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Let’s Make a Movie! Using iMovie

iMovie Basics

Apr 10, 2017



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Lets Make a Movie!Using iMovie

Step 1Film your video using the camera app on the iPad. Then open the iMovie app on the iPad.

Step 2

Select the Projects section if it is not already highlighted.

Step 3

Click the + button to start a new project.

Step 4

Tap the Movie icon to start your movie project.

Step 5

Select a style from the pictures at the bottom of the screen, then click Create.

The iMovie Screen

Preview Pane

Timeline Pane

Video, Photo and Audio

Step 6

Tap the video/audio icon to begin importing your video, photos or audio.

Step 7

To add photos, click Photos in the bottom. Select Camera roll and click the pictures that you want to use. Any pictures you use from the Internet must be saved to your camera roll you cannot copy and paste directly into iMovie.

Step 8

To add video you have filmed, select the Video option at the bottom of the screen. Then click the arrow to import the video into iMovie.

Step 9

To shorten your clip, click it until the yellow outline handles appear. Then drag the handles to where you want the video to start/end.

Step 10

To split your clips, click it until the yellow outline handles appear. Then drag the white line to the area of the film where you want to split it. Click Split to split the video into 2 clips.

Step 11When you are done editing your movie, click the save button to upload to the camera roll.

To insert music, select the audio option at the bottom to listen to the list of provided music clips to include in your movie.

If you want to record audio (a voiceover), move the white line in the timeline to the place where you want the audio in your movie. Click the microphone in the bottom right corner, then click Record. When you finish recording, choose Accept to use the audio. Do this AFTER you have your clips in the order you need.A word about audio...

When you have multiple videos or pictures in your project, you will see a transition icon (two triangles) appear between the clips on the timeline. You can change the style and timing of a transition by double clicking that icon.A word about transitions...

To make your video fade in or out from black, click the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.