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Aug 17, 2014


House magazine for the associates of Gopast. This is the SIXTH quarterly issue. Inscriptions made on stone seldom fade, this is the core of the tag line of this magazine. Truth Stays Forever. This magazine will be of interest for people engaged in the financial services industry

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  • SUBCONSCIOUS MIND THE SUPER POWER Imagine two powerful men working together. One person is strong in thinking, analysing, predicting etc while the other man is expert in executing perfectly. That is exactly the way our mind is constructed for operation. Conscious mind will think, forecast, analyse, understand. It is cautious, and protective. Subconscious mind will execute, exe- cute instantly, execute with perfection, it will find solutions in- stantly like a flash so that it can execute the idea. Subconscious mind: 1) Does not think, 2) It executes ideas 3) It executes instantly and perfectly 4) It does not analyse as to whether the idea is good or bad 3 R.GOPINATH [email protected]
  • 5) It does not debate on right or wrong 6) It is not influenced by the probable consequences. 7) It readies all the parts of our body to sync with for execution 8) It releases unlimited energy from within to break all limitations to make execution of the idea possible. It executes. Let me give you an example: I am a part of a team of a hospital which specialises in Fertility support. I am associated with the doctors and their support team, where together we develop modules for improving our counseling capabilities. Over a period of time we have under- stood, that infertility is more mind issue and less a physical is- sue. We have seen prospective parents who have very small physical impairments leading to infertility but they carry huge mental blocks that stop them from becoming parents. With a right mix of Medicines, Procedures and Counseling they are able to conceive and become happy parents. Once a couple had come to this hospital. The have a long mar- ried history of 22 years. They had approached many hospitals, undergone many procedures, consumed lots of medicines but did not get the desired results before meeting Dr Andal who is the chief at this hospital. By the time they got to see Dr Andal, they had done their usual tests suggested by the junior doctors based on the history of the case. Dr Andal as is her nature stud- ied all the reports patiently and in-depth, turned towards the couple and told them, there are 3 issues 1) Mild level of Thy- roid, 2) block in one of fallopian tubes and 3) less counts in sperms. She told them that these issues can be cured and she will suggest some medicines, Physical exercises and a diet regi- ment and in due course they will have a child. As she was speaking she noticed that the lady appeared to be not con- vinced. So she asked her will she do all that exercises sug- gested to her. The lady replied, yes i will do, but i dont think i can ever conceive a baby. Her tone indicated that she is con- vinced about that. The doctor asked her as why she felt so. The lady replied that when she was young about 11 or 12 years old, she and her brother were playing in the garden and she spotted a snake and asked her brother to kill it. Both she and her brother threw stones at the snake and killed it. Because of that act she believes she is cursed by the snake, and because of that she may not be able to bear a baby. The doctor instantly touched the ladys hand gave a small squeeze with her palm and said authoritatively that Take it your curse period is over and you are going to become preg- nant. You will call me in 90 days from now and tell that you are pregnant, that i promise you. As she said this by coinci- 4
  • dence a flower kept on the picture of a Goddess fell down on the table. The lady suddenly brightened up and said, yes doc- tor i feel so now. This is a good omen. She did all that was ad- vised by that doctor and exactly on 90th day from her first visit, she called the doctor and mentioned that she is preg- nant. What was stopping her from conceiving a baby? May be ini- tially because some inherent physical issues, she was not able to conceive, but as time passed by she had mentally linked the delay to the curse assumed and over a period of time was abso- lutely convinced that she will never be able to bear a baby. All the treatments which she was taking from many places did not bear fruit because her mind was blocking the conditions conducive for pregnancy. But the moment she got a good omen, the block was broken. The Doctors assurance in posi- tive words with emphatic voice and that confident touch, acted as a catalyst in breaking that jinx. The word 90 days got into the subconscious and the subcon- scious made the conditions conducive in 90 days. What could not happen in 22 years happened in that 90 days. This is one example of the power of subconscious mind. If any idea gets into the subconscious then it will execute the idea to perfection and instantly. The key is to get it to the sub- conscious. How can we do it? And if we know the method then all our important goals can be pushed into the subconscious so that the execution is guaranteed. To understand that we have to see the functions of both the minds, the conscious and subconscious. The subconscious does not think. does not argue about good or bad. Does not analyse the consequences possible. It only triggers execution. It takes charge of all our physical resources and pushes the resources towards executing. On one side, this seems to be a big advantage. But look at the other side of it, if some wrong idea gets into the subconscious then it will exe- cute that also, creating dangerous consequences. So there has to be a watchman who checks and permits ideas into. And that exactly is what the conscious mind does. The conscious mind analyses, argues, debates and then allows ideas to pass into the subconscious. The conscious mind uses past data recorded, gains proof from environment like friends, media, internet and tests the logics, does estimates, forecasts consequences and then only decides. It is protective. 5
  • But at times it is counter productive. Let us say we want to take up a big goal in our business, this conscious mind looks into the past data and says it is too big to become real. Since this mind wants to protect us, it keeps looking for safe signals before we can venture into something. It is not to say that this mind does not venture into un-treaded areas at all. It will at times, but will look out for encouraging signals. If no such signals are available for a while, it does not allow us to gather all our resources and commit our whole to the goals. If however an idea enters the subconscious mind, then there is only one outcome that is execution. So we must know to cross over this watchman Conscious mind and enter the fort of subconscious mind. Normally a watchman allows entry to the following persons: 1) Intimate 2) Person of esteem 3) Person with authority 4) Nagging When a person very intimate to him comes towards the gate, he does not stop him. For example parents, spouse, close friends, siblings and so on. That is why we need to be careful while advising people intimate to us. As parents we have to be extra careful on what we talk to our children. Even in an angry mood we must not curse them. We must say that your are weak, that you will never become something in life etc. No negative statements at all. Because their conscious mind is not going to filter this information. It takes it seriously. On the other hand we can use this as an useful tool to moti- vate them. We can help them build confidence, like saying that you can. you are brilliant and so on. The subconscious receives it without being stopped by the watchman because of the intimacy. 6
  • When a person of esteem is approaching the gate the watch- man does not stop him, in fact he almost receives him well. Say for example when a person whom we hold in esteem tell us something, we do not analyse it, we simply allow it to sink inside. That is why we must select our heroes properly. Popu- lar figures need not be truly great people. For example a cine hero or a sports personality might be very popular, but if they do not posses good character then we should not hold them in esteem. But unfortunately nowadays popularity is confused with greatness. When in a movie the hero does some wrong deeds, the fans follow them in real life. Like for example smok- ing, drinking or rowdyism. Person who are holding high positions in offices are also hav- ing easy access, in the sense that the watchman conscious mind does not stop them. People in higher positions must un- derstand this and behave well with their team members. They can easily inspire them or even discourage them. In the exam- ple I had given in the beginning, Dr Andals position was that of a person with great authority. The doctor instantly touched the ladys hand gave a small squeeze with her palm and said authoritatively that Take it your curse period is over and you are going to become pregnant. You will call me in 90 days from now and tell that you are pregnant, that i promise you. But of all the people the fourth person listed above is going to be very useful to us in this connection. For e