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Insurance Telematics Study Overview

Aug 11, 2014




With 2 million customers worldwide, Usage-based Insurance has passed its tipping point, and is revolutionizing the insurance industry.
The 405-page Insurance Telematics Study is set to become the reference document for the industry. It describes how the changes impact each part of the value chain and the strategic implications.

  • PTOLEMUS Consulting GroupInsurance Telematics StudyPresentation of the reportMay 2012 - Strictly confidential
  • PTOLEMUS in PAYD 1Who we are Brussels Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director Ms. HEC Paris, Ms. CEMS University of Cologne Background: TomTom, SFR Vodafone, Arthur D. Little, BNP Paribas Specialties: LBS, telematics (eCall, PAYD, etc.), mobile networks from Ptolemy, the Egyptian Fulvio Sansone, Associate Partner savant who built the 1st map of Electronic Engineer (Univ. Naples), MBA CUOA Altavilla Vicentina the world in the 2rd century Background: Oracle, ERTICO, ESOA, Ansaldo Trasporti, Ericsson Specialties: satellite, telematics, positioning Paris Olivier Bourhis, Managing Partner The 1st international strategy consulting firm MBA ESCP-EAP Paris specialized in geo-connected mobility Background: Orga Systems, Cable & Wireless, TeleDanmark, PSA, Valeo Specialties: Mobile networks and applications, train telematics Strategy combined with real industry expertise and operational experience Munich John Craig, Associate Partner A focus on achieving results for our clients M.Eng. Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh 100 years of aggregated experience in Background: Intermap, Destinator, Cambridge Positioning, Ericsson telematics, location-based services & mobility Specialties: Content & services, positioning, automotive Close links with the mobility ecosystem Milan Sergio Tusa, Associate Partner - Advisory Board Member of EENA(1) MBA ISIDA Palermo & Law degree, Palermo - Member of ERTICOs(2) eSafety Forum and eCall Background: Magneti Marelli, Cobra, Nokia, Tele Atlas, Philips, NCR HeERO Observers Group Specialties: Telematics, automotive, mapping - Close connections to national ITS organisations, ACEA (3), ASECAP(4), GSMA(5), etc. Boston Eric Pite, Managing Partner - Speakers at most leading industry events & conferences M. Eng. Telecom ParisTech, MBA London Business School - Regular contributor to Telematics Update Background: TomTom, Motorola, Sendo, Sagem - Steering Committee Member of Mobile Monday (Brussels) Specialties: Consumer electronics, LBS (1) European Emergency Number Association (2) ITS Europe (3) Association of European Car Makers (4) European Association of Tolled 2PTOLEMUS Motorways Operators (5) GSM Association
  • PTOLEMUS in PAYD 1What we bring Our fields of expertiseOur consulting services Mobile content and social networking Application stores, crowd-sourcing, etc. Strategy Evaluation of Navigation & location-based services definition investments Maps, traffic, fuel prices, speed cameras, weather, parking, etc. New market entry, Strategic due business plan diligence, Usage-based charging development, board market assessment, PAYD / PHYD insurance, Road User Charging, coaching and support feasibility studies PAYD car leasing & rental Telematics & Intelligent Transport Systems Innovation Connected car, tracking, fleet management, eCall, bCall, Business management Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Car As A Service, connected train, etc. development Product & services Partnership strategies, development, project Positioning / Location enablement response to RFPs, management and lobbying launch M2M & connectivityOur public reports Emergency European Insurance Global Services Location Telematics Location Study Q1 Study 2010 Study Q1 2012 Study 2012 2012 3PTOLEMUS
  • PTOLEMUS in PAYD 1We have acquired substantial experience in helping allplayers in the geo-connected mobility ecosystem Telecom operators OEMs & telematics vendors Content & application providers Telecom infrastructure providers ITS operators Partners in Paris, Munich, Milan, Boston Consumer electronics makers and Brussels +50 years of experience in mobile +50 years of experience in telematics Positioning solution providers Financiers Insurers & assistance providers Montezemolo & Partners 4PTOLEMUS
  • PTOLEMUS in PAYD 1A contact network with all major industry players Example: some of our contacts within the PAYD insurance industry PAYD SOLUTION PROVIDERS INSURERS 5PTOLEMUS PAYD: Pay As You Drive insurance, i.e. based on number of actual number of kilometres driven
  • PTOLEMUS in PAYD 1For 2 private equity firms, performed the duediligence of Octo Telematics (Europe) These 2 private equity firms were looking to acquire Octo Telematics, the leading provider of PAYD solutions worldwide In 2 weeks, we conducted a pan- European review of the PAYD insurance and PAYD solutions markets We assessed the trends affecting the nascent PAYD market in Europe, thanks to a detailed investigation of commercial trials / launches and interviews with leading insurers Evaluated the validity of the companys business plan and proposed revised assumptions for a number of key inputs We recommended the investment, based on the companys differentiated product and strategic lead 6PTOLEMUS
  • PTOLEMUS in PAYD 1For Qualcomm, conducted a pan-European surveyof the European PAYD / PHYD insurance market Qualcomm Enterprise Services is the worlds largest provider of fleet management services Ident