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In-Ground Trash Cans and Recycling TRASH CANS PowerPoint - 2016.pdf · PDF file Trash can 2 Trash 3 Trash cans cans Trash can 2 Dumpsters. Proposed installation of three Millennium

Sep 24, 2020




  •  Millennium Series

    In-Ground Trash Cans

    and Recycling


     Prepared and

    Presented by

    Rob Mitchell and

    Randy Unrau

  • The Norm…

  • The Issues:

    Animals, Birds, Wind and

    Over-Flowing Trash Cans

    • Would this keep a bear


    • Do these doors meet

    ADA requirements?

  • Water gets in

    and garbage gets out…

    Pollutes ground water and

    attracts nuisance pests such

    as rodents, birds and insects.


    One-piece solid

    construction – once

    the trash goes in the

    can, it stays in the can!

  • Consolidation

  • The Possibilities…

  • The Solutions =

    Millennium Series

    In Ground Trash Cans &

    Recycling Containers

  • The Benefits

     70% labor savings.

     Less frequent pick-up allowing redeployment of staff time

     Cooled by the ground naturally

     Self-compacting – the more garbage that goes in, the more it compacts.

     Anchor flange provides stability in frost and high ground water conditions

     Once the garbage goes in the can, it stays in.

     No smell.

     No way to burn the interior waste.

     Helps reduce residential trash from being placed inside open containers.

  • Features of the Millennium

    Series •Four different sizes for all applications:

    Millennium 1000, 2000, 3000 & 4000

    •One piece polyethylene container, rust &

    decay free – no leach in or out

    •Odor fire flange

    •Molded-in anchor flange for anti-flotation

    •All stainless steel hardware

    •Self-closing counterweighted lid with

    seal – air & water tight

    •Lifting support rack & support rack base

    •Decorative Plastic or Steel skirting available

  • Dual-keyed Locking System

  • How do they work?

    1. 8 ft. deep, buried 5 ft. in the ground (holds 4 cu. yds.)

    2. Cooler temperature slows decomposition

    3. Specially designed flange redirects air flow for fire prevention and therefore, no smell outside closed unit.

    4. 9 inch opening prevents children and small animals from getting inside and helps eliminate residential trash being deposited.

  • Pareto (90% of the complaints can be resolved by switching to the

    Millennium Series 3000)













    not in




    Smell more



  • Installation Options

     Installation can be

    accomplished with an

    auger, a backhoe or with

    a vactor truck.

  • Installation is Fast

     Each unit can be installed in 1 hour

     Total cost for installation is approximately $200

  • Removal of the Waste  Once again there are number of options: Cranes

  • Strapping and


  • Present lay-out of Softball Complex:

     7 cans emptied daily from May to September.

     2 times per day on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

     189 services required at 1 hour of labor



    2 Trash

    cans3 Trash






  • Proposed installation of three Millennium Series 3000

    units reduces labor from

    189 services down to only 11 services over the same period.



  • Opportunities for

    Partnerships and Sponsorships  “Adopt a Can” opportunities can be offered to local businesses.

     The sponsor would receive brand recognition by installing a permanent

    sign on the can.

     Facility user groups could be encouraged to sponsor a can because they

    benefit most from the conversion.

  • Testimonials

     Kerry Lasko with the City of Seattle Parks and

    Recreation says, “if I converted the whole parks system

    over, I would have a ROI in three years.”

     Gary Abernathy with Albany Parks and Recreation says,

    “they work even better than we thought.”

  • More Testimonials

     Chuck Van Zandt, with the City of San Antonio Parks and

    Recreation Department says, “In short, these units work

    exactly as described. Work smarter, not harder.”

     City of Portland, City of Tacoma, Tualatin Hills Parks and

    Recreation District, and many more are already using

    these units.

  • Safety Features:  Helps prevent repetitive back

    injuries due to lifting heavy trash

    bags out of trash barrels (ie: off

    leash dog parks)

     Helps avoid employees being

    stuck by syringes and cut by glass

    due to lifting bags out manually.

     Helps employees avoid contact

    with physical waste.

  • Recycle Options

     These trash cans can be used for recycling purposes as well.

     Smaller hole openings (4.5 inch) and good signage reduces contamination from regular trash being placed inside Millennium container.

     Clear plastic bags are optional to check for contamination.

  • Options

     New door opening design – ADA compliant

  • More Options – Metal Skin

  • Even More Options:

    Steel Skirting

  • New Lid and Skirt Design

  • Options

     New stainless handles

  • Thank you from

    Contact Information

    Rob Mitchell


    Phone: (604) 536-0624

    Fax: (604) 536-0614

    Cellular: (604) 808-4084

    Toll Free: 1-888-888-7975

    Email: [email protected]

    Randy Unrau

    Vice President

    Phone: (250) 833-1581 Ext. #2

    Fax: (250) 833-1582

    Cellular: (250) 515-1581

    Toll Free: 1-888-888-7975

    Email: [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

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