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Incorporating Customer Service Into Your Social Strategy

Jan 29, 2015




  • 1. Incorporating Customer Service Into Your Social Strategy

2. 215-948-2012 TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia//215-948-2012 3. Jeff GibbardPresident & Chief Strategist at True Voice Media Speaker, Blogger & Coach[email protected] VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia//215-948-2012 4. TRUE VOICE MEDIA The Social Business Agency www.truevoicemedia.com215.948.2012 @truevoicemedia#SMSS2014TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia//215-948-2012 5. RULES Interrupt me Dont fall asleep Tweet everything I say Tweet about how handsome I am Stay off Facebook Stay off email Call your mother (she worries) Shout out to @marcusnelson 6. I talk, you interruptbreak timeAGENDAWorkshop 7. ResourcesSlides, Links and Tools VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia//215-948-2012 8. Lets Dive InTrue Voice Media // // twitter: @truevoicemedia // 215-948-2012 9. Clearing Up TheB2B -vs- B2C Issue TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 10. This Doesnt Apply To My BusinessTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 11. B2B -vs- B2C Usethe internet to nd information Relyon friends, family and peers for advice Havequestions, have needs Wanttheir questions answered Wantproblems xedTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 12. Customer Service Applies To ALL Businesses TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 13. What Is Social Customer Service? TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 14. Getting The Customer What They NEED, Empowered By Social Tools TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 15. BeHelpful TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 16. BuildRelationships With Your Customers TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 17. Customer Service Isnt Just AboutTweeting TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 18. Social Customer Service Twitter,Facebook, Google+, Email, etc SupportForums YouTubeVideos Manualsand Technical Descriptions eBooks,PDFs, and WhitepapersTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 19. The Customer Service Imperative TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 20. The Customer Service Imperative why?TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 21. TheConsumer Is Changing TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 22. Internet Adoption & Social Media TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 23. 72% of Online Adults are non-usersusersSocial Networking Site Users 24. How that breaks down by age89%78%60%43%18-2930-4950-6465+TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 25. Mobile TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 26. ConnectionIs Right At Our Fingertips 27. InformationIs Right At Our Fingertips 28. Its Part Of Our Everyday Lives 29. Customers Dont Use Phones Anymore, They Are Armed With One TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 30. Behavior TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 31. A Fun ExperimentTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 32. What WouldYou Do? TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 33. ...and Be HONEST 34. If An Airline Cancels Your Flight While You Are On The Runway? TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 35. If You Order Delivery, And Theres A Bug In Your Salad? TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 36. If You Buy A Product On Amazon, When It Arrives, Its Different Than The Picture TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 37. If Youve Wasted An Entire Day, Waiting For The Cable Guy ...Never Shows. TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 38. If You Go See A Movie That You Were Really Excited About...It Sucks! TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 39. But Let Me Ask You ThisTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 40. Is ThereANYTHING That Could Make These Scenarios Right? TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 41. The Airline Could Help You Book A New Flight TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 42. The Restaurant Could Credit You Immediately And Send A New Salad TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 43. The Product Manufacturer Could Send A Replacement TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 44. The Cable Company Could Give You A Free Month Of Cable TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 45. The Theater Could Give You Free Passes TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 46. How Would ThatChange Your Reaction? TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 47. Boo! Hooray!Twice As Likely To Talk About Bad Customer Service TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 48. Sentiment Shift 51% 22%Posted a positive commentPositive reactions after getting a responseTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 49. Expectations TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 50. According to the Lithium research,74% of customers believe that if they take to social media to criticize a brand, this leads to better service.TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia//215-948-2012 51. 42% Expect A Response Within 60 Minutes TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 52. What Makes Them Leave?78%of consumers have abandoned a transaction due to bad customer serviceTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 53. What Makes Them Leave?89% of consumers have reportedly stopped doing business with companies because of bad customer serviceTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 54. What Makes Them Stay? 55% Easily find info or help neededTRUE VOICE MEDIA73% Friendly customer service representative// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 55. What Makes Them Stay? Personalized ExperienceTRUE VOICE MEDIA36%// www.truevoicemedia.com33%//Good Reputationtwitter: @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 56. To recap, your customer... Will Isgo onlinemore likely to complain than promote Expects Willa fast responseleave, possibly forever, over bad customer service Willstay if youre friendly, and provide help, personalized experience and have a good reputation.TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 57. What you probably need to do: Beonline Listenfor and address complaints Provide Givea fast responsegreat customer service Befriendly, provide help and a personalized experience. Manage your reputation.TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 58. But WAIT Theres MORE TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 59. Whats In It For ME?TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 60. Good Customer Service... Canreduce customer service costs Canincrease customer loyalty Canopen new sales opportunities Canimprove products and servicesTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 61. The Art OfDoing It Right TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 62. Six Aspects Of Excellent Social Customer Service Speed Personality Ownership Listening Specicity PersonalizationTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 63. The Three Enabling FactorsCultureTechnologyProcess 64. The Three Enabling Factors Things fall through the cracksCultureTechnologyProcess 65. The Three Enabling Factors Things fall through the cracksCultureTechnologyGood in theoryProcess 66. The Three Enabling Factors Things fall through the cracksCultureTechnologySlooooow & BuggyGood in theoryProcess 67. TRUE VOICE MEDIABreak Time!// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 68. Workshop Time!TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 69. What youll need before we start Acomputer, or tablet; orApen and paper.TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 70. Get To Work!TRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 71. Key Takeaways Thereis a Social Customer Service Imperative Youllneed harmony between: Culture, Technology and Process Masterthe Six Aspects: Speed, Personality, Ownership, Listening, Specicity, PersonalizationTRUE VOICE MEDIA// @truevoicemedia //215-948-2012 72. Data Sources

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