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Immigration, Urbanization, turn of the 20 th Century

Feb 10, 2016




Immigration, Urbanization, turn of the 20 th Century. Jeopardy Review Game Clicking The title of each slide will bring you back to the board game. Chapter 7 and 8 Chapter Review. JOURNEY (10). What is the name of the lowest and filthiest part of the immigrant ship? Steerage. JOURNEY (20). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Immigration, Urbanization, turn of the 20th Century

JOURNEY (10)What is the name of the lowest and filthiest part of the immigrant ship?

SteerageTREATMENT (10)Bad government, war, religious persecution, availability of land, and famine were all examples of _____________ factors for immigrants to travel to America.

Push factorsVocabulary (10)American born person who was not in favor of immigration for various reasons took jobs and resources, did not assimilate properly (different religions and cultural practices), etc.

NativistPEOPLE OF 20Th Century (10)Man in charge of the New York City political machine (The Ring).

William Boss Tweed20th Century Changes (10)Mass-transit system first used in San Francisco

Trolley CarJOURNEY (20)What was the typical length of time for an immigrant ship to arrive in America?

6-12 weeksTREATMENT (20)Better job opportunities, pay, living conditions, and political and religious freedom were all ____________ factors for immigrants to come to America.

Pull factorsVocabulary (20)1882 act that prevented one group of immigrants from entering America.

Chinese Exclusion ActPEOPLE OF 20Th Century (20)Danish immigrant who was the first person to film and write about poor, urban immigrants and their living conditions.

Jacob Riis20th Century Changes (20)Tax on the constitutional ability to practice your constitutional right to vote.

Poll TaxJourney (30)Where was the first stop for European immigrants to decide if they could or could not enter?

Ellis Island (east coast)TREATMENT (30)One of the main reasons why nativists did not like immigrants was

Taking jobs and failure to assimilateVocabulary (30)Settlers from other lands who come to America to live a better life and face oppression from the native country.

ImmigrantPEOPLE OF 20Th Century (30)Killed by Charles Gitout, because he would not give him political appointment while his Vice-President was Chester A. Arthur (who support a civil service based political system).

Garfield20th Century Changes (30)Laws made to keep African Americans as second class citizens.

Jim Crow LawsJourney (40)Where was the first stop for Asian immigrants to decide if they could or could not enter?

Angel Island (west coast)

TREATMENT (40)A reason that many businesses were willing to hire immigrants included

Working for lower pay Vocabulary (40)A run-down small, confined, crowded apartment house where many immigrants lived with other families.

Tenement HousePEOPLE OF 20Th Century (40)Led the Niagara Movement that pushed the idea that African Americans should become well-educated leaders by gaining a liberal arts education (Talented Tenth).

W.E.B. Du Bois 20th Century Changes (40)Where people went to live to be close to their industrial jobs (as they did not have the means to travel or live further away). Conditions here were pretty bad.

Cities JOURNEY (50)Immigrants to California during the Gold Rush who helped build the transcontinental railroad.

The ChineseTREATMENT (50)One main reason why Chinese immigrants were widely accepted at first was because

They were wealthy and were willing to open their own shopsVocabulary (50)Part of a city in which members of a minority often live the best of conditions are not often found here.

Ghetto/EnclavesPEOPLE OF 20Th Century (50)Man who developed a camera that used rolls of film instead of glass plates.

Charles Eastman20th Century Changes (50)Site of the Wright brothers airplane flight.

Kitty Hawk, North CarolinaJourney (60)People who encountered prejudice when the emigrated because of a potato famine in their native country

The IrishTreatment (60)A discriminatory name for an individual who does not belong or is foreign born.

AlienVocabulary (60)A person who works to bring about change for the better they emerged in cities in the late 1800s early 1900s as conditions were so bad socially and politically.

ReformerPEOPLE OF 20Th Century (60)Inventor of the electric light.

Thomas Alva Edison20th Century Changes (60)Application of science to machinery and architecture and new methods of industrial production to improve given circumstances.

TechnologyTREATMENT (70)What the United States has been called because many different nationalities have blended together

Melting Pot/Tossed Salad/Vegetable SoupVocabulary (70)Jane Addams started this community center in Chicago to help immigrants by providing necessary services educational, cultural, and social making their transition to American city life easier.

The Hull HousePEOPLE OF 20Th Century (70)Former slave who started a college for African Americans in the South, with the hope that they would viewed as having economic value because they would have acquired useful labor skills for our industrial economy.

Booker T. Washington20th Century Changes (70)Name of the first African American University, created by Booker T. Washington in hopes to provide African Americans with key labor skills.

Tuskegee Institute

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