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Inspire. Educate. Motivate. Be a Creative Visionary! CVA ... · PDF file Inspire. Educate. Motivate. Be a Creative Visionary! The Creative Visionaries Association of SWFL ... we plan

Jul 29, 2020




  • Inspire. Educate. Motivate. Be a Creative Visionary!

    The Creative Visionaries Association of SWFL is a networking group for special event, activities and recreational programming professionals from all hospitality industries, providing a foundation to collaborate and network. We will serve as a professional outlet for members to generate and share their knowledge and experiences with other local professionals in the industry, while advocating advancements in recreation and lifestyle events.



    WE CARE! INSPIRE, EDUCATE AND MOTIVATE. With everything we do, we plan to Our dedication to our members, to not only succeed professionally, but to promote personal development in everyday life, is a mission of ours – as we acknowledge that a BALANCED LIFE + A CAREER YOU LOVE = PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS!

    WE ARE UNIQUE! There's no other organization or association in the area that brings together all Creative Visionaries. By joining CVA, you will be able to GAIN FRESH IDEAS that you may not have otherwise gained by networking with other industry specific positions.

    WE ARE YOUR LOCAL RESOURCE! The exchange of referrals on vendors, venues, goods and services, or even a new job, are all perks of being a member of CVA. Networking locally provides you, as a member, the opportunity to build relationships with a vast number of industry related professionals, to ultimately enhance your career more easily.

    Creative Visionaries Association OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA

    WE HAVE FUN! Our members gain valuable resources in every networking opportunity, while… wait for it… HAVING FUN! While still remaining professional, we provide a more laid back approach to networking - in hopes to keep the environment comfortable for everyone! Join CVA and see all the awesome and cool things we have in store for you!

    Learn more about CVA at

  • Inspire. Educate. Motivate. Be a Creative Visionary!

    Creative Visionaries Association OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA


    Access to a Members - Only REFERRED VENDOR/VENUE DATABASE - all contacts have been personally recommended by other local industry professionals.

    This database provides contact information on caterers, entertainers, etc. and will be updated quarterly with new recommendations provided by our members!

    As a member we encourage membership participation by providing a variety of scheduled events, meetings, and social/networking gatherings. Our Calendar of Events include the following: Annual CVA Showcase & Expo, Quarterly Luncheons, Before/After Hour Socials, Free Promotional “FUN” Events (hosted by Sponsored Vendors), AND MORE!


    "Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great." - A.P.J. Abdal Kalam

    A big part of being a member of CVA is the opportunity to learn through various educational speakers and programs. Our goal is to help you gain the knowledge you need to succeed by providing educational series. This is just one more benefit to becoming a member!


    As a member, you will be added to our quarterly CVA Newsletter. This newsletter is sent electronically via email and will provide the latest updates in Creative Visionaries Association, upcoming events, and other corky and fun information to lift up your day to keep you energized through our seasonal year! Through the Quarterly Newsletter, you will also find an updated Membership List for all Members - Professionals and Vendors.


  • Inspire. Educate. Motivate. Be a Creative Visionary!

    Creative Visionaries Association OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA


    Name _____________________________________________________________________

    Address ___________________________________________________________________

    City ____________________________ State_________ Zip__________________

    Title or Position _____________________________________________________________

    Employer and Name of Community/Club _______________________________________

    Telephone: Home/Cell ______________________ Office _____________________

    Fax ____________________ E-mail ___________________________________________

    CV Student/Intern ONLY:

    New Renewal

    Name of College or University ________________________________________________

    Expected Graduation Date ___________________________________________________

    Degree ___________________________________________________

    Check the Appropriate Annual CVA Membership:

    CV Professional - $120 Annual Fee Directors, Coordinators, Managers, Supervisors, Assistants and any other professional employed in a CV Group- related industry (to include special event, activity, and recreational programming professionals). This membership includes recent graduates, not yet employed. Memberships are non-transferable to another professional replacing the individual's position listed above. In other words, the individual's “Name” listed on this application is the only one granted to membership benefits.

    CV Student/Intern - $60 Annual Fee College students and interns interested in obtaining a profession in the special event, activity, and recreational programming industry, who support the goals and purposes of CVA, are welcome to join! This membership includes all benefits, except for holding office and voting privileges in all NON-Student/Intern CV Groups.

    Contact Us: [email protected]

    Payment Options to Join:  Online Payments preferred at


     Pay by Check - Make Checks Payable to: Creative Visionaries Association and send to: PO Box 578, Bonita Springs, FL 34133

     U.S. Currency can be accepted in-person at selected events. ONLY Please do not mail cash!

    Date __________________________

    July- $120 August - $110 September - $100 October - $90 November - $80 December - $70 January - $60

    February - $50 March- $40 April - $30 May - $20 June - $10

    Prorated Rates ($10/mo):

    Prorated Rates $5/mo. (50% off monthly prorated rates as shown.)

    CV Non-Profit Organizations - $60 Annual Fee See below for Prorated Monthly Rates

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