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Initiating & Supporting STEM Education HOW TO GROW a New STEM School

Jan 12, 2016




Initiating & Supporting STEM EducationHOW TO GROWa New STEM School

Aka Building the Plane While Flying It

1 Why STEM? The Imperative2 million to 3 million unfilled positions due to lack of workers with basic technical skills. (10 million such openings before 2020). A 2-year degree in STEM field > 4-year liberal artsThe PurposeSupply basic & professional job force needsSolve world problems through innovationExpand economic opportunities for allTrain 10K new STEM teachers in 10 years


Partner Short Term Long TermIndustry Recruitment InnovationBusinessGlobal Markets?TechYouth Markets Global Dev.ConsortiaCollaboration InterdisciplinaryLEAs (districts, state & federal depts.) Achievement New Models

Governance Collaborative Structures Steering committees, Teacher Councils, Parent Councils, Union relations, consortia

Critical: Ask, what will be innovative about our structure?

How will our structure help break the factory school model?

Resources & The ASK

Identify micro & macroMicrolocalAiken Env. Example: Mt. Airy Forest, MSD, hospitalsUnderutilized teacher leader talentRedirect ordinary fundsGrant Writing Federal & Industry InitiativesConsortiums

Choosing a Model That WorksPublic? Private?CulturalConstructivism?Curriculumthink globalInstructional Modes Teachers as Fonts of Knowledge or Active Learning? PBL?Experiential ModesIntersessions, Teacher-led, Stations, discreet skill models?

RIGOR & SELA Match Made in Heaven:Building School CultureINTERNALStudentsTeachersCore ValuesLinguisticsDiscipline alignment

EXTERNALCommunity, PR, Funder Relations, Alums, Competitors

Student & Teacher RecruitmentGuerilla MarketingAligning Staffing with Cultural GoalsT2 Interview ProcessCaveatsTeam Task

Caveats & InterviewsTransparent ClassroomFishbowlNew School, high energy requiredUnified decisions & executionTech learning curveCommitments--specificQuestions: PBL, Tech List, Clubs, Team niche, Inference, Interdisciplinary, Accomodation/Modifications, Dual course scenario, Data FrameworkData infusion into governanceWhat will you measure and why?Testing, assessment frameworksValidated surveysInvite university research + ARStudent voice in data analysisUniversity partner is critical

TechnologyDigital Divide, cloud computing, platformAlignment with culture & structurePlanning approach & the politics of budgetsPurposeful purchasesMobile LearningThink like a 14-year old!

Intersessions & AdvisoriesSee, hear, do, teach:

Experiential Learning modesOn campus: building & groundsWalking neighborhoodStudent involvement in planningAdvisory models, SEL, CASEL

Pitfalls/ChallengesSeems impossible!lack of resourcesUnderstanding district politicsFinding alliesGetting parent support strong enough to command missing resourcesWearing out the staff!RetentionLeadership continuity


Building a powerful organization with partnerships and unleashing the creativity of teachersis worth millions

Getting your teachers & kids the credit they deserve --jillions

Knowing you helped kill off the factory modelPRICELESS!