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SimplySmart By Innovator s Dafna Sokol, Tony Tung, Margaret Chung, Melody Liu, Fred Ng, Michelle Dagenais

Innovators simply smart-integrated ver 5

Jan 19, 2015





  • 1. SimplySmartBy Innovators Dafna Sokol,Tony Tung,Margaret Chung,Melody Liu,Fred Ng,Michelle Dagenais

2. What is the problem ?

  • Too many cards (credit cards / membership cards/ VIP cards)
  • Loaded with coupons
  • Wallet bulky with receipts
  • Excessive Credit card debt
  • Bad credit history

3. What is the problem ?

  • Too many cards (credit cards / membership cards/ VIP cards)
  • Loaded with coupons
  • Wallet bulky with receipts
  • Poor credit card management
  • Bad credit history

4. Service Center The first step for Simply Smart is to go down to one of five of our registration facility.The members of the service team verify your ID and finger print than register you in the Simply Smart system.Once everything has been approved on site the client will be provided an account ID and password to access their account on-line. 5.

  • 5 Registration Facilities

6. Website Demo 7. Melos Shopping Experience with 8. 9. 10. 11. Too many credit cards and I forgot to bring my VIP membership for 20% off 12. With, the problems are solved! 13. Store manager entering thetransaction details to the machine at cashier Automatic Coupon Verification and Password Amount:$12,250.00 Automatic:20% VIP discount New Amount:$9,800.00 Confirm: Yes: No:Cancel 14. Membership Card Credit Cards Payment Selection: Visa: 4580-6666-3333 Expiry Date: 10/2012 YES: MasterCard: 2399-5555-3232 Expiry Date: 04/2013 YES: Cancel Processing Payment Please wait.. Cancel 15. Processing andReceipt Payment Approved Print Receipt: YES: NO: e-Receipt via SMS Receipt: YES: NO: Cancel 16. Machine screen withTransaction completed Thank you for using Simply Smart Have A Great Day Cancel 17. e-Receipt 18. Problem Solved 19. Thanks to I rediscover the joy of shopping! 20. Fingerprint Identity

  • Let your fingers do the Shopping!
    • Watch this
    • Finger scan authentication on iPhone
    • Fingerprint Scanner is the future of biometric fingerprint identification

21. SimplySmart eWallet

  • Why carry many cards if you can have "One SimplySmarteWallet for All ?
  • Fingerprint reader at payment terminal
  • Walk through checkout

22. SimplySmart eWallet

  • Business Applications
    • Smart card
    • E commerce
    • Sensing Terminal
      • e.g. Banks, Clubs

23. Business Model Individual Customers Retailers / Merchants SimplySmart (Platform) One-time Registration Fee 1. Set-up fee 2. Commission 3. Advertising $ $ 24.

  • Our business model is unique in that we candraw revenue from both sides of the value chain
  • Moreover, thevalue of our platform to individual customerswill largely depend on the number of participating retailers, and vice versa
  • This interaction between the two groups will create thenetwork effectwhereby individual customers and retailers are attracted to each other
  • As a result, ourmargins will improveas user bases grow and our business can enjoyincreasing returns to scale .

Network Effect 25. Competitive Advantage CreatingValue Capturing Value Delivering Value

  • For customers: convenience
  • For retailers: new marketing channel, targeted marketing
  • Capture value fromboth sides of value chain
  • Leverage network effect
  • Continually invest in R&D
  • Fees and charges kept at minimal level to grow network

26. Financial Projection 27. Financial Projection Net Profit: Year 1 5 HKDm Operate at a loss in initial 2 years Off the chart! 28. Future Opportunties

  • Integrate into a single statement
  • Integrate with other card systems
  • Cooperate with other companies and provide target customers to them
  • Integrate the payment process with smartphone
  • Wealth management system
  • Create a cardless world

29. QUESTIONS? 30.

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