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Be a Star! An introduction to iMovie April 12, 2013 Marcia Bernard, Librarian The Bement School
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  • 1. Be a Star!An introduction to iMovie April 12, 2013 Marcia Bernard, LibrarianThe Bement School

2. Welcome to iMovieGaragebandiPhoto iMovie 3. Ways to use video in theclassroomStudent presentations and assessmentDigital StorytellingVirtual Field TripsExplicit TeachingSub notesBook TalksFlipped Learning 4. iMovie supports Different learning styles Creativity Critical thinking Reading and writing skills Sequential thinking English Language Learners 5. Getting Started1. Begin with a storyboard Whats the primary focus of your movie? Write a script 6. 2.Gather resourcesPhotos, Scanned images, PhotoBoothVideo (from a video cam or still camera)Sumo Paint or other drawing programsthat allows you to save as .jpg 7. 3. Upload resourcesImport items into:iPhotoGaragebandiTunes 8. 4. BuildBuild the project using iMovie pulling inthe components from yourMedia BrowserAdd Titles, captions, transitions, soundeffects and voice over 9. 5. ExportWhen your movie is completed, export it to Quick Time.This packages your movie forviewing on a Mac or PC or loadingto the web. 10. iMovie is like.. making a lasagna Gather your ingredients (noodles,sauce, cheese, spinach) Get your lasagna pan Place your noodles in the pan Add the sauce Sprinkle the cheeseGather your resources (pictures, video, music)Open iMovieDrag and drop your movie clips, photosDrag and drop your audio, voice over or musicDrag and drop your titles 11. Important Note An iMovie project is built on onemachine. It cant be saved on athumb drive and worked on at home. Small chunks of video are easier toedit than large swaths. You can make your project as simpleor complex as you wish. 12. Lets put all your ingredientstogetherChoose a theme 13. Add componentsBuild project workspacePreview your video Media browser buttons View video imported from camera 14. Each color represents a differentcomponent: audio, captions, transitionsand sound effects 15. Have Fun!Tutorials: