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Sep 12, 2014



  • Rideshare to Events with Friends

  • Rideshare to Events with Friends

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  • Awesome, I would love to learn moreDamion ChatmonNBA Cleveland CavaliersDirector of Database MarketingLet me know when its redy! We need it!!!Gundega TichyLabaDaba music festivalGeneral Manager

  • Transaction feeOffers of 3rd parties$ 8,5M


    $ 150 000

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    Let me introduce SunyRide (pause). Rideshare to Events with Friends. (Pause) Whether you are friends already... or youre gonna become after sharing the ride to your favorite bands concert, sports event or Startup Sauna Demo Day here in Garage. (pause)This service is created by great team with a combined 55 years of experience in management, advertising, coding and design.We are launching our service in US this autumn public transport system is even worse than in Latvia. But...

    There are some of the biggest music festivals in the worldHuge amount of sports eventsAnd countless local gigsMore than 500M - all kind music and sports events every year. 10% use ridesharing

    But... thats still not enough as...largest music festivals are already suggesting to use rideshare And our potential partners are already asking for the product.collect transaction fees 3rd parties offers (tickets, beer/in-event, hotel, gas station)Our estimated revenue in 3 years is $8,5M.looking for drivers and passengers to join our serviceAnd investment of 150 000 dollars, to finish, launch and promote the product in early autumn this year in US.Thank You!