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La Grotte Herritage Creating Tomorrow and Beyond
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  1. 1. La Grotte Herritage Creating Tomorrow and Beyond Green Residences Of Truly Tropical Environment
  2. 2. ABOUT La Grotte Herritage Welcome to the City of Tomorrow La Grotte is known as the cave in French which signifies the location of this city. Behind these limestone walls holds a perpetual city filled with life. This modern and green yet elegant city holds civilization together, creating better lives and brighter future. It brings homes to families and life to all living things. La Grottes landscape designs are creatively introduced to encourage a more wholesome way of life with scattered residential areas, modern yet green infrastructure, beautiful recreational spaces for citizens of all ages. This unique city is surrounded by breathtaking sea view sceneries, beautiful cave formations and lovely underwater sights. La Grotte aims to create a better liveable future by bringing the past to
  3. 3. the present with a twist of modern technology. La Grotte Transportation Getting Around the City
  4. 4. Private Transportation La Grotte has specially designed pedestrian walkways next to roads for walking and cycling. These pedestrian walkways are safe and convenient. You can also rent a bike to ride anywhere, anytime by tapping your residential card. Public Transportation Buses are colour coded with specific routes to drive around the city. Taking the correct colour coded bus will get you to your destination faster. Monorails (only available in Zone B) link stalactite apartments to the super tree structures to provide easy access. CRT, Cave Rapid Transit The CRT is an underwater railway transportation that connects each zone to popular destinations to save land space. The time interval between each station is 2-5 minutes. This transportation saves travelling time and is convenient to all ages. The tunnel also serves as a utility pipeline. MAP of CRT Network La Grotte Green Approach Services for a Better Environment
  5. 5. ENERGY USAGE SUPER TREES are vertical gardens embedded with voltaic cells to harvest solar energy for electrical energy conversion. La Grotte has 10 super trees mostly located in Zone B and C where the natural light enters the cave. Super trees also beautifies the city and absorb carbon dioxide for a heathy environment. SOLAR PANELS are placed on stalactites to capture sunlight for the storage and conversion of electricity. Special solar panels are used as house roofs and windows to control the amount of light entering the house by changing its colour. The darker the shade of the solar panel, the less light penetrates into the house. WASTE MANAGEMENT WASTE WATER TREATMENT improves sanitation by managing human waste, solid waste, sewage systems and drainage systems. Wastewater are treated and converted for water cycles and proper waste disposal. This precaution prevents unhygienic water source. GREEN WALLS are implemented where by 80% of the cave walls are covered in vegetation. Green walls can reduce the overall temperature by absorbing solar radiations off roads and buildings. Around 30% of the walls are used as advertisement boards to boost revenue. La Grotte Green Approach Services for a Better Environment
  6. 6. TECHNOLOGY VERTICLE FARMS are greenhouse skyscrapers which can produce crop all year round. Crops are stacked in enclosed area to save space and it is fertilised by recycling nutrient-rich water solution. This technology increases the productivity of farms and solve food source shortage and poverty. KINETIC SCULPTURE is a wind driven sculpture which rotates according to the direction of the wind. It generates electricity from kinetic energy to electricity by the constant rotation. It dangles from stalactites to achieve maximum wind and sunlight. It is able to reflect light into the cave due to its shiny surface. NEW CITY NEW LIGHTING are fake fire lamps introduced to illuminate light when night falls as a significance of prehistorical times. It detects the caves temperature and activates the cooling system to keep the environment at an optimum and comfortable temperature. TURBINE converts energy from fluid flow by rotating its blade constantly and are used frequently as the cave is surrounded by water. There is a non-stop supply of water for the turbine to rotate and generate electricity to be stored and distributed. La Grotte Activities
  7. 7. Live, Work, Fun & Leisure RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL La Grotte offers a range of housing from affordable apartments to premium housing located around the city. Residential areas are surrounded with amenities and has easy access within the city. Business areas are equipped with the latest commercial facilities and technology. Technology allows commercial hubs to increase their marketing productivity. This would ensures the stability and growth of the future economy. EDUCATION CULTURE & RELIGION Education is available to every citizen regardless of their profile background. Students are entitled to presume higher education as La Grotte offers education ranging from kindergarten to university levels. The facilities and services in education offers accommodation to all students. There is a balance between indoor and outdoor activities to gain a healthy lifestyle. The main religious and cultural zone is located at Zone B where individuals can carry out their religious acts such as celebrations and cremations freely. There are additional places of worship such as mosques, temples, and churches located within residential areas. These locations make it convenient for residence to carry out their religious practices. La Grotte Activities
  8. 8. Live, Work, Fun & Leisure INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE The industrial sector houses design facilities, manufacturing plants and treatment plants. These sectors comprises of light and heavy industries. Such sectors include manufacturing of products, sea water treatment, waste disposal and others. Toxic waste are treated efficiently and effectively to remove harmful substances before being disposed or recycled. Agriculture in La Grotte are conducted through traditional method with advanced technology. The vertical farms provide job opportunities and allows food to be available to all citizens. Famine is resolved as it is possible to create a mass production of crop at a very low cost. TOURISM / RECREATION PUBLIC SERVICES Communal green spaces such as parks and gardens allows you to interact with other citizens. The lush greenery allows you to rest and relax while enjoying your weekend getaway. Sports and recreational areas give opportunities to citizens to enjoy their favourite sports with the state of the art facilities provided. Located at every zone are the 999 services: hospitals, fire brigade and police stations. Hospitals provide top notch services to you during your visit to the doctor. Hospitals also provide free yearly check-ups for senior citizens. Security is very tight as there is 24 hours surveillance and the police force makes rounds each day to stop and prevent crime. This makes the city peaceful and safe.
  9. 9. INSPIRATION Cave Waterfall Floating Market in Bangkok Super Grove Trees in Singapore Carved in Houses Directions to La Grotte FLY: Penangto Langkawi 20 mins FERRY: PerlistoLangkawi 45 mins Kedahto Langkawi 1 hr Penangto Langkawi 1 hr 15 mins Contact La Grotte TEL: 03 - 76456982 04 - 65437854 018 - 8475653 Email: Name: StudentID: Group Name: Tutor Name: Michelle WongSookYin 0322362 The Colosseum Ms DelliyaZain