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Insta guide explained

Apr 16, 2017



Challenges faced by tourism industry regarding tour guides.

Innovative Tourism Technologies under guidance of IATO presents

Presented by


Major concerns (tour operators)Availability of guides across IndiaQuality PunctualityReliability Fear of unknown

Major concerns (Guides)Lack of regular assignmentsIndividual marketingNeed of someone's introductionReputation managementFew senior guides controlling market

How to deal with them

Our approach (solution)Directory of all active guides PAN India with contact details and license picture and endorsements (north, south, east, west and central region)Visibility of guides availability calendar to tour operatorsRate & review guides to ensure quality (by tour operators)Endorsement by tour operators to ensure reliabilityTerm & conditioned for guides. On record confirmation


With aid of technology we can address concerns of both stake holders by using a centralized platform. WWW.INSTAGUIDE.IN

FeaturesCreate your panel of GuidesSee their availability Direct call button from guides profilePost an assignments ( all guides/panel guides)Track him through click a picture featureRate & review a guide for his workView guides rating & review before hiringEndorse a guideGenerate Bill

Administrative benefits

To have on the record confirmation instead of verbal.Guides to abide terms and conditions laid by IATO and MoT.To identify guides who have stopped workingTo ascertain no. of days a guide has worked forAdministrator to have access to all assignment posted by his agency on one click

Operational benefitsHire a guide across india within seconds (Whether Agra,Jaipur,Mumbai, kolkata or Mumbai)View rating, reviews and endorsement before hiring a new guideMonitor his punctuality by click a picture featureReceive bill immediately after conclusion of assignment Review of guides that is accessed by all tour operators thus improving performance and conduct of guides

How Instaguide works

Availability We have taken care of all three scenarios A) Particular guide B) Panelist guide C) Any good guide

For availability and lack of assignments we have integrated calendar for guides to display their availability.

One our visits to tour operators , we came to know that tour operators have their panel of guides and prefer to work with them, for this we have added a create your panel feature, in this feature you can add and remove guides from your panel as per your wish.And we have considered all three scenarios, which are that you may want to hire a particular guide, you want to hire a guide from your own panel and third is that you need a guide.Incase of hiring of particular guide, you call him or her and she may not be avaliable for that day, then you have to call someone else, to counter that situation you just need to tap my panel feature and see his/her availability and make call from app it self.11

Post an assignment

Tour operators can choose to send assignment to

An individual guide from panel

All panel guides

All Guides filtered by language & city

Punctuality(Guide who has been assigned assignment at any location is directed to click an image of reporting location to display that he has reached there on time)

Click a picture

No gallery uploads

Image will have time & date stamp on it and will be attached with assignment.

Reliability and fear of unknown

Endorsement from tour operators guide have previously worked with.

(Endorsement are meant to show existing relationship of a guide with industry)

Quality controlReviews & rating from tour operators to keep a tab on quality, commitment and conduct of guides.

Billing Guides tend to delay submitting bill

Generate a Bill feature is one touch solution for generating bill, it is printable by both tour operators and tour guides.Guides can send it immediately after printing.


We believe this approach will help in reducing problems regarding guides, a centralized system and reviews will bring more accountability and improve overall experience.

It will save time and hassle for regarding hiring of quality guides.

We working with vision of providing a reliable guide

any location/any language/anytime

We seek your advise and endorsement to improve it and take it further to serve the industry

Thank you!!!