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Indian Snack Recipes - An - Street FOOD · PDF filegreat to make some of these at home? ... the delicious Indian Dessert Recipes ... Indian Snack Recipes

May 05, 2018




  • Indian Snack Recipes . AnIntroduction

    Indian street food and its vendors are

    well known throughout the world andthere most certainly is some great tastyfood to be obtained from their colourfulstands.

    India is well known for its widevariety of snack or chat foods.

    Have you ever thought it would begreat to make some of these at home?Read on and you will find that you can.

    This book is an introduction to Indiansnack foods and shows you how you canmake some of the more popular Indian

  • snack recipes.

    This book will enable you to make aselection of Indian snacks to serve at adrinks party and make a difference fromthe normal canaps. You could preparesome Spiced Chickpeas, a few smallSamosas, and perhaps some Split PeaFritters.

    What about having some Indian snacksas your lunch time snack, making adifference from sandwiches or burgers.Or how about making an IndianOmelette, some Nargis Kofta (similar toa scotch egg but with a twist) or maybe aPav Bhaji.

  • Perhaps you are outside enjoying thesunshine. Instead of the usual barbequefood why not serve a selection of Indiansnacks along with some salads andchutneys. You could prepare some AlooTikki, Goan Fishcakes, some PotatoParathas. Light the barbeque and getthose Kebabs sizzling.

    All these and more are shown in thisbook and you can prepare a feast madefrom a few snacks and a few chutney'sand relishes.

    These dishes are not difficult toprepare and you do not require anyspecial equipment.

    To finish off, why not savour one of

  • the delicious Indian Dessert Recipesfrom Anita Patel's book Super IndianDessert Recipes available as a Kindlebook

    I hope you enjoy preparing and eatingthese wonderful Indian snacks.

  • Table of Contents Indian Snack RecipesSamosasAloo TikkiGreen Pea PoulourieDhoklasIndian Omelette South India StyleVegetable PakorasMatar ke Kachori (Pea Kachori)Nargisi KoftaSpiced ChickpeasChola Tikki (Chickpea Patties)Onion BhajisParathaPotato ParathasPav

  • Pav BhajiChola Dhabal (Chickpea Curry)Split Pea FrittersGoan Fish CakesCurry CrackersLamb KebabsCucumber RaitaShammi KebabsPeanut CrackersSpicy Corn PattiesSpicy Shakarkandi (Sweet Potato)Chilli Cheese Toasts

  • Samosas Aloo Tikki

  • Green Pea Poulourie

  • Indian Omelette South India Style

  • Dhokla's

  • Vegetable Pakoras

  • Matar ke Kachori (Pea Kachori)

  • Nargisi Kofta

    Spiced Chickpeas

  • Chola Tikki (Chickpea Patties)

    Onion Bhajis

  • Parathas

  • Potato Parathas

  • Pav

  • Pav Bhaji

    Chola Dhabal (Chickpea Curry)Split Pea Fritters

  • Goan Fish Cakes

  • Curry Crackers

  • Lamb Kebabs

  • Shammi Kebabs

  • Spicy Corn Patties

    Spicy Shakarkandi (Sweet Potato)

  • Chilli Cheese Toasts

  • Indian Snack Recipes

  • SamosasSamosas are a lovely stuffed dough

    Indian snack which is deep fried in oil.The fillings can be meat or vegetable.

    Ingredients for the dough1 cup (8oz or 227gms) all purpose

    plain flour2tblsp of vegetable oil1tsp saltabout 80 ml warm water to make a


    MethodPut the flour and salt in a mixing bowl

    and mix. Make a well in the centre andadd the oil and gradually adding thewater and mixing until you have a firm

  • dough. Knead the dough, make into aball and put in a bowl. Cover with adamp cloth or cling-film and allow thedough to rest it room temperature forabout 30 minutes.

    Divide the dough into 12 and roll eachpiece into a circle about 6 inches (15cm)in diameter and then using a knife cuteach circle into 2 semi-circular pieces.Dampen the edges of the semi-circlewith some milk or water to enable theedges to seal, make a cone by sealingone side and put into your hand. Putsome filling into the open edge of thecone. Seal well around the edges.

    Deep fry the Samosas in oil at about325F for a few minutes turning

  • regularly until the Samosas are cookedand golden brown.

    How to make a Vegetable fillingIngredients1 onion finely chopped1 clove garlic finely chopped1 potato peeled and diced1 cup of frozen peas2tsp garam masalaVegetable oil80ml stock or enough to cook the

    vegetablesSalt and pepper

    Sweat the onion and garlic and cookwithout burning until soft and then addthe garam masala. Add the potato, peas

  • stock and seasoning and simmer untilcooked. You want the mixture to be firmnot swimming in liquid and thevegetables cooked but firm.

    Use this mixture as your filling.If you prefer different spicing then

    feel free to do so, some may like a bit ofbite so may wish to add some chillipowder. Feel free to experiment.

    When your Samosas are ready servewith some chutney.

    Meat Samosa FillingUse either beef or lamb for this and to

    make the filling for 2 dozen Samosas youwill need the following:-

  • 1lb (454 gm) minced beef or lamb1 onion finely chopped1 clove garlic finely chopped2tsp ground ginger1tsp each of ground coriander and

    turmeric1tsp chilli powder to tasteoil to sweat the onionssalt and pepper

    MethodSweat the onion and garlic gently until

    soft and without burning. Add the spices,incorporate and cook for a minute. Addthe mince and seasoning and stir untilcooked. Add the lemon juice and use asyour filling.

  • You could add some diced potato ifyou wanted to add some vegetables.Feel free to experiment with spicing.

  • Aloo TikkiAloo Tikki is a wonderful little

    potato patty spiced and fried inbreadcrumbs until golden brown. Thisis served in India as a street dish.

    Ingredients5 or 6 medium potatoes boiled whole

    in their skins1 onion finely chopped and gently

    sweated until soft cup frozen peas, thawed2tsp grated or ground ginger2tsp garam masala1 green chilli finely choppedA few sprigs of fresh coriander finely

    chopped1-2tsp chilli powder to taste

  • Salt and pepper to tasteFresh or ready made bread crumbsOil for frying

    MethodWhen the potatoes are cool grate them

    with a grater and add the peas, onion andspices and using your hands mix well sothat the spices are evenly distributedwith all the ingredients. Make into smallballs in your hand and then flatten. Dipeach side of the potato patty intobreadcrumbs and coat each side and fryin hot oil each side until golden brown.

    If you make them fairly small they canbe an excellent little appetiser or madelarger you could put them between a

  • burger bun. Serve with some chutney.

    VariationI have grated the potato here for

    texture but you could also use mashedpotato for this snack. To give it a littlecrunch you could also add some finelycrushed peanuts to the mixture.

  • Green Pea PoulourieThese are little pea dough balls and

    deep fried. They are full of flavour and make a great little snack or appetiser.

    Ingredients1 bag (14 oz)of dried green or yellow

    split peas.3 cloves of garlic peeled and crushed1tbsp curry powder1 de-seeded and chopped Serrano

    pepper ( If you can't get Serrano youcould use Jalapeno but these are not ashot)

    1tbs baking powder cup all purpose plain floura couple of pinches of salt to tasteOil for frying

  • MethodSift through the peas to remove any

    impurities and soak the for at least 3hours or until they are soft enough to bebroken with a fingernail.

    Once they are soft drain and add thegarlic, curry powder, pepper and saltand blend until smooth adding water asnecessary.

    Sift the flour and baking powder intoa large bowl and stir in the pea pureand stir in until you have a stiff batter.Add additional flour if your mixture isnot stiff enough.

  • Heat oil in a deep heavy pan or fatfryer to 375F (190C).

    Take a teaspoonful of the batter anddrop into the oil and cook. When thefloat and the bottoms turn brown turnover to cook the other side. This willtake about 2 minutes. It is best to cookno more than 10 at a time to ensure theoil retains its temperature and you are incontrol of the cooking.

    Drain the balls and put on kitchenpaper to absorb excess oil.

    If necessary sprinkle a little salt toserve.

  • DhoklasThese are great little semolina cakes

    that are steamed. They come out fluffyand light and are delicious.

    Ingredients1 cup of Semolina1 cup of Yoghurttsp salt to tastetsp turmeric1 green chilli finely chopped2tsp chopped coriander (cilantro)2tsp lemon juice1tsp Eno fruit salts ( If you don't have

    Eno use baking soda mixed with citricacid in equal quantities as that iseffectively what Eno is)

  • To season you will need 2tblsps of oiland 1tsp black mustard seeds and 2green chillis cut into slices and deseeded so they are not too hot.

    MethodPut the semolina and yoghurt in a

    mixing bowl along with the salt,turmeric, green chilli and coriander andmix well using a spoon. Add 2tsp oflemon juice and mix to a batter. If it istoo thick add a little water. Let the batterrest for about 30 minutes or more.

    Grease the bottom of a cake tin withoil and put the batter into it. Mix in 1tspof Eno into your mixture and stir in well.Put the mixture into the cake tin and

  • spread out.

    Put the Dhokla into a steamer. A panof boiling water with a rack on thebottom will be fine and cover the pan.

    Steam your Dhokla for about 10minutes. Check if it is cooked by puttinga fork into the Dhokla. If it comes outdry the Dhokla is ready.

    Remove the cake tin from the s

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