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Incoming President’s Message Noel St Jean RPF 443

Incoming President’s Message

Feb 21, 2016




Incoming President’s Message. Noel St Jean RPF 443. 2013-2014 Council Objectives. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Page 1: Incoming President’s Message

Incoming President’s Message

Noel St Jean RPF 443

Page 2: Incoming President’s Message

2013-2014 Council Objectives

Overall Objective; “To enable CAPF (or its derivative) to become a self-sustaining, large, and relevant organization that has the capacity and breadth to regulate professional forestry (or management of forest-land natural resources) practice in Alberta”.

1. Finalize the CAPFT Partnership Initiative.2. Work on the concept of the Associate Member Category.3. Develop an Alberta stream-lined process for the national assessment process to assist

new members entrance into the college4. Continue to work with the University of Alberta Program to encourage enrolment in B.Sc.

Forestry Program and pathway for Environmental & Conservation Sciences graduates for registration with CAPF.

5. Continue to work with other Associations (Biologists, Chemists, AIA) to develop an inclusive Act that is in alignment with our overall Objective.

Page 3: Incoming President’s Message

Finalize the CAPFT Partnership Agreement

Model Outline – formulate working groups from both Colleges to look at Bylaws, Regulation, Act.

Work within context of “Natural Resource Professions” Act or umbrella legislation.

Page 4: Incoming President’s Message

Develop an Alberta stream-lined process for the national assessment process to assist new members entrance into the college

Examine the requirements of the national assessment process

Discuss with the national body and review opportunities to stream-line the assessment process.

Establish a committee to assist and guide candidates through the process

Provide incentives for interested candidates to complete the assessment as quick as possible

Page 5: Incoming President’s Message

Associate Member Category

Need to define what it means for CAPF.

Looking for an immediate opportunity but recognize the longer term goal will have a different context.

Short term – amend the Bylaws;

Long term – amend the Act.

Collins English Dictionary;“a person who is a member of a club, organisation etc. but has only partial rights and privileges or subordinate status”

Page 6: Incoming President’s Message

University of Alberta Support the forestry program by;

Marketing (jobs, jobs, jobs) Careers (showcase opportunities for challenging and

rewarding careers in forest stewardship). Awareness (support for UofA program)

Provide a pathway for ENCS graduates as Associate Members Evaluate the core competencies required by CFPFA for new

graduates of the ENCS program. Clarify the requirements for those that wish to become


Page 7: Incoming President’s Message

Partnership Initiative


Identify Advantages



sNatural Resource Professionals


Look at existing models.