS Different types of computers Binary data
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  • The computer system A computer system has three main components Do you know what they are?
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  • Types of computers Super Computers
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  • More Types of computers Mainframes
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  • Types of computers In 60s and 70s, most used mainframes In 70s and 80s most moved to PCs Xerox Alto 1974 Altair 8800 1975
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  • More types of Computers Notebooks
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  • Types of computers PDA Personal Digital Assistants
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  • Second component to the Computer System --Software Almost all software is task oriented software What are some examples?
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  • Users use computers to process data Def: Data Distinct pieces of information, usually formatted in a special way formatted What do we mean by format? How do we manage and store data?
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  • Binary Data What are some kinds of data that a computer works with?
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  • Binary Data Binary data is what HOW the data is represented. Binary refers to 0s and 1s
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  • Binary Data DEF: Binary is a number system where there are only two unique digits: 0 and 1 Why we use binary?
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  • Binary Data Where youve heard of it before? Where it came from?