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Interior Alignment 2009 Conference

Jun 26, 2015



The Interior Alignment Feng Shui and Sacred Space conference of 2009 was awesome! This slideshow is just a tip of the fun had by all of us. We hope some of the energy and joy radiates to you as you watch!

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  • 1. Interior Alignment Feng Shui and Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing

2. Interior Alignment

  • The Conference in Monterey - 2009

3. Interior Alignment

  • The second Interior Alignment Feng Shui and Sacred Space conference was held
  • Aug 30 Sept 1, 2009
  • in lovely Monterey California.
  • We had over 30 magnificent attendees, and our location was right on the beach.
  • The weather was perfect!

4. The event started with a lovely evening bonfire on the beach,complete with Marshmallow smores and hot chocolate, and, oh, there was perhaps some wine there too Unfortunately, seems like while we had the ocean air, and a brisk fire, and excellent company, we did not bring cameras. So, use your imagination for this part of the event! 5. The Welcome Table with information from Interior Alignment Practitioners and Teacher! 6. During our opening ceremony, we completed the Interior Alignment intention altar, placed in the Relationship gua of the room,where each participant programmed a crystal with their intention during the conference, and the presenters placed their intentions in red envelopes. The joyful and abundant citrines from the last conference were here as well, formed into a healing heart! 7. 8. Denise was our Keynote speaker, and led us all on a journey to connect us deeply with the four elements and the magic of nature! 9. Lunch break on a beautiful beach! 10. Cindy Garreton presents on Great Feng Shui Green Design! 11. 12. 13. 14. Cindys visual examples of green design finishes and ideas were stunning! 15. 16. Rainy prepares us all for Reiki Level One Attunement! 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 7 am Five Element Qigong With LuAnn Cibik On the beach As the dolphins ride the waves! 24. 25. Rainy Jordans riveting use of Reiki in space clearing, and especially in use with stone and altars! 26. 27. So much to do at Lunch time today..Vendor booths to visit,card readings,free 15 minute feng shui consultations! 28. Bills Medicine cardBagua readings 29. Rainys Crystals and Gemstones 30. 31. LuAnns Sacred Circle Bracelets 32. Kat Litz, CPIA,providing a free 15 minute feng shui consultation 33. 34. 35. Great books by IA Master Teachers,Bills 28 Day Feng Shui transformation Program, and What is your Buddha by Oi Servais, MTIA 36. Susan Haifleigh presents onTruly Sustainable Living Keeping the cycle of nature In all aspects of ones life 37. 38. Bill Schwingels riveting presentation on his 28 day Feng Shui transformation journey, and his personal experiences along the way 39. 40. 41. Wait a minute you mean its over already!? 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. Thank you to the conference assistants Dirce, Kat and Sandra ( photographer!) 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. Thank you!See you in 2011!