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May 27, 2015



Provide infrastructure brand solution

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2. Point of Contact Solutions... worldwideEstablished in 2003. Headquartered in Mumbai, India About usThe Insta Group comprises : Company Name Region Website Insta Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.Asia Expo Display ServicesEurope EDS Middle East ExponentsUSAwww.exponents.com1500 Active Clients Manufacturing unit - Vasai, IndiaDealer Network in 40 CountriesState-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities at 4 locationsDesign Facilities at 5 locationsPresence in 11 Countries with total strength of 550 plus ProfessionalsASIAEUROPE India (Mumbai)Switzerland Manufacturing unit - Haridwar, India EUROPE & RUSSIA NORTH Germany AMERICA MIDDLE ASIAMiddle EastBelgium EAST Dubai, UAEFranceAFRICA SpainUSANetherlands SOUTH AMERICA San Diego, CA Austria England Manufacturing unit - Saland, Switzerland INDIAEUROPEUAE USA Manufacturing unit - San Diego, CA 3. Point of Contact Solutions... worldwideContentsCustomised Solutions Mobile Exhibit Solutions Custom Built Exhibits Solution for ActivationMall PromotionsMenu Based 4. Click Point of Contact Solutions... worldwidelink for details Mobile Exhibit Solutions Mobile Exhibit Solutions With the unique and modular exhibiting stands of Insta, you choose flexibility, scalability, reliability and cost saving in outdoor display. Insta Mobile exhibit stands are fully scalable and hence easy to reconfigured Custom Built Exhibits for both large and small exhibition stands. These creative stands can be outfitted with illuminated graphics, plasma-screens, towers, down-lit showcases desks and gantries to create a compelling appeal to your clients. Insta Mobile exhibit stands are easy to transport and can be self- Solution for Activation installed without any special skills or training that makes them even more cost effective. Insta Mobile exhibit stands are known for their Swiss technology, cutting edge design, high quality product quality, attention to detail, Menu Based Solutions versatility and ease in usage. Our in-house designers have a wealth of experience working with these systems; their creativity combined with the versatility of this product helps us to offer your engaging and effective design 5. Click Point of Contact Solutions... worldwidelink for details Mobile Exhibit Solutions Mobile Exhibit Solutions Custom Built Exhibits Solution for Activation Menu Based 6. ClickPoint of Contact Solutions... worldwidelinkfordetailsCustom Built ExhibitsMobile Exhibit SolutionsCustom built exhibition standprovide a myriad of possibilitiesfor all your Point-of-Contactrequirements; custom standsprovide a fantastic opportunity toincorporate your companys brandelements into the exhibition designCustom Built Exhibitsusing more than just graphics.At Insta, we understand yourunique needs and developcompelling exhibits that convey theright message to your customers.With our own in-house exhibitiondesign team, experienced accountand project managers, we have theright skills to conceive andSolution for Activationimplement your market strategy.These traits combined with ourown internal production facilities;including full graphic print studioand construction workshops,makes us perfectly qualified todeliver a custom exhibition standthat suits your brand physicallyacross all levels.Menu Based SolutionsInsta has the experience of settingup custom exhibition stands inmore than 50 countries and havedeveloped custom stands for avariety of our clients Other Views 7. Click Point of Contact Solutions... worldwidelink for details Custom Built Exhibits Mobile Exhibit Solutions Custom Built Exhibits Solution for Activation Menu Based 8. Click Point of Contact Solutions... worldwide linkfordetails Solution for ActivationMobile Exhibit Solutions Insta brings fresh creative ideas and flawless execution to offer solutions for any kind of activation requirements, bringing together advanced interactive solutions with proven expertise in design, construction and project manage-Custom Built Exhibits ment. Our pragmatic approach provides you with the necessary support and expertise to alleviate the stresses normally associated with managing activation solutions. Years of experience and know- how has culminated in seamless service integration, providing youSolution for Activation with the confident platform for successful show participation. Hence, whether youre handling conferences, mall promotions or a series of road shows across the country, Insta is a partner you canActual Image trust and rely. We at Insta understand what it takes to plan aMenu Based Solutions single or series of activation solutions in time and budget bound 9. ClickPoint of Contact Solutions... worldwidelinkfordetailsSolution for Activation - Mall PromotionsMobile Exhibit SolutionsCustom Built ExhibitsSolution for ActivationMenu Based 10. Click Point of Contact Solutions... worldwidelink for details Mobile Exhibit SolutionsMenu Based Solutions In addition to our considerable expertise in customized solutions, we also offer several menu based solutions that consists a comprehensive range of stylish, cost-effective product display range. Custom Built Exhibits With over decades of rich industry experience, we at Insta are focused on providing you with the complete range of Point of Contact Solutions. Our menu based solutions are perfect for conferences, seminars, events, road shows, lobbies, offices, retail showrooms and in-store point- of-purchase displays. To maintain Solution for Activation our commitment to quality and providing our clients top class quality we print and assemble our products in-house & deliver them as a complete solution to you on time. In menu based solutions we have a wide choice of banner stands, promoter tables, catalogue stands Menu Based Solutions and outdoor display systems. Most of the products available under this category are lightweight, versatile, easy to assemble and pack down into a small carry bag for ease of 11. ClickPoint of Contact Solutions... worldwidelinkfordetailsMenu Based Solutions - Banner StandsMobile Exhibit SolutionsCustom Built ExhibitsRoll up Luxury Roll up PremiumRoll up Standard Mini Roll up A3 Swing Water Banner Storm Water Banner Combi Water Banner Flag Banner Catalogue Stands Promoter TablesSolution for ActivationMenu Based Solutions CAD SleekCatalogue StandCAD ClassicPromoter ABSPromoter Twist TowerWooden 7 Rack - White 8 Pocket 12. Click Point of Contact Solutions... worldwidelink for details Menu Based Solutions Mobile Exhibit Solutions Custom Built Exhibits Solution for Activation Menu Based 13. AHMEDABAD +91-9825461734 BANGALORE +91-9986017074 CHENNAI +91-9840126580Instant Service Nos. GURGAON +91-9810249948 KOLKATA* +91-9331595395 MUMBAI +91-9323125764 PUNE* +91-9322819318 SECUNDERABAD*Resident BDM +91-9849112983 For more details visit us at: or write to us at: [email protected]