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Your systems. Working as one. Interoperability: A Perspective Stan Schneider Real-Time Innovations, Inc. CEO & IIC Steering Committee

Interoperability and the Internet of Things – To standardize or not to standardize?

Jul 16, 2015



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Interoperability: RTIs Perspective

Interoperability: A PerspectiveStan SchneiderReal-Time Innovations, Inc. CEO & IIC Steering CommitteeYour systems. Working as one.1

Levels of InteroperabilityWhat level?Mandate?Guidelines?How?When?

RTIs Experience~800 DesignsHealthcareTransportationCommunicationsEnergyIndustrialDefense15+ Standards & Consortia Efforts


Interoperable Navy Open ArchitectureNext-generation of Lockheed AegisRaytheon DDG 1000Raytheon SSDSLCS (Lockheed and GDAIS)Raytheon LPD-17Many more, US and alliesHighly distributed systems include radar, weapons, displays, controls

Standards-based, high-performance middleware breaks vendor lock-in, drives interoperability ,and future-proofs the architectural design

2014 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.4Facilitate Plug-n-Play Across VendorsAudi hardware-in-the-loop simulation feeds realistic data to components for testingThe system offers plug-n-play between simulation vendor solutionsRTI middleware enables a modular test environment that scales to work with hundreds of devices

5Integrate New and OldThe VW Driver Assistance and Integrated Safety system combines radars, laser range finders, and video to assist safe operationThe V-Charge program demoed a self-driving vehicle in 2014The system integrates with existing CANbus through VW Cargate ECU

RTI enables advanced reactive systems in transportation

2014 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.

6Provide a Common Platform 2014 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.

Revolution"GE Healthcare chose the DDS standard because it can handle many classes of intelligent machines.

RTI Connext DDS satisfies the demanding requirements of our devices and supports standardization on a single communications platform across product lines."

-- J Gustavo Perez, General Manager for MI&CT Engineering

7Improve Safety by Connecting DevicesHospital error is the 6th leading cause of preventable deathThe Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) standard specifies interoperability for medical devicesRTI Connext DDS ties together many classes of devices from many vendorsRTI Connext DDS met all our needs whether were handling 12 patients, or 200. -- DocBox Founder, Tracy Rausch

8The Industrial Internet ConsortiumGoal: Interoperability for the IIoT140+ companies!RTI roleSteering committee, data management (lead), framework, security, use case (lead), marketingLead or co-lead 3 testbed teams


10Communications Evolution

Point-to-PointTCP SocketsPublish/Subscribe



Data-CentricDDSShared Data ModelDataBus

Client/ServerMQTT RESTXMPPOPCCORBABrokeredDaemon3/16/201511Its All About the DataData centricity enables interoperation, scale, integration

Messaging middlewareDataBusUnstructured filesDatabase

Data CentricityData Centricity12Data Centric is the Opposite of OOObject OrientedEncapsulate dataExport methodsData CentricEncapsulate methodsExport dataExplicitShared Data Model13The DDS Data-Centric Standard for the IIoTOMGs Data Distribution Service is the Proven Data Connectivity Standard for the IoTOMG: worlds largest systems software standards orgUML, DDS, Industrial Internet ConsortiumDDS: open & cross-vendorOpen Standard & Open Source12 implementations

Interoperability between source written for different vendorsInteroperability between applications running on different implementationsDDS-RTPS ProtocolReal-Time Publish-SubscribeDistribution FabricDDS API

14Interoperability of the Word InteroperabilityInteroperability is meaningless without between15Interoperability Between ApplicationsProximityPlatformLanguagePhysical networkTransport protocolNetwork topology

DDS DataBusSeamless data sharing regardless of:

Explicit Shared Data Model with Controlled QoS16Interoperability Between Language, OS, CPUC on VxWorks ppcC# on Windows x86Java on AndroidC++ on LinuxLabview on WindowsExcel on WindowsNode.js on CloudJavaScript in BrowserDDS DatabusSerialize native types to implement data model on standard wire protocolInteroperability Between NetworksImage StoreMachine DomainScanner HMIMachine NetGantryServoMachine Control (SRIO)EmitterControlDosageMonitorECG SyncScannerControlPowerSystemPatient Status

Image DomainImage DatabusImage GenerationScanner Data AcquisitionBridge data model and QoS across network typesInteroperability Between Devices

Map unique devices to standard, common data model

Interoperability Between Protocol VendorsOCIETRIPrismTechIBMRTITwinOaks20

Unit DataBus

Unit DataBusInteroperability Between IT & OTConnectFastSeamlessQoS controlledSecureData centricAcross 80 PlatformsOver 12 Transports

IntelligentMachinesIntelligentSystemsIntelligentIndustrial InternetCloud DataBus

Site DataBusIntelligentSystem of Systems

Unit DataBusSenseActThinkHMIMachine DataBus

ThinkHMIMachine DataBusSenseActThinkHMIMachine DataBus

Hide Sensor-Cloud complex topology behind a single logical DataBus21Interoperability Between SubsystemsBridgeData modelsProtocolsSecurity domainsIsolate subsystemsControl exportFilter accessTranslate modelsOther protocols Routing Service

Pluggable AdaptersTransformation EngineSystemSuper SystemSubsystemSubsystemSubsystemSubsystem22Interoperability Between Security EntitiesPer-Topic SecurityControl r,w access for each functionEnforce each dataflowComplete ProtectionDiscovery authenticationData-centric access controlCryptographyTagging & loggingNon-repudiationSecure multicast100% standards compliantNo code changes!Plugin architecture for advanced uses

Topic Security model:PMU: State(w)CBM: State(r); Alarms(w)Control: State(r), SetPoint(w)Operator: *(r), Setpoint(w)

CBM AnalysisPMUControlOperatorStateAlarmsSetPoint23Interoperability Between Versions

Interoperability Maturation Path:Reduce Distance to IntegrateParty AParty BNo standard exists, completely custom integrationInterfaces can be transformed/mappedInterfaces use a common modelPlug and Play standard definedCredit: Scott Neumann, UISol position paper25 transports transparentlyPhysicalStandard protocols (DDS)Typesafe shared schema (IDL/XML) Industry-specific, standard data modelsInteroperability RecommendationInteroperability is about sharing Data Model and QoS26For More InformationRTI site: www.rti.comExamples, forum, papers: community.rti.comIIC website: www.iiconsortium.orgEmail: stan@rti.comConnect on LinkedInFree RTI Connext DDS Pro: