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Integrating Local Expertise into Virtual Libraries and Discovery Systems

Jun 26, 2015



Presentation from CNI Fall Member meeting Dec 2011. See:

  • 1. Integrating Local Expertise into Virtual Libraries and Discovery Systems Simeon Warner (Cornell University Library)describing work mostly of other people, the two key teams being: CuLLR team Discovery and Access, Adam ChandlerIntegration Layer Team John Cline Simeon Warner Jeremy Cusker Glen Wiley Dianne Dietrich Rick Silterra Michael Engle Keith Jenkins Holly Mistlebauer Jon Corson-Rikert Jim Reidy Mira Myhre Marty Schlabach Dianne Dietrich Leah Solla Dean, Fall CNI Membership Meeting 2011-12-12

2. photo: oldtasty @ flickr,, 3. Finding aids: The old way 4. photo: Editor B @ flickr, 5. Experience with virtual library 1.0? Specialized lists considered useful Very painful to update (~ 3200 hand entered and updated items for the Physical Sciences Library) Does not leverage information in catalog (search either local items or whole catalog) 6. CuLLR data flow and components CuLLR = Curated List of Library Resources 7. First stage is general... PLOP = Persistent Library Object Pages 8. ...and then for each virtual library 9. Expectations for virtual library 2.0? More functional as can relatively easily define a large subset of items in the catalog as relevant Less painful to update. Significant effort to minimize manual work updating May want ability to add items not in catalog Dont yet know how similarly different virtual libraries will use CuLLR 10. Centralized Discovery and AccessFacilities at Cornell Goal is to provide one search box as astarting point for searches over all items Recent decision to purchase Summon Roll out first as article search replacingEBSCOhost (January 2012) Expect to integrate catalog and other sources(e.g. eCommons) but not everything 11. Approach Include what we can and what works inSummon (expect at least articles, catalog, IR) Use additional result panes as necessary Create system that gives overview with links tomore specialized searches Surface local resources and local expertise Enable semantic queries 12. IntegrationLayer 13. Open question How do we use information from disciplinaryvirtual libraries in the central discovery andaccess system? Inherent tension between local and global Wont know user area initially, might infer likely areafrom query/results How do we deal with possibly conflicting informationabout one resource as used in multiple virtuallibraries? 14. Multiple panes vs one result setPanes One result set Easier to implement Simpler to understand Shows space of possible Uniform interface for allresults things Avoid trying to rank apples More efficient use ofand oranges togetherscreen real estate 15. Questions?Me: Simeon Warner Contact for CuLLR: Holly Mistlebauer