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iMovie Basics 10.0.9 Open iMovie (Click on Purple Star Icon) Click on New Select Movie Click on 2015 Click on File Rename the Event [Your first initial] [Your last name] Hit Return Select New Event

iMovie tips 2015

Dec 24, 2021



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iMovie tips 2015Click on New
Hit Return
Name Your Movie Make sure the Event is YOUR Event!
Click OK
Click on Import Media
Image will Appear in the Bottom of the Screen (Timeline) and in the Preview Screen
Click on Image - Click on the + Sign to Add the Image to the Movie Timeline
Color Balance
• Color Balance - Auto, Match Color, White Balance, Skin Tone Balance
• Color Correction - Use sliders to adjust
• Cropping - Fit, Crop to Fit, Ken Burns, Rotate Clip
• Video & Audio Effects - Select a Video Effect to Use
• None • Flipped • Raster • Cartoon • Aged Film • Film Grain • Hard Light • Day Into Night • Glow • Dream • Romantic • Vignette • Bleach Bypass • Old World • Heat Wave • Sci-Fi • Black & White • Sepia • Negative • X-Ray
• Clip Info - Change the Duration (Length) of the Clip - Type in Time - Return to Accept
• Reset All - Reverts Clip to Original Settings
Record Voiceover
Automatically improve the image and audio quality of the selected clip
Zoom in and out of clips (slider bar) Adjust thumbnail appearance (film icon)
Content Library (Lower Left) Open the: • Transitions Browser • Titles Browser • Maps & Backgrounds Browser • iTunes Browser • Sound Effects Browser • Garage Band Browser
Transitions Browser
Transitions go before or after clips Drag the mouse over the transition for a preview Click and drag the transition before or after a clip
Double click to change the duration of the transition
Titles Browser
Titles can go at the beginning, middle, or end of a clip Drag mouse over title for a preview
Click and drag to add the title to the project Drag it in front of the clip to have a blank background
Drag it on the clip to have it display over the clip Type the Title information
Hit Return twice to accept Title
Change Font
Double click on the purple box to edit the title
Change Font Size
Text Color
Click and drag on either end of the purple title box to change the duration of the title
To delete a title - click on it once and hit delete
Click and drag a map or background to add to the movie
Maps & Backgrounds Browser
To customize the route, click in the box and select or type in a new destination - Click Done
Sound Effects Browser
Move the mouse over the effect, click the play button to preview the sound
Click and drag to add the effect to the movie
To shorten the sound clip, click and drag on
the ends
To move the sound, click and drag inside the green box To delete - click on the green box - hit delete button
To adjust the volume, click and drag on the line that goes through the middle of the sound effect
To fade in the sound, drag this circle
To fade out the sound, drag this circle
Sharing the iMovie
Uncheck Add to Theater Click Next
Select Location Click Save