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Intro Objective 10/5/11 Describe the three types of tectonic plate boundaries. What do you think forms when two tectonic plates collide? What about when

Jan 18, 2016



  • IntroObjective 10/5/11Describe the three types of tectonic plate boundaries.What do you think forms when two tectonic plates collide? What about when they divide?

  • Plate Boundaries

  • Plate Boundaries3 Types of BoundariesDivergent boundaryPlates separate2 typesTransform boundaryPlates slide past each other1 typeConvergent boundaryPlates collide3 types


  • Plate BoundariesContinental-Continental divergence

    Rift valleySmall volcanoes and earthquakesExample: African Rift Valley

    Deep valley that forms when 2 continental crusts move apart

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  • Divergent Boundary

  • Oceanic-Oceanic divergence

    Mid-ocean ridgeSmall volcanoes and earthquakesExample: Mid-Atlantic RidgeUnderwater mountain chains and valleys created by sea-floor spreading

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  • Plate BoundariesTransform BoundaryPlates slide past each otherMany earthquakes occur hereExample: San Andreas Fault in CA

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  • Convergent BoundaryOceanic-Oceanic collision


    Deep-ocean trenchCreates huge volcanoes and earthquakesExample: Philippine islands

    Process of denser crust sinking down into mantleValley/canyon created at subduction zone

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  • Oceanic Oceanic Collisions

  • Continental-Oceanic CollisionSubduction of ocean platePowerful volcanoes and earthquakesForms mountainsExample: Andes mountains in Chile

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  • Continental Oceanic Collisions

  • Continental-Continental collisionCreates HUGE mountainsBoth crusts move upward since neither are dense enough to sink into mantleExample: Himalayan Mtns. in India

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  • Continental Continental collisions

  • (Tectonic Plates Video - F4)

  • Plate BoundariesSummary: Plates can collide into each other, separate and slide past each other creating the three types of plate boundaries: Divergent, Convergent and Transform. These boundaries create many different types of landforms on Earth.

  • OutroObjective 10/3/11Explain that the earth's lithosphere is composed of many plates rather than one continuous pieceWhat do you think makes these plates move into each other?