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Apr 07, 2020




  • Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies provide products, services and solutions that enhance our customers’ energy effi ciency, productivity and operations. Our diverse and innovation products range from complete compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fl uid handling systems and environmentally friendly microturbines. We also enhance productivity through solutions created by Club Car®, the global leader in golf and utility vehicles for business and individuals.

    Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies Air Solutions Strada Provinciale Cassanese, 108 I-20060 Vignate (MI), Italy

    10/2010 CPN 23729361 © 2010 Ingersoll Rand plc

    Ingersoll Rand compressors are not designed, intended or approved for breathing air applications. Ingersoll Rand does not approve specialized equipment for breathing air applications and assumes no responsibility or liability for compressors used for breathing air service.

    Nothing contained on these pages is intended to extend any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the product described herein. Any such warranties or other terms and conditions of sale of products shall be in accordance with Ingersoll Rand’s standard terms and conditions of sale for such products, which are available upon request.

    Product improvement is a continuing goal at Ingersoll Rand. Designs and specifi cations are subject to change without notice or obligation.

  • More Than Air, Peace of Mind Ingersoll Rand is now well into our second century

    of providing industries throughout the world with

    innovative solutions and expertise in compressed

    air technology and service. With our new line of

    Centac oil-free centrifugal compressors, Ingersoll

    Rand continues the tradition of Simplicity by Design— fewer parts and integrated component — and takes compressed air reliability, effi ciency and productivity to even higher levels.

    Ingersoll Rand has demonstrated an ongoing

    commitment to excellence in product design,

    manufacture and air quality. When it comes to

    centrifugal compressors, you can count on Ingersoll

    Rand to deliver the peace of mind that comes only

    from dealing with the world leader.

    Ingersoll Rand provides the complete compressed

    air solutions to following industries since years…

    ● Air Separation ● Petrochemical ● Automotive ● Pharmaceutical ● Electronics ● Plastic Bottle Blowing ● Fiberglass ● Pneumatic Conveying ● Flue Gas Desulphurization ● Power Generation ● Food & Beverage ● Printing ● Glass Blowing ● Pulp & Paper ● Iron & Steel ● Textile ● Material Handling ● Tyre & Rubber ● Off shore Drilling ● Wastewater Treatment ● Oil & Gas and many more.....

    02 Centac

    Aircare and preventative maintenance Predictable maintenance costs higher uptime

    Piping Designed for lowest pressure drop

    Air fi ltration Improved air quality Reduced maintenance

    Dryers Effi cient removal of unwanted moisture

    Compressors Most reliable oil-free design

    Process Air

    Instrument Air

    Plant Air

    Reliability Energy Savings

    A complete compressed air system is much more than an air

    compressor. It’s the complete system - the piping, fi lters, dryers,

    drains, hoses, valves and point-of-use tools. And it all needs to work

    at peak effi ciency with the quality and reliability to get the job done.

    System and Reliability...


    Solutionizing – The Complete Compressed Air System

    System controls Optimized system effi ciency

    Cooling systems Designed to match system requirements

    Leasing and Financing Improved cash fl ow

    Audits Maximized effi ciency and productivity

    Project Management and Installation Single-source responsibility

    Productivity Environmental Health and Safety

  • Powered by Experience Ingersoll Rand is the worldwide leader in centrifugal

    technology. In 1911, Ingersoll Rand started

    development of the centrifugal compressors.

    The design capabilities of Ingersoll Rand led to

    the creation of the Centac product line in 1968.

    Currently, more than 20,000 Centac compressors

    have been installed worldwide.

    Ingersoll Rand manufacturing facilities are

    spread across the world to meet local needs.

    The Centac manufacturing plants are located

    at Davidson (USA), Vignate (Italy), Naroda (India)

    and Shanghai (China).

    04 Centac

    CENTAC - Centrifugal Air Compressor

    Centac diesel or gas engine-drive compressors designed to address the electric power limitations

    Six 202 m³/m Centac working in an aluminium plant

    Centac machine in a POY Plant

    Centac machine with in-built cartridge coolers, clocked 75000 hours in year 2007

    A Centac with Heat Recovery Coolers

    Concept to Reality...

    Centac 05

    Ingersoll Rand is fi rst to be Class 0 certifi ed for centrifugal compressor technology ISO 8573-1:2001 Class 0 specifi es air quality standards for critical manufacturing

    processes within most industries. It is the most stringent class covering oil

    contamination in aerosol, vapour, and liquid forms.

    If you need guaranteed pure air for your critical application, then you need Ingersoll

    Rand. Our centrifugal compressors were rigorously tested by TÜV Rheinland® -

    a global leader in independent testing and assessment services - and earned

    ISO 8573-1 (2001) Class 0 certifi cation.

  • Simplicity by Design The diagram below demonstrates how a Centac

    compressor operates, the same principle applies

    to external coolers confi guration as well. The

    sequence shown is repeated in all stages.

    06 Centac

    The air proceeds through the diff user section which converts the velocity energy to pressure energy.


    The built-in intercooler removes the heat of compression, which improves effi ciency.


    Air passes through a stainless steel moisture separator in a low velocity zone to remove condensate.


    Moisture carryover is eliminated when the air is forced to change direction 180° to enter the next stage.


    Centac 07

    Diff user

    Seal Cartridge

    Carbon Ring Seals

    Plain Bearing

    Built-In Coolers

    Thrust Bearing

    Vibration Probe

    Reverse Thrust Bearing

    Air enters the compressor through the machine mounted inlet control valve and fl ows to the fi rst stage where the impeller imparts velocity energy to the air.


  • Custom Built Package ● Package that meets the actual needs

    ● State-of-the-art control system

    ● Superior lube oil system

    ● Effi cient heat exchangers

    ● Reliable bearings

    Control Valves ● Mounted inlet butterfl y valve

    ● Optional inlet guide vanes

    ● Mounted bypass valve

    ● Mounted check valve

    ● Single point instrument/control air connection

    Superior Lube Oil System ● Low pressure system (25 psig)

    ● Minimum 3 minutes retention time

    which ensures lower frequency of

    refi lling, improves life of bearings

    ● Shaft driven main oil pump

    ● Lube oil sump heater

    ● Optional Dual oil fi lter

    Controls ● Constant Pressure Modulation & Auto Dual

    Control are standard

    ● Most advanced in the compressor industry

    ● Latest Micro Controller with LCD display

    Condensate System ● Drain - All type condensate traps

    ● Piped and mounted on compressor

    ● Two traps per stage

    Cooler Options

    1) Built-In Cartridge Air Coolers ● Air in tubes and water in shell design

    ● No external piping - Easy installation

    ● Eliminate need for expansion joints

    ● No exposed hot air piping

    ● Compact, effi cient design

    ● Reduced package size

    2) External Shell & Tube type Air Coolers ● Designed basis TEMA & API Guide lines

    ● Air in shell and water in tubes design

    ● Designed for low pressure drop

    ● Tube sizes are 5/8" and 20 BWG, which

    provides longer life, lower maintenance

    and tubes cleaning option by "rodding",

    which is not possible in case of smaller

    size tube diameter

    ● Designed for a higher water side fouling

    factor of 0.0004 Hr.m².Deg. °C / Kcal for

    extended life of tubes

    3) Heat Recovery Coolers ● As much as 80-93% of electrical energy

    used by an industrial air compressor is

    converted into heat

    ● Heat recovery unit coolers can recover

    anywhere from 50-90% of this available

    thermal energy

    ● Typical uses for recovered heat include

    supplement space heating, water heating,

    make up air heating, and boiler make up

    water preheating. Unique Ingersoll Rand

    heat recovery design custom built coolers

    to suit your requirements

    Saves from Day One

    Main Drive Electric Motor ● High Effi ciency

    ● Design Temperature - Minimum 45 Deg. °C

    ● Degree of Protection - Minimum IP 55

    08 Centac Centac 09

    A Unique Flexible Package

    C950 package with external coolers

  • Ingersoll Rand centrifugal features the most modern

    electronic control system in th

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